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2016 Results
23 Jan - 2 Alpes Night Trail
2:11:05 - 28/101, 4/16 AG
21 Feb - Anglian Duathlon
2:15:36 - 36/175, 3/22 AG
28 Feb - Brighton Half Marathon
1:26:15 - 233/8095, 66/1439 AG
03 Apr - Windsor Duathlon
2:16:57 - 100/519, 6/90 AG
04 Jun - Trail Challenge Marathon
5:10 (Brighton-Eastbourne)
12 Jun - Midsussex Sprint Tri
1:12:27 - 20/238, 4/40 AG
26 Jun - 1st Swim Crawley Tri
0:59:28 - 5/68, 2/20 AG
06 Aug - Phoenix Running Marathon
3:24 - 5/102
26 Aug - CCC Ultra Marathon
21:29 - 465/2200, 27/152 AG
19 Nov - F3 Duathlon
2:09:24 - 3/50, 1 AG
04 Dec - Downland Devil 9
1:05:52 - 11/250, 2/28 AG
2015 Events
22 Feb - Brighton Half Marathon
03 May - Steyning Standard
1:49:52 - 6/97, 1/19 AG
27 May - Arundel Standard
1:59:57 - 6/105, 1/19 AG
14 Jun - Midsussex Sprint Tri
1:09:55 - 9/272, 4/51 AG
12 Jul - ETU Euro Champs, Geneva
2:22:39 - 47/79 AG
26 Jul - Worthing Standard
2:25:09 - 109/398, 16/54 AG
08 Aug - Triathlon Castro, Spain
16 Aug - Noja Aquathlon, Spain
22:15 - 18/41, 1/7 AG
13 Sep - Virgin Active Brighton Tri
1:21:39 - 7/133, 2/21 AG
20 Sep - Brighton Marina Tri
1:44:24 - 11/115, 5/44 AG
11 Oct - Jog Shop 20
2:45 - 13/110, 4/22 AG
07 Nov - Hermes Thames Half Mara
1:28:07 - 5/362, 1/55 AG
28 Dec - Phoenix Marathon
3:14:05 - 4/96
2014 Events
01 Feb: Pilgrims Challenge Day 1
5:35 24/199
30 Mar: Springtime Sportive 54m
3:07 1/157
05 Apr: SDW 50 Ultra
9:06 107/314
21 Apr: Thames Turbo Tri
1:04 22/347, 1/31 AG
04 May: Steyning Oly
1:46 15/111, 3/22 AG
11 May: Beacon Rouleur Sportive
5:49 11/48
31 May: City to Summit Tri
15:27 25/123
22 Jun: Sussex Triathlon Oly
2:37 21/93, 2/13 AG
19 Jul: Race To The Stones 100k
13:09 103/703
24 Aug: Triathlon du Mont Blanc
1:17:03 34/310, 8/82 AG
07 Sep: Bala Oly
2:11 118/560, 20/118 AG
14 Sep: Brighton Virgin Active Tri
1:21 5/155
21 Sep: Brighton Marina Tri
1:48 7/109, 4/28 AG
16 Nov: Brooks 10k
39:09 205/3196, 53/548 AG
07 Dec: Downland Devil 9
1:07 28/283
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Race To The Stones Race Report
Mon Aug 04, 2014 6:57 pm iainm
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Race To The Stones is a 100km ultra marathon along the Ridgeway that I completed last month. I was asked by Profeet if I wanted to join their team about four weeks before. That’s not much time to prepare for a long race like that, but I reckoned I probably still had plenty of endurance from the City To Summit, plus with three long runs on top, it wouldn’t be ideal, but I should be able to finish.

The other key factor behind saying yes was that the race carries two UTMB points. After the South Downs Way 50 in April, I thought I’d done enough to get into the ballot for the CCC 2015, but shortly after the organisers lifted the entry points from 2 to 3. So if I still wanted to be able to enter, I needed some more points before the end of the year and this was pretty much the only race that fitted into my calendar.

An early start
The logistics were tricky. Pip needed the car for the weekend, so I was up at 4am, took a train from Brighton just after 5am, a cab across London, a train to Princes Risborough, and a cab to the start (shared cab with a guy I found through the RTTS Facebook page). I had a full 30 seconds spare by the time I registered and dropped off my finish line bag. Here I am in the team shot, just doing up my backpack before the start!

Hot and wet
I knew it was going to be warm, but warm and wet is way worse. It was so humid right I had to take my cap off within five minutes as I was over-heating already. The humidity and an early light rain did pass, but it warmed up to 31C later, and keeping hydrated was a challenge all day.

As with my previous ultras, the plan was to refill with water at every other stop (the aid stations were roughly every 10km). I skipped the first station, but maybe even that was a mistake as I filled up at every one after that. I was carrying a 2lt Camelback, so being conservative and assuming 750ml at each stop, plus isotonic gels and cups of water, I consumed 7-8 litres during the race. Despite this, I was dehydrated from early on.

I didn’t feel right from 25km and by 40km was struggling. My guts were not happy and kept having to stop and bend double. The thought of dropping out at half-way kept reappearing in my mind and I tried to tuck it away. I made it to the midpoint and visited the loos - that turned out to be the last time I would manage to pee for the rest of the race, despite knocking back 3-4 litres in that period. Here I am really enjoying it...

My speed dropped off massively, but I kept plugging away, trying to think only in 10 kilometre segments. 50km-60km was probably the toughest. I couldn’t seem to run comfortably at all. I tried ringing Pip and the kids to summon up some words of encouragement, but only managed the answerphone. So I just pretended and imagined them cheering me on: ‘Come on Dad, you’re doing really well, keep going!’

It was on the 60km-70km section that the obvious finally dawned. I wasn’t actually able to digest anything – the longer I went without eating the better I felt. So I quit eating, even gels. It was a gamble for a long event like this, but by risking bonking, I could actually keep running. After this revelation, the race became much more fun. I knew I would finish, chatted more with some of the other runners and eventually the bloody finish came within site. These signs were all you wanted to see after a while...

It helped that that last section was downhill, but I felt fine by then and my splits for those last few kms were my fastest of the second 50km. The Stones themselves were impressive but what made the finish for me was that three of my friends had turned up to cheer me home. Seriously, that made so much difference to my morale - thanks Mark, Sarah and Dave - it was really appreciated!

So, a tough day out, but done and dusted. I finished in 13:09 in 103rd place out of 703 starters (601 finishers). My team mates had finished hours before and with Max in 3rd, Pip in 4th and Chris in 25th ‘we’ ended up winning the team competition (not that I had anything to do with that).

Would I recommend it?
Personally I thought the organisation couldn’t be faulted. The route was so well marked, you couldn’t go wrong. Having the aid stations every 10 km was a great way to split up the race. Perhaps they could have been more imaginatively stocked – I would have preferred more savoury choices, but they did have warm food including pasta and soup at more than one stop, plus 9bars at a couple of others. The volunteers were unfailingly helpful and they were able to give me a salt replacement drink, which I definitely needed. The course also provided some great scenery and views:

It has provoked some discussion in the ultra-running community due to the cost of entry, corporate sponsorship and various other complaints. That seems harsh. Yes it’s not a ‘core’ event and there were many first-timers, many of whom took the option to split the 100km across two days, but that’s no different from the Pilgrims’ Challenge, plus 100km is a significant distance, however long you take to do it, particularly in the heat.

Next up
I have a place at Bala with a view to trying to qualify for the ETU Champs in Geneva next year. The problem is getting there and taking yet another weekend away from Pip and the kids. I’ll decide nearer the time. Before then I will be racing in the Triathlon du Mont Blanc, while we are out on holiday in France. Last year I wasn’t able to run properly as I was just recovering from my tendonitis, so I have a time to beat and a point to prove.
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Sat Aug 16, 2014 7:42 am KP nut
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Sounds like a great race. And a great effort in difficult conditions.
"It always seems impossible, until it's done" (Nelson Mandela)

My Outlaw Race Report:

Sun Aug 31, 2014 7:53 am iainm
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I'm a 50 year old triathlete and runner, competing since 1992. I have competed in 119 triathlons and 20 marathons (including 6 ultras). I am supported by Profeet - sports footwear and orthotics specialists.
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