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Treadmill FM
Rotary Connection
Jocelyn Brown
real name: Nick
age: M40-44
live: Dorset
Mhero: Mark Allen
Fhero: Chrissie Wellington
best toy: treadmill
coffee or tea? coffee
Je regret: rien
Job: Body Mechanic
Long term goal: Kona
In a nutshell
Saw Ironman Hawaii on TV Christmas 1992
->Instantly transfixed
->Knew some day I would do it
->Chewed the Cud
-> Uni
-> Work
-> Marriage
-> house
-> baby
-> chewed more cud
-> children
-> went on holiday to Hawaii in Ironman week. Itch has not gone away.
-> chewed cud
-> kids at school now
-> getting creaky still chewing
-> chewed cud long enough
-> IMUK '07
-> that feels better
-> Alpe de Huez tri '09, '11
-> that was good
-> Sprint worlds, Budapest '10
-> that was fun
-> won 1st race, in 21st season
-> kids doing GCSEs
-> still feeling the love
-> one day... Kona.
-> one day...
another week, another dollar
Sun Apr 08, 2007 6:29 pm fruit thief
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Wow, what a lot of replies! Thanks everyone for encouraging words.

Legs quite sore on Monday after last weekend's excesses so took a rest day but by Tuesday was feeling back to normal. Decided to have a gentle bike week & to treat myself to a whole week off from running.

As of tomorrow I plan to join Don Fink's program, week 11 or is it 12. Good luck everyone training for IMUK. It'll be on us in no time...

GFA: Feels very very good to make acquaintance with the bike again after all these weeks, especially as the sun has come out!
HelenMcG: thanks & thanks
Wiganer: thanks for that. I tell you, the jars NEVER tasted so good (or worked so quickly) as that night!
Daz: It was a 2 lap course. After 1 mile, I realised my 4 gels were bouncing around uncomfortably, so I nipped to the roadside & hide 2 behind a low wall. 2nd lap, mile 14, I thought I'd pick em up but... SHOCK... they had gone! I blame hedgehogs.
Luke: well done yourself, a well paced race you ran. NOt long until Weymouth now, are you getting some bike miles in despite your thefts?
Paul L: If only it were that easy!
p00key: Late 80s ... vintage years. Good luck for IMUK
Wind_monkey: cheers, good luck with your stuff too.
OB1: The serious runners are all going to London instead...
tabtri: lick of paint, wall is as good as new now!

Taunton Marathon
Sun Apr 01, 2007 1:53 pm fruit thief
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Well, that was an education. I learnt a lot today, but mainly that 26.2 miles is quite a long way. Especially the last bit. I had a fairly solid run until mile 23 when the wheels came off, turning back onto the hilly A38 into a strong headwind. Bit achy now, going off for a bath and maybe a jar or two. Glad I did it, good for the head before IMUK.

mile split cumulative
1 6m39 6m39
2 6m41 13m21
3 6m45 20m06
4 6m35 26m42
5 6m44 33m26
6 6m39 40m05
7 6m49 46m55
8 6m36 53m32
9 6m37 1h00m09
10 6m58 1h07m07
11 6m57 1h14m05
12 7m10 1h21m15
13 6m30 1h27m45
14 7m35 1h35m21
15 6m40 1h42m02
16 7m01 1h49m03
17 6m46 1h55m50
18 7m10 2h03m00
19 6m58 2h09m59
20 7m16 2h17m15
21 6m58 2h24m14
22 7m23 2h31m37
23 7m42 2h39m19
24 8m32 2h47m51
25 9m02 2h56m54
26 7m50 3h04m45
26.2 1m10 3h05m55

Paul- thanks, large financial gifts always appreciated, but failing that wishes of good luck will do too
Slacko- believe it or notm there WAS a superman! His Kryptonite can't have been working as he finished the half (walking) shortly after I finished the full!
Tabtri- are you familiar with the "let's draw on the hall wall" game? Another current favourite of Sams...

28th March
Wed Mar 28, 2007 9:27 am fruit thief
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This is a picture of Sam who is 3. Rather than saving the world, he has in fact just broken up to world jigsaw so probably needs a few more lessons before we let him loose with the Kryptonite.

Pip and GFA: thanks for those kind words. This IMUK thing is doing funny things to my head, I'm normally quite level.

Taper week for me this week because of marathon on Sunday. No swimming, no cycling and only 20 miles or so of runnig + the race. I'm in it more for the experience (for August) than for a race. Finishing in some sort of shape to carry on training is more important than time. Also I have a bit of a sniffle, very mild though.

How good was it to see the sunshine yesterday? Went on the season's first Tuesday evening pub run with my running club The Dorset Doddlers and spent a sweaty hour in glorious evening sun in beautiful countryside, followed by a natter and a pint of cider. Wonderful, wonderful stuff, the summer starts here...

Good luck everyone in training, especially fellow IMUK wannabes. Not long now...

Fri Mar 23, 2007 4:54 pm fruit thief
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De nouveau, j'ai fait lambine toute la formation parce que j'avais travaillé dur. Cependant, j'ai ai bu 4 pintes de Hoegaarden cet après-midi. Mai l'élévation de route avant toi aussi.

2 weeks until Taunton Marathon, 22 weeks until IMUK
Sun Mar 18, 2007 8:31 pm fruit thief
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Its all getting close now and I feel good. Somewhat buouyed by finally hitting 9km in the "Tri Talk 30 minute treadmill challenge" this morning!

For the record here is what I did this week:
Mon 12th (am) swim 7*400m 0ff 6m30; (pm) 7 miles around Blandford in the evening zone 2
Tue 13th (pm) Running club faartlek 8 miles run. zone 3
Wed 14th (am) 2h12 on the bike hilly av 27.5kmh total 60.2km. zone 1-2
Thu 15th (lunch time) up down and over Hambledon Hill- 35 minutes zone 2-3
Fri 16th: drank too much red wine
Sat 17th (am) awim 4300m main set: 12 x 200m off 3m10; (pm) Took the kids to Honeybrook farm and ran back via wimborne, barford, shapwick, blandford 12 miles 1h30 a good trot in zone 2
Sun 18th (am) run 30min max effort on treadmill... 9060m (pm) Brick 30 mins on turbo followed by treadmill 7km @16kmh 26m30 all zone 3

Feeling really positive, loving the lighter evenings and signs of Spring. Hope everyone else's training is going well. 15 hour day at work tomorrow (full day and then a late dinner meeting) but hoping to put in an hour in the pool at 7 am. Night Night

~   Last edited by fruit thief on Mon Mar 19, 2007 6:46 am; edited 1 time in total
16th March
Fri Mar 16, 2007 9:13 pm fruit thief
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Done nowt today but drunk a lot of red wine
3 weeks until marathon, 23 weeks until ironman
Sat Mar 10, 2007 7:29 am fruit thief
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Marcus Valerius Martialis said in the 1st century BC "Why do strong arms fatigue themselves with frivolous dumbbells? To dig a vineyard is worthier exercise for men". Turns out my wife has a similar philosophy and so in my week off she got me turning over the vegetable patch and skipping a concrete sectional garage. Hardly did any triathlon training at all, but my core muscles ached lke never before.

After that we went away for 4 days. I used the hotel gym a bit in a hurtboxesque way, but didn't break any treadmills and didn't do any sessions longer than 40 minutes.

Back home and back to work, and the strangest thing. Depsite knocking out 50 hour work weeks for the last 2 weeks I have had this insatiable appetite to train at every other opportunity. I did my longest long run yesterday evening of 23 miles and am just off to the pool now. I'm on target for a 65 mile running week this week. This is why I didn't get round to updating blog until now.

No known or unknown injuries on the horizon... 1 more big week and then a gradual taper until the Taunton marathon on April 1st.

Thanks for all those repies last time, they cheered me up when I was feeling flat. May the road rise before you etc.


27 weeks until IMUK
Sun Feb 11, 2007 6:36 pm fruit thief
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I've not had a very good week. Big blister on my left foot has cut my running down to 20 miles (should have done 55 according to the schedule) and a busy night at work on Thursday left me jaded Friday and Saturday and to an extent today. I just haven't felt like it to be honest.

I have 2 weeks holiday now so am going to try to bully myself into training. Also have an exciting fundraising possibility, more later when details ironed out. One thing I really want to do in my first and only ironman is raise some money for a good cause. I have never plagued my friends for sponsorship in 15 years of tri, so this has to be the one!

mission control
Wed Feb 07, 2007 9:53 pm fruit thief
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helenmcg & luke: thanks mates, good luck with all your training and races too

28 weeks and counting
Sun Feb 04, 2007 2:32 pm fruit thief
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Here is what I got up to this week:

Monday: chugged out 5 tempo miles arond town after work
Tuesday: 30 mins on the turbo followed by 8 miles on the treadmill
Wednesday: steady plod around town in the evening
Thursday: 6 miles on the treadmill after work
Friday: hilly bike 2h
Saturday: swim 30 mins
Sunday: half marathon

Today I ran the Blackmore Vale Half Marathon, first event for over 3 months. I lined up with the plan: first 4 miles steady but not too steady; middle 5 miles start to push the pace; last 4 miles run so hard as to deposit a housebrick in shorts. That is pretty much how it worked out.The course was pretty bumpy so mile splits not necessarily v consistent, but were (1) 5m55 (2+3)12m39 (4)6m29 (5+6)12m53 (7)5m50 (8+9) 12m16 (10) 6m09 (11)6m22 (12)6m19 (13) 6m36 (13.1) 42s. Total: 1h 22m 15s, a 3+ minute PB so am chuffed with that. Anyone join me in a cool tin of Fosters or, hey why not, four?

I ache like a corpse, that is not so good, though think it is mainly from digging a big hole in the garden yesterday. Pipe problems.

For now my plan is to keep churning out the steady run miles for the Taunton marathon in 8 weeks time, adding in more and more steady bike miles as the Spring warms up. Not sure about the next stage, but after the marathon I think I'm going to drastically cut the run mileage? so I can up the bike mileage until IMUK, loosely following the ironfit schedules. Would appreciate any thoughts about whether this is a good strategy or not, thanks.

Daz: Treadmill not so bad, I have music or radio on or for the slower miles have even done a bit of bouncy reading by sellotaping a book to the display bit. Plus, given the choice of bored or really really cold, think I'd go for bored every time!

~   Last edited by fruit thief on Sun Feb 04, 2007 6:27 pm; edited 1 time in total
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