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9 January - KFL XCountry- Minnis Bay - 0:42:55 - 26th

Red= A Race
Blue= B Race
Black= C Race
Selected Past Results (A & B priority and PBs)
12 September - Weymouth Classic Oly - 2:29:03 - 10th

3 July - ETU European Championships, Athlone, Ireland - 2:10:10 - 19th Very Happy PB

6 June - Cranbrook Sprint - 01:04:07 - 2nd Winner Winner

16 May - Mini Marshman - 01:15:42 - 2nd Very Happy

24 April - East Invicta Swimming Gala
100m IM - 1.27.86 PB

Deal Winter Duathlon Series 1st overall


13 September - ITU World Championships, Gold Coast, Australia - 2:11:00 - 78th Smile

19 July - Autoglass Bedford Classic (World Qualifier) - 2:10:28 - 69th Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy PB

23 May - Little Beaver Triathlon (World Qualifier) - 2:13:27 - 65th Very Happy


21 September - Brighton Triathlon - 2:19:40 - 16th (8th in AG)

27 July - City of Bath Triathlon - 2:20:52 - 15th Very Happy Very Happy

15 June - Windsor Triathlon - 2:18:26 - 67th (8th in AG) Very Happy

5 April East Invicta Masters Championships
50m Free - 0:32.00 PB Very Happy

September 9 Northampton Triathlon (World Qualifier) - 2:11:57 : 78th (21st in AG) PB Very Happy Very Happy

September 5 Deal Tri Cycling Championships - 00:24:57 : 6th PBVery Happy Very Happy Very Happy

July 15 World Long Course Championship, Lorient, France - 04:59:50 - 38th

June 3 Weymouth Middle Distance Tri - 5:04:22 - 139th (brilliant swim though, 8th out of the water Cool)

April 14 East Invicta Masters Swimming Gala Very Happy Very Happy
50m Freestyle - 32.06 sec - 1st in AG PB
100m Freestyle - 1min 10.5 sec - 1st in AG PB
50m Breaststroke - 45.14 sec -1st in AG PB
50m Fly - 40.07 sec -1st in AG PB


12 Nov- Medway Masters Gala
50m Freestyle: 0:32.52 : 4th PB
100m Freestyle : 1:14.09 : 3rd PB Laughing

10 September- Seven Oaks Tri (Deal Tri Champs): 1:30:37: 31st (3rd in AG, 3rd in Club)

2 July- Norwich Triathlon: 2:19:22: 17th (5th in AG) Very Happy Very Happy PB

4 June- Weymouth Middle Distance: 4:58:21: 126th PB Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

23 April- Flora London Marathon: 04:07:50 PB Mad

16 April- Dover Quick Change Triathlon: 00:32:55: 8th (1st in Age Group Cool)


7 August- World Long Course Championships, Fredericia, Denmark - 285th (37th in AG) - 7:54:09

17 July- National Championships, Ashford - 256th (38th in AG) - 2:02:53

19 June - Royal Windsor Triathlon - 127th (26th in AG) - 2:22:04

29 May- Dover Quick Change Triathlon - 19th (3rd in AG) - 0:32:32 PB

13 May- Canterbury Half Marathon - 38th - 1:31:31 PB

27 March- Dover Spring Aquathlon - 8th - 0:40:58 PB


22 August - Half Ironman UK - 480th - 5:22:51

4 July - Bournemouth International Triathlon - 262nd - 2:22:18

13th June - Royal Windsor Triathlon - 214th - 2:22:40


6th July - Bournemouth International Triathlon - 259th - 2:22:14

15th June - Royal Windsor Triathlon - 521st - 2:29:22


1 September- Brighton International Triathlon (non BTA) - 20th - 2:21:45 PB


27th May- Dover Quick Change Triathlon - 75th - 0:38:06

Red= A Race
Blue= B Race
Black= C Race[/i]
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A good week of training
KFL XCountry - Minnis Bay
Britain's Got Talent, into the next round!
Britain's Got Talent, still in there....

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Tue Nov 06, 2012 5:26 pm Dirty Davey
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Has it really been almost 2 years since my poor old blog got abandoned? Well, lets see if I can get it started up again and keep it going for longer than about a month.

Last season was a very good one for me, some early season successes were first place overall in Deal Tri's Winter Duathlon league as well as wins at the Mini-Marshman and Rye sprint triathlons. In fact both the sprint tris were changed into Duathlons due to very cold conditions at the Mini Marshman and a dangerous sea current at Rye which made me even more pleased with the wins considering that I was missing my strongest discipline, the swim.

Next up was the National Age Group Champs at Shropshire and a 15th place in a very fast age group and personal best time of 2:05. A month later and I was in action at Bedford where things really fell into place and picked up a qualifying slot for the European Championships in Alanya, Turkey next year.

The season finished off at the Ashford Olympic Tri, a very tough day at the office where the very hot weather took it's toll on me. I had the lead until about 1k from the finish, I was passed and just had nothing to respond with. Still I can't grumble at a 2nd place finish.

So now it's winter training and cross country running with the focus on the Europeans next year an qualifying for the Worlds in London.

So that's what I've been upto and where I'm at at the moment, will write more soon.

A good week of training
Fri Jan 21, 2011 11:41 am Dirty Davey
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Fri On the way home from work last Friday I managed to loose my wind mirror glass mount, not the whole mirror just the plastic bit that the mirror glass is mounted on. I was driving down an nasty, potholed road so guessed that it must have rattled itself off somewhere.

Got home and onto the turbo, I put on my freebie 220 turbo training DVD. I do like the DVD but keep doing the same one is going to get boring have ordered another one.

After the ride it was fish and chips for tea and then to the pub for a couple of beers.

Sat I took the bike out for a ride towards Canterbury, decided to take the potholed track that I drove on Friday night and see if I could find that mirror. What a little bit of luck, there it was by the side of the road pretty much where I thought I'd lost it. The mirror was broken but the mount was in tact. It was a very windy day which made for a tough 36 mile ride.

The afternoon was over to Dover for a very tough club swim. I started out really well but was blowing up by the end. There does seem to be some endurance lacking in my swimming at the moment.

Sun I was feeling quite rough on Sunday morning so decided to just go for an easy 5k run. Got home feeling terrible.

Mon No training on Monday, I was still feeling poorly so took it as a rest day.

Tue I scrappd the morning run but was feeling better by the evening so got to the pool for a very tough set.

400m warm up
4x (500m on 8:00, 100m IM)
200m cool down

Wed I had a really nice before work run. Five miles along the top of the hills. I'd forgotten how nice that run is as the sun is just coming up. Felt really good and my time was probabaly one of the best I've done at that effort level.

Thu Last night was back to the pool for a very hurty strength swim.

400m warm up
2x 200m on 3:15
4x200m in t-shirts 15sec rest
4x200m in t-shirts and shorts 15sec rest
50m fast
200m cool down

The set was a really good one, I really managed to get to grips with the last 200m sets. I've also finally figured out the cause for one of my main problems with swimming. I've always had a problem with fishtailing which has always been put down to poor core strength. But I think I've figured it out, my right elbow tends to drop which causes me to miss the catch. That then has a knock on effect that my roll is late and I think it's that which is causing the hips to flick. Something to work on...

Fri This morning was up bright and early again for another 5 miles across the top of the hills. Another really good run and slightly quicker than I was on Wednesday. The body's really feeling good with the running for this time of year. Hopefully it'll mean a good base to build on in the spring.

Sav, Calito, Poet It was a tough XC course. The laces were a school boy error, I know they have to be double tied otherwise they come undone. I forgot that.

Sue There does seem to be an interest in magic at the moment, hopefuly that'll do me some good.

KFL XCountry - Minnis Bay
Fri Jan 14, 2011 10:38 am Dirty Davey
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Sat First thing in the morning and out for a 5 mile run, felt really good. Keeping to what felt like an easy pace I was very suprised at how quickly I was actually going. Not exactly lightning but it's always a good sign when the pace starts to pick up for the same RPE. It shows that the bodys almost ready for the ramp up in training that's coming soon.

The afternoon was off to the shops, looking for a wedding suit. I did think about hiring one but for the price to hire, I decided that I could do with a decent suit so bought it. Got home and then straight out of the door and off to Dover for the club swim. The set was a very good one but I was so far off the pace that it wasn't funny. I'm not really sure why but my swimming's not quite been up to par lately. Oh well, I'm sure it'll come.

Sun Sunday morning was the next round of the KFL X Country League and up to Minnis Bay for probably the toughest X Country course I've done.

The start was on the beach and ran on the sand for about a mile before turning in land. I had an amazing start and found myself among the front boys and holding their pace. Next to my suprise I started to pull away from them, had I gone off too quickly? I felt ok. I put a couple of metres between myself and the rest before they responded and pulled me back. Well, I was going well until my shoelace came undone Mad Had to pull to the side to retie it, letting everyone stream past me. I know that I wouldn't have been able to hold the leader's pace but it was fun being there. I've never been in a position to attack one of those races before. Got going again, turned inland and onto the horrible, water logged marshland, gradually working my way back up through the field. And then, guess what, the other shoelace comes undone! Mad Mad Mad Stopped to retie that one before getting going again. Two miles out over the marshes before turning and heading on a trail in the direction of the finish. On the way back I came across the first of the dykes that we had to run through, up to my waist in water and really knocked my off my rhythm. The next one was even better with the water chest high and the third I totally lost my footing on the slope down to the water and did a beautiful head first dive in. Four more dykes to cross and then on to finish in 26th, a really tough but totally enjoyable race.

The afternoon was spent having a couple of beers in the pub with Louise before making a nice Red Thai prawn curry for tea.

Mon Ouch my legs were hurting from the XCountry. I had planned a turbo session for the evening but decided to alter it and do some easy spinning to try to get the legs working again.

15mins easy
15mins spinning up from 60rpm adding 5rpm every minute.
20mins starting at 80rpm and adding 5rpm every 5 minutes
10mins easy

Tue Tuesday's training didn't really go to plan either, I was going to run in the morning but woke up with my legs still ripped to shreds and decided to ditch that idea.

The evening I headed to the pool with quite a tough session in mind, got going but found that I was still tired after Sunday's race and had nothing in the tank at all, got fed up and got out of the pool after about half an hour.

Wed Wednesday, no training. I took this as my rest day.

Thur Legs feeling much better, I got to the pool in the evening and managed the swim that I had planned for Tuesday.

400m warm up
2x 200m on 3:15
4x 200m on 3:15 in t-shirts
4x 200m on 3:30 in t-shirts and baggy shorts
pyramid of 25, 50, 75, 100, 75, 50 25
300m cool down

The swim felt really good, one of the best that I've done in quite a while. Still not super speedy but it was strong and that's the main thing at this time of year. If I'm strong now, then the speed can come later.

Fri This morning I headed out early for a 5 mile run. I can still feel that X Country run in my calfs. Amazing really how much of a battering that race gave me.

Sue, Carlito & Slacko Thanks, I'm getting quite nervous about the BGT audition now, less than two weeks to go. Got everything sorted out, I just need to practice, practice and practice.

Britain's Got Talent, into the next round!
Tue Jan 04, 2011 11:37 am Dirty Davey
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I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. Mine was good, not all that much training happening but a good week or so. Christmas day was spent at my mum's with Boxing day at Louise's grandparents and the next day was at her dad's place. Quite a manic few days rusing around trying to see everyone, but good.

I did manage to get out for a couple of runs and rides which where really nice. Got myself totally lost yesterday when riding, I decided to explore a few new lanes but just ended up going round into a huge circle. I knew the direction that I wanted to go, it was just that none of the lanes seemed to want to go that way. The ride was good fun though, really enjoyed it.

Good news on the Britain's Got Talent front, I've got through to the live auditions which means performing some magic in a huge, packed theatre in front of the Hoff and Co. Scarey stuff and most of my effort at the moment is going into getting ready for that.

Britain's Got Talent, still in there....
Wed Dec 22, 2010 4:17 pm Dirty Davey
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Monday night I got home and popped that turbo training DVD on again, another ride through Orange County. I really am going to need to get a few more of those because that one will get boring after a while. But for now I'm enjoying it, much more interesting that having my sets scrawled on a chalk board on the wall and does work in pushing me harder too.

Yesterday morning was up nice and early for a before work run, I only did 5k instead of the planned 5 miles because Louise was nervous about driving in the snow so I gave her a lift in. Probabaly not a bad thing to cut it short though, 5k in ankle deep snow is more than enough and it was running in the snow last year that caused my achilles problems.

Made a nice Jamaican jerk chicken and salad for dinner. Then off to the pool for a swim, session was

400m warm up
10x 100m on 2:00 in t-shirt and shorts
5x 200m on 1:30 at 1:25\100m pace
200m cool down

A tough swim set, that one. Kept long and relaxed through the fist set of 100s and actually felt quite good at the end of it, pace held up nicely. The second set, the 200s were much harder work and really had to put the effort in to hold the pace. Managed ok for the first 2 reps before dropping off to around about 1:28\100m. Still a good session and the pool was empty, just me there for the last half an hour which was nice.

I also had another call from Britain's Got Talent, confirming the details of my act. Not a definite yes just yet but I am in the final shortlist for the live shows and will hear in the next day or two so fingers crossed.

Britain's Got Talent, I've been shortlisted....
Mon Dec 20, 2010 12:40 pm Dirty Davey
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I had the last of the tests in the sport science lab last Monday. That was the no caffine and no carbs test. It was a tough ride, two hours with no carbs is always going to hurt. But it looks like my theory about the lower heart rate with the caffine wasn't quite right, after the first 30 minutes things had settled down at around 135bpm, pretty much what I was seeing when on the caffine. Feeling wise though it was much harder, while on the caffine I was much more focused and found holding the cadence easy, off it I really had to concentrate on keeping the revs up. By the end of the first hour, I was having to work. Totally different to any of the caffine tests where I flew through the first hour. By 90 minutes, things were feeling really tough, HR was up into the high 140s with the last 10 minutes being a case of just gritting teeth and hanging in.

I'll have to wait for all the numbers to be crunched before I know the real results but from feel, it was obvious that the caffine made a huge difference. I was spinning a quicker cadence, easier and was far more focused in when on the caffine. But HR was similar to without and fatigue time (one thing I was quite interested it) felt pretty much the same. It was enough to convince me and will probabaly play around with caffine in races over the winter.

Tuesday and Wednesday I felt quite rough so no training there but back into the pool on Thursday night. I had planned on introducing baggy shorts into the training for the first time this year. When I got changed, I realised that I'd left the speedos at home so it looked like it was going to be baggy shorts for the whole session,

400m warm up in baggy shorts
500m in baggy shorts as 200m, 100m 200m with 20 second rests between
500m pulling in baggy shorts as 200m, 100m 200m with 20 second rests between
500m in baggy shorts & t-shirt as 200m, 100m 200m with 20 second rests between
500m pulling in baggy shorts & t-shirt as 200m, 100m 200m with 20 second rests between
300m cool down

Friday morning was up bright and early and out into the snowy streets, the thermometer sitting at -5. I wrapped up nice and warm, had to be careful of the ice but got around in one piece.

The evening was my turbo session, I fancied doing something different. A few months ago, there was a free turbo training DVD given away with 220 so decided to give that a go. It was a really enjoyable session and pushed my harder than I normally would when on the turbo. That's the first time I've tried any of those DVDs and am now seriously tempted to get myself afew more.

Saturday morning was my trail run, so trail shoes on and off into the snowy hills. I had a really great run, adding a new hill in at about half way which was a killer but good.

The evening was supposed to be off to Dover for the club swim but the snow was coming down thick and fast so decided to stay at home.

Sunday morning, no way was I going out on the bike and as my legs were aching from a combination of the turbo session and the killer run the day before I chose to go for a fairly easy, hours effort on the turbo.

I was just getting ready to go to the pool in the afternoon, when the phone rang. It was Britain's Got Talent, I'd been short listed for the next round and they wanted to give me a telephone interview. I was caught completly off guard and the interview felt quite awkward but hopefully I did enough. I should hear in the next week or so and if I get through that, it'll be performing in front of the cameras, the Hoff & co and a huge audience in a theatre somewhere in London. Exciting times.

After the interview I went to the pool, I've been doing quite a lot of strength work with t-shirts and shorts lately so changed things a little and had a pace session,

400m warm up
500m at 1:25\100m pace
10x 100m on 2:00 at 1:23\100m
200m pulling
200m with ankle band
200m swim, max effort
200m cool down

The day finished nicely, with a trip over to Dover for the club Christmas dinner.

not feeling all that good.
Mon Dec 13, 2010 10:36 am Dirty Davey
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I had planned on getting to the pool after work on Friday but when I pulled up in the car park, I realised that I'd left me towel at home. I wasn't feeling all that great so just went home to a nice Chilli con carne.

Saturday morning was my trail run, the weather was really nice although the ground was very muddy. I do enjoy getting out into those hills and I'm really seeing the benefit of it, some of the hills that I used to really have to work to get up are stating to seem quite easy. Next week I think I'll have add in one or two extra hills in.

Saturday evening was off to the pool for the club swim, a very good session although I really wasn't feeling 100%. The pace wasn't there and I was having trouble stepping up a gear.

I was supposed to be racing the 2nd Round of the club's Winter Duathlon series on Sunday morning but I decided to scrap it for a couple of reasons. I still wasn't feeling all that great and as I'm in the lab for another 2 hours of testing tonight I decided that I'd be better to have an easy ride rather than best myself on the duathon. So instead I took the bike out for an easy 26miles across the Romney Marsh.

Today I can feel a cold trying to take hold, I'm not feeling too bad so should be ok for the testing tonight.

Sav & Sue Once Matt's done all the number crunching, the results should give me a good idea of the best race nuitrition plan for me and if it's worth going to something like caffine pre race.

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A Bit About Me
Ok, a bit about me. I'm 26 years old from folkestone, I'm a member of Deal Tri and have been doing tri since 1999. Before descovering tri, I used to sail, ski (both of which I still love to do when I get the chance) and kickbox. I got into tri as a way to improve my general aerobic fitness for kickboxing. I number of injuries made me decided to quit kickboxing and concentrate on tri.

My first race was the Dover Spring Aquathlon, which I did as part of a relay team with me swimming and my brother running. Latter that year I did the Dover Quick Change Triathlon and goto totally stuffed by everyone but had a great time.

My first Oly distance race was Brighton in 2001, finished 20th in the non-BTA category with a time of 2:21 and the fasted cycle of the weekend (1hr 01).

Since then I've really got into triathlon with the high point of racing the World Long Course Championships.

Outside of tri my hobbies include folk-punk music, I play the didgeridoo, fiddle and bagpipes. And beer, I enjoy brewing and have usually got at least one barrel on the go at a time.

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