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Speedo Swimmer
Joined: 31 Mar 2005
Location: Deep end
Occupation: Pull buoy engineer to the Queen
Interests: Triathlon swimming coaching

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All set and ready to go
Fri Nov 02, 2012 2:39 pm Speedo Swimmer
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The Kenya swim teaching return is now very close.
The spare bedroom has piles of children's swimming costumes, piles of swimming goggles, piles of school exercise books and pencils, swim teaching games and 18 swimming floats drying out in front of the radiators.
The upstairs smells of chlorine its just like sleeping in a swimming pool only dryer.

Please feel free to have a look at my blog
I am aiming/hoping to update it after every teaching lesson so that those that have helped and anyone interested in swim teaching can follow what we do.

_________________ (Also in Kenya Smile)

Possibly a small but massive set back
Tue Oct 02, 2012 11:37 am Speedo Swimmer
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All was going very well with this years teaching trip to Kenya. The sponsorship has been coming in, the kit is ready, the session plans are under way and then I get some photos and measurements of the pool I was going to use.
Its 6 feet deep Crying or Very sad and 8 yo primary school kids? the two do not go well together.
So contact Mombasa help and she is trying to find me another pool. Not difficult you might think......not if your European but if your a Kenyan child using it then think again.
I have even offered more money. That normally helps in Africa.
So fingers and everything crossed that we can find a pool quick.

Oh and if you have a pool in Mombasa that I can borrow please let me know
_________________ (Also in Kenya Smile)

55 years old and still going
Tue Sep 18, 2012 2:12 pm Speedo Swimmer
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Had a great time at the weekend as it was my 55th. The Mrs gave me a nice party on Sunday afternoon. Good home cooked food, fine wine, family and a few close friends and my silly party games.

We were just sitting and talking when my 8 year old niece asked me about Kenya and the children. She had read my blog and was using it and the trip as a project for her school work.
She in all innocents said" If I give you half of my pocket money until you go and only keep the other half for sweets, that means I can give 1:25. That will buy all the food and sweets for them"

Precious moments.

Where did our own non problem childhood thoughts go?
_________________ (Also in Kenya Smile)

Blog it and read about it?
Thu Sep 06, 2012 11:21 am Speedo Swimmer
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I have set up a blog to show what is happening on our 2nd trip to teaching the children of Mikoroshoni primary school.
Please feel free to read it and sign up for it, and if you know anyone who is interested please tell them.
I aim to update on a regular basis and hopefully I will update from Mombasa with pictures etc.
PS if the blog has things wrong please let me know as this is my first attempt.
_________________ (Also in Kenya Smile)

Kenya 2012 swim-tech return
Tue Aug 14, 2012 7:15 pm Speedo Swimmer
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Well it's been two years in the making (earning money to pay for it) but Julie and I are returning to Mombasa to teach basic swimming and water awareness to the very poor children of the Mikoroshoni primary school located in Shanzu Mombas
A report of our last trip can be found on my website
Today I managed to secure the use of a swimming pool and transport for the children. This is the hardest part and it's now sorted. Very Happy
Now looking for ideas to help pay for the children? I have thought about doing cut price swim video analysis. Hope no one minds me advertising it on tri talk
Thanks for reading
Oh and if you have any old children's costumes please don't throw them away I can make full use of them
_________________ (Also in Kenya Smile)

A Sad Time
Mon Mar 07, 2011 1:14 pm Speedo Swimmer
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On Saturday my Nan passed away at the great age of 99 and 3/4 not quite managing the magic 100.
She was a lovely lady who had was brought up in the poor areas of London at a time when food every day was a luxury. She worked hard as a maid and any other jobs that she could get. Later on in life she married and was able to travel. In the 50's she was touring the USA and Canada by car.
This travel bug was with her right up until the end (but I think its passed onto me) when at 99 she would still get on a bus and go to where it stopped just to get her weekly shopping, so that she could see new places and see different people. Staying in one room was not her.

This Christmas gone she came and stayed with Julie and me for 2 weeks. It was a great time for all of us. On Christmas day at evening meal we all ways give out a little prezzie. Julie and I choose her a very small thong. After all what else would you choose a fun loving 99 year old Nan?
She thought it was very funny and next morning as I went upstairs to help her down she said "Well what do you think? Do they suit me?" She had put the thong on over her tights and lifted her skirt to show us all.
She might have been 99 but still had a mischievous sense of humor.

Nan had a simple philosophic look on life. Work Travel Enjoy and don't have anything you do not have the money for. Be nice to people.

So now the end has happened. I suppose we had all thought time was running out but you just hope it never happens.

God bless Nan
_________________ (Also in Kenya Smile)

So far so good
Mon Feb 28, 2011 12:38 pm Speedo Swimmer
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Well we both (the Mrs) have re started training as we have entered the Speedy beaver hoping to get a Q slot for Israel.
I raced there in I think 1989 it was a great place for a tri, no wet-suit a hair dryer wind on the bike and a very warm run. All of these suit me completely. We both also move up a age group so we will be the young ones.

Julies arm is now usable for swimming but very restricted at the moment, but she did manage 3x 50m full stroke on Saturday. Still a lot of work to go before swimming properly but a good start after a double break of the arm in September 2010 when she tripped whilst out running. We are now paying for a private physio after the NHS physio did nothing but take notes for the last two appointments? After only one session she was able to lift her arm further than at any time before the fall and most of the numbness and pins and needles have gone in her hand.
My own swimming is at last starting to show signs of improvement and the times are tumbling. I need to get to at least 5:10 for 400m and if all goes well this should be early April.

Held a swim stroke technique course yesterday which went very well. It was a great group of Triathltes all very friendly and willing to learn. Its always very exciting when your teaching and the pupil completes the movement with a "yes - got it" smile. Its what teaching is all about.

And lastly some more luvly news about Mikorshoni school in Kenya. A very very nice man and a Triathlete has sponsored a pupil to go to secondary school for 4 years. This will change not only that pupils life but their whole family's forever. A fantastic offer from him.

So in all the Sh1t that is in the world abroad and around us there is always a ray of sun shine.
_________________ (Also in Kenya Smile)

Thongs and Things
Tue Jan 04, 2011 6:49 am Speedo Swimmer
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Well Christmas was fairly quiet but nice. Had my Gran staying with me who is 99 years old. A little frail walking now but a mind full of marbles. Had her on Skype which she thought was great. Is this a world record for her age?
We also brought her a very tiny red thong as a after dinner joke prezzie which she found very funny. Next morning she lifts up her dress and says "What do you think?" its was hilarious. She really is still up for a laugh.

Have started training at last. Although this was a little restricted due to a dose of man flu! after doing the Folkestone Boxing Day dip in the sea! It was very cold infact a instant contraceptive.
Later in the week I managed some aerobic swim sets(in the pool) and two runs of 2 miles each plus. This was also the return of the BIKE I managed a massive 10 mile ride which felt like 100 miles but its a start and its no good being your best at this time of year. Roll on the warmer weather.

Lastly a plug for my swim-tech swim training workshop on Feb 27th at Folkestone. I have started a thread here and website info can be found here

_________________ (Also in Kenya Smile)

Training? errr soon
Mon Dec 20, 2010 7:08 am Speedo Swimmer
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Well its been quite a time now since I have trained properly (some may say what's new?) But this years break has tuned into a long one and I am now feeling it. Last week I did 1 x 2 mile run and 1 x 1hour swim! Dont think I will get race fit on that.
So I am writing up a training schedule. I am also hoping to train again with Dirty Dave. A fews years ago we had some very good sessions together, some of which I thought Dave was going to pass out Very Happy But it worked for both of us. So onwards and upwards if it ever stops snowing.
Great news on our team mate who had the heart attack, he has had a stent fitted and is back at home on the way to full recovery - now that's a Christmas prezzie.
Kenya Update
Sorry I know i promised no more but if you would like to read my full report and see me in action with the kids see this link.
Merry Christmas to everyone
_________________ (Also in Kenya Smile)

Ying Yang
Wed Dec 08, 2010 3:39 pm Speedo Swimmer
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Bit of a strange last week First one of my good friends and our club chairman suffered a minor heart attack, now he's fit done Ironman etc a 25tt bike under the hour but it don't seem to matter. He is also a very nice bloke and helped me in my trip to Kenya to teach. So why does he and other nice people have to have the pain?
Then of course there is the balance when another of our club members had a luvly baby born at the same hospital the next day.
For me I disslike this cold it's messing up any training I do (or don't) I seem to have lost a bit of Mojo after the holiday when my training has consited of 2 x 2 mile runs 1 x 30 min swim and no bike what so ever in two weeks! Just seem to have other ideas on my mind.

Swim teaching in Kenya Update (Sorry to keep on about it)
The 250 my works has given is going to be used to feed all of the new nursery group children that start in January. They will each get a breakfast meal of millet/porridge each day and the money should last for about 5 months.
My wife and I are also going to do a sponser for the year which costs just 30
Have plans to return allready in my head. Smile
I am also working on a small youtube video about the teaching and will let you all know when its live.

Thanks for reading
_________________ (Also in Kenya Smile)

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Swim-tech Training Days
Swim-tech Swim Training Workshop Folkestone Sports Centre. Kent

Coaches are myself and Lyndon Dunsbee.
Lyndon is a Ex World record holder for swimming the English Channel (8 hours 34 mins) and is one of the country's top long distance swimming experts.
If its your first Triathlon or you have signed up for a Ironman in 2011 we will help you get the best out of your swim.

The course will be in two parts. (3 swims during the day)

Part One: The Front Crawl stroke (A breakdown) Video analysis of your swimming and a drill correction swim session.

Part Two: How to set up a yearly training cycle of your swimming and or further stroke correction (Attendees choice)

DVD of your swimming included plus a free open water session in Dover Harbour during the summer months.

Cost 56 (only lunch extra which can be pre booked)
Limited to 12 athletes only - Paymant confirms booking - Full notes on
My Swim-tech website
Everyone is welcome to have a peep. It will contain swim stroke help pages and information about Triathlon and swimming.
Stroke correction courses I put on or attend will also be placed on here.
Mr and Mrs Speedo 2011 Races
Getting fit first then look at races
Now both signed up for the "Speedy Beaver" sprint triathlon
Swimming the Speedo Swimmer way
More on its way

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