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2018 - Raid Corsica
Cobbie's Selected Race Results

Raid du Massif Central - 6 days, 562 miles, 16,300m ascent, 46 hrs Report


Aug - Dee Mile, 2000m OW swim. 29:12; 60/301. Report

July - Raid Pyrenean Report

May - Chester Tri West Coast of Scotland Cycling trip ... 300 miles in 3 days. Report


Sep - Scilly Swim Challenge, 11 miles of swimming in 5 stages Report


June - Dee Mile, 2000m OW swim. 29:33; 25/275 Very Happy Very Happy


March - Gin Pit Marathon; 3:59:26. 14/39


Became a dad Cool

Oct 2011 - Feb 2012

Travelling the world Cool
Nepal - Annapurna Circuit and Chitwan
S. E. Asia and trekking in New Zealand
South America
Trekking the 'Circuito del Dientes de Navarino'; Chilean Tierra del Fuego


Sep - AXTri - Report

June - Chester to John O'Groats cycle ride with the Tri Club; 637 miles in 9 days

2010 Races

Sep - ÷ TILL ÷; 14:19; Report

2009 Races

Nov - Pembrokeshire Coast Challenge; 78.6 miles. Day 1 - 5th in 4:39. Very Happy Day 2 - Retired with ITB injury after 15 miles Sad

Oct 4th - Sandstone Trail 'A' Race; 17 miles, 1750ft 2:19:15; 29/156

Aug 8th - Norseman 14:57; 81=/230 Report No1 & Report No2 Smile

June 28th - A Day in the Lakes HIM 5:55:18; 68/309 Report

June 17th - Dee Mile, 2000m OW swim. 29:12; 13/100 Report Very Happy

May 31st - Pontcysyllte Aqueduct Cyclosportif 107 miles, 3000+m ascent; 7:20:26

March 28th Cheshire Cat Cyclosportif 105 miles; 7:04 Report

March 21st - Chester Tri Runners vs Kayaks; Llangollen Canal 32.4 miles; 5:22 Report

2008 Races
The year I was a fat bast@rd Rolling Eyes

Atlantic Coast Challenge 78miles; About 18 hrs Report

Norseman 17:05 Report

Etape du Dales 110 miles; 8:40ish with puncture

2007 Races

Nov 17th - Penmaenmawr Fell Race (11 miles, 1500ft); 1:35:23; 50/220

Bala Olympic Tri 2:14:00; 217/773 (AG 61/203) Smile Report

Hathersage Hilly - 1:22:34; 19/169 and AG 4/43 Smile ; Report

July 11th - Dee Mile, 2000m OW swim. 23:16; 15/76 Smile

Jan 29th - Tough Guy 1:25:02; 59/3800ish finishers Very Happy Very Happy AG 5th Vet Shocked Very Happy ; Report

Jan 22nd - 4 Villages Half Marathon 86:52; 152/1570


Nov 18th - Penmaenmawr Fell Race (11 miles, 1500ft); 1:31:42; 24/237; Report Very Happy Very Happy

Oct 8th - Pentland Skyline (16.2 miles, 6,200ft); 3:30:54; 79/150; Report. Blisters Crying or Very sad

Oct 1st - Sandstone Trail ďAĒ Race (17 miles, 1750ft) 2:15:14; 14/135 3rd V40; Report Very Happy Very Happy

Sept 24th Ė South Shropshire Sprint 1:23; 28/234

July 23rd - TLD Bike Relay 5:52:38; Report

June 7th - Dee Mile, 2000m OW swim. 28:47; 24/97 Smile

June 4th - Bala Middle 4:47:39 Crying or Very sad

May 7th - Fred Whitton Challenge 112 miles, 4,150m of ascent, 8:18:52; Report

March 19th - Edale Skyline Fell Race 21.3 miles, 4,620ft; 3:48:25, 100/260

Jan 29th - Tough Guy 92:55; 52/3283 finishers Very Happy Very Happy AG 6/521; Report

Jan 22nd - 4 Villages Half Marathon 85:43; 152/1655 Very Happy


Oct 30th - Snowdonia Marathon 3:54:50; 265/961

Oct 2nd - Sandstone Trail ďAĒ Race (16.8 miles, 1750ft) 2:17:41; 29/111 Very Happy

Sep 18th - Bala Olympic Tri 2:20:31; 83/433 (AG 17/100) Very Happy

Sep 10th - Helvellyn Tri 4:17:38; 43/331
Report Very Happy Very Happy

July 24th - The Longest Day 11:00:25; 40/150

June 5th - Bala Middle 4:39:54; 92/318 (AG 25/87)
Very Happy

Mar 15th - Wuthering Hike [31 miles 4400 ft] 5:35 Smile

Jan 29th - Tough Guy 93:49; 161/3,500 Very Happy

Jan 22nd - 4 Villages half marathon 90:39; 256/1504

Survival of the Shawangunks - 5:29:45 35/120 Very Happy
Wolverhampton Oly 2:19:50 Very Happy

The year of illness and poor motivation Crying or Very sad
Powerman UK 3:47

HIM Llanberis 5:09:40 Very Happy Very Happy

HIM Llanberis 5:38 Cool Cool
All about Cobbie

Joined: 02 Aug 2005
Location: Chester
Occupation: Consultant
Interests: Red wine and cakes

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Q2 2018
Thu Jul 19, 2018 8:10 pm Cobbie
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The past 3 months have seen a big change as Iíve gone back into a permanent job after 11 years of freelancing. Iím based in Widnes most days and have been commuting on the winter bike about twice a week. Iíve invested in fold up panniers rather than a rucksack in anticipation of doing some lightweight multi day cycling in 2019.

So, Iím cycling about the same in terms of volume but now itís 18-19 miles each way on the commute and a weekend ride if weíre not busy. Doing fewer long rides doesnít seem to be affecting my stamina and riding the much heavier bike is helping my strength. I had worried that doing the same ride repeatedly would get boring very quickly but actually itís been fine. Just need to psych up for some winter commuting now!

Iíve had a couple of good outings in the past month. First, the Coast to Coast in a Day was on the longest weekend. Six of us from the tri club rode together (with the usual separations and regrouping). This was my longest ever ride at 150 miles and pretty hilly at c3700m. Iíd not been over Hardknott and Wrynose since 2006 (when I did the Fred) and was quite nervous, especially for what I remembered about the descents. There was a bit of walking on Hardknott but Wrynose was fine and to my surprise, both descents were very straightforward, makes me realise how much Iíve developed over the years. In fact, some of the single track descents in NE Wales are much harder and I do those regularly.
Thereís a big climb out of Kendall after the first feed station (the food on this ride is superb BTW) and you hit 2000m of climbing very early on. Then itís mostly very fast until the North York moors where there are 3 or 4 nasty climbs in the final 20 miles, one of which required a bit of walking Ė my right knee had got very sore by this point as I probably pushed a bit harder during the day than I should have. The finish in Whitby was superb and this is an event that Iíd thoroughly recommend. The logistics are complicated but the route is very beautiful.
Overall, I averaged about 15mph, 10 hours ride time, with about 2 hrs pottering about in feed stations.

Selfie at the bottom of the Wrynose descent; group pic at the finish; with my hero Captain James Cook

Then last weekend I hiked from Ogwen to Conwy across the Carneddau with one of my old climbing mates, Woody. Itís about 18 miles over 7 of the 15 Snowdonia peaks above 3000ft in altitude Ė we then extended it to over 20 with a side trip to Yr Elen which adds a fair bit of effort but is worth it for spectacular views. The walk is very remote, I suspect that the half way point is pretty much the furthest from human dwellings that you can get in England and Wales; there are no roads that cross the range so itís proper wilderness. The weather was gorgeous, too hot really and we were certainly footsore by the time we dropped off Conwy mountain. Even then we had a long round trip to pick up the car from the start so the evening curry was very tasty indeed.

Woody looking majestic on the summit of Carnedd Dafydd or Llewellyn (I forget which); selfie, the beautiful summit of Yr Elen; on the long descent with views to die for

So, now I have a couple of months before my trip to Corsica for the Raid which Iím really looking forward to. Henry is just finishing his reception year at school and is turning into a great kid, being a dad can be tough at times but it's the best job in the world really.
Almost back to being an athlete in 2016 Shocked

Mon Jul 30, 2018 10:22 am hammerer
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Those views look stunning, especially with the weather! Have to agree about beign a dad. we have jsut finished year 3. Its certainly testing at times!


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