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Rotary Connection
Jocelyn Brown
real name: Nick
age: M40-44
live: Dorset
Mhero: Mark Allen
Fhero: Chrissie Wellington
best toy: treadmill
coffee or tea? coffee
Je regret: rien
Job: Body Mechanic
Long term goal: Kona
In a nutshell
Saw Ironman Hawaii on TV Christmas 1992
->Instantly transfixed
->Knew some day I would do it
->Chewed the Cud
-> Uni
-> Work
-> Marriage
-> house
-> baby
-> chewed more cud
-> children
-> went on holiday to Hawaii in Ironman week. Itch has not gone away.
-> chewed cud
-> kids at school now
-> getting creaky still chewing
-> chewed cud long enough
-> IMUK '07
-> that feels better
-> Alpe de Huez tri '09, '11
-> that was good
-> Sprint worlds, Budapest '10
-> that was fun
-> won 1st race, in 21st season
-> kids doing GCSEs
-> still feeling the love
-> one day... Kona.
-> one day...
29 weeks until IMUK
Sat Jan 27, 2007 8:36 pm fruit thief
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Penciled in a few more races & bought some Carnacs from Joxster's shop (arrived less than 24h later, how do they do that?).

Training-wise more of the same really, although I got astride my bike on the turbo twice this week too. 9 weeks until the marathon, and did my 3rd long run as planned on Friday. It was cold and I am soft, so I did 6 miles on the treadmill, 8 on the road, and then the last 6 on the treadmill.

Blackmore Vale half marathon on Sunday, first race of the year & am looking forward to it. All this aerobic stuff has me about 2-3kg lighter than last year (when I set a PB). So we'll see. One negative is that I tried a turbo T30 today, and am nearly 30 Watts down on what I was pushing this time last year. Just hope this will come back fairly quickly later in the Spring.

Bon voyage.

GFA: 4 miles. Many a happy soiree spent at The Langton arms in Tarrant Monkton, it's a smallish world.
Emil: hello & thanks. You legend.
Slacko: Thanks, best of luck with your 29 weeks & See you on the day of reckoning. Is it true that you are a nipple therapist, or is that just Luke's personal fantasy?
Luke: Actually it is I who is stalking you...
ScottG: We are like brothers in pain, nobly suffering for the sport.

sore nipples
Sun Jan 21, 2007 1:58 pm fruit thief
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For the first time in 15 years of running, my nipples feel like someone has taken a cheesegrater to them. This is of course a good omen, as it means I must be training harder than ever before (unless my nips have grown more delicate)

This week:

Mon: work stopped play
Tue: 5 verrry steady miles after work, didn't feel right today
Wed: 8 miles on the mill in 52 minutes
Thu: swam 45 miutes at lunchtime, tagged onto the army session again. Worked overnight, managed to spit out a 4 mile plod before going to bed on Fri
Sat: 90 minute club swim in the morning and 20km on the treadmill in the afternoon
Sun: 10 muddy miles around Tarrant Gunville first thing, back for toast & coffee

Tomorrow is week 1 of the ironman schedule proper. So I get to dust the bike off after 8 wheel-free weeks. I'm going to be carrying on with my marathon training plan but merging it with a bit of Don Fink's intermediate plan in terms of biking. I'm not really too bothered about the marathon, but running has always been my weakness and by training for a Spring marathon I hope I will have blitzed it enough to have moved up a level come the summer.

Wiganer: Ok, I truely was having a blonde moment. I kind of meant building on each event/goal along the way, eg. the marathon, maybe a day of the Tour of Wessex, a half ironman- each one climbed in a different way, yet getting a little nearer the summit that is Sherborne!
Luke: Yep... only 10 weeks to go until the marathon, I have another 20 miler scheduled for this Friday. It is unknown territory but I'm lucky in that I have beautiful countryside to run in, can't get bored of it.
Goodforage: I have heard that the beast is "undulating",,,
PaulL: that is like music to these ears

Thanks fellahs, good luck in your training

En 11 Weeks, le marathon de Taunton, 31 weeks le IronhommeUK
Sun Jan 14, 2007 6:13 pm fruit thief
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And here is what I got up to this week:

Monday: swam 7 x steady 400 metres before work
Tuesday: Ran 7 steady miles around town after work
Wednesday: I trudged out my second (of six) long runs. A nominal 20 miles, actually I have a suspicion it was nearer 18 but the ground was muddy and soft and it was mostly off road so I'm calling it 20. It was rainy, blustery and generally miserable so I was glad of some company for half the run. Total 2h43.
Thursday: the Sauconys got a day off
Friday: jogged a dead slow 7 miles to Gunville Down and back.
Saturday: club swim and then my folks took the kids, so Heidi and I went for a long walk: Corfe Castle, pub lunch at Kingston, Chapmans Pool, St Aldhelm's Head, Worth Matravers and back to Corfe all on footpaths & common- to be honest, this beautiful walk was both harder than the long run on Wednesday, and wetter than the morning's swim!
Today: though a bit achy from the walk, I just popped on those Sauconys and spat out a 10 mile tempo run. That was not on the schedule but I felt kind of unscheduled today.

While running I got this crazy picture of a pyramid of pyramids (maybe I ran through some dodgy fumes)- the Ironman race the pinnacle, built on a heirarchy of sessions and races- maybe I'll expand further if it starts to make any more sense...

Just sussed this blog etiquette thing, so here are some replies:

Goodforage: Thanks, good advice, I think I'm 100% now. One of those here-and-gone things. Keep up the good work yourself.
Luke: Just V, no D!
Trainee God & ScottG: Thanks. I feel like a right drama queen now, it was only a quick thing & am now feeling perfick.

Happy training everyone,

12 weeks until marathon, 32 weeks until Ironman
Sun Jan 07, 2007 2:25 pm fruit thief
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Not a good week. I got ill with a vomiting bug. As a consequence I did no training at all (other than bed-bathroom reps) for 4 days.

Friday feeling perkier ran 5 miles fairly swiftly in the 9pm rain.
Saturday swam hard and ran gently in the evening.
Today Hywel's 30 minute treadmill challenge- idea being to cover the furthest distance on a treadmill in 30 minutes = 8790m, pleased with that.

Normal service resumes.

13 weeks until Taunton marathon, 33 weeks until IMUK
Mon Jan 01, 2007 10:54 am fruit thief
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So I'm still pushing the aerobic running base, but am now adding in 1 speed or hill session per week plus 1 tempo run. 69.9kg this morning, happy with that after the various calorific "challenges" of the last 2 weeks...

After the long run on Tuesday I ran just 4 steady 'mill miles on Wednesday- and did in fact start to stiffen up a little, was still a bit stiff on Thursday when I nipped off up and over Hambledon Hill on Thursday for a sly 5 miler. Friday I did my "speed" sesssion on th treadmill, 4 x 1 miles at 17kmh (which is somewhere between kast years 5km pace and 10kim pace). Saturday a sharp swim followed by an easy 5 miles.

Yesterday I subjected myself to another 60 minute upper zone 2 test on the treadmill... 14.2km, so another tiny bit of progress, which is good.

As far as the big plan goes, I'm carrying on with the marathon plan but am also going to aspire to one weekly Spinervals session or MTB ride and two weekly swims over the next 8 weeks. I did not go on the bike at all in December, but this has been my Winter plan all along as biking has always been my strength and running my weakness.

And still no injuries, despite a big increase in running mileage to nearly 50 per week... although after some runs my shins feel just ever so slightly bruised and my right plantar fascia still feels a tiny tiny bit dodgy first thing in the morning. I'm watching these closely and am prepared to back right off if need be, but think things are OK for now.

No New Years resolutions, although I'm going to try to tighten up my act and not browse TT so often in the evenings when I should be bashing away at other things... Mind you, have been there before, TT has always won in the end. We'll see.

Happy 2007 everyone. See you at the races Confused Exclamation

Merry Christmas
Tue Dec 26, 2006 7:27 pm fruit thief
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Christmas day was a big session of presents, turkey and wired kids. Needless to say no training occurred. Hope you had a good day too.

On boxing day we went up to Motcombe for lunch with in-laws Greg and Angie. This tied in nicely with the first of the Bob Glover schedule’s long runs (18 miles). I set off at 9.45am on the road to Stourpaine, then off road over Hod and Hambledon hills, hitting the road at Shroton Brake crossroads after 1 hour. Then back on the lanes through Bedchester and Twyford, finally going off road from Enmore Green to Motcombe.

I set off with the following plan: HR 130-140, except on the hills when 140-150 but at no time higher than 155. I found I actually had to push in the 2nd hour to stop the HR dropping below 130bpm, and was cruising along really nicely in the 2nd hour. Into the 3rd hour, I still felt fresh & relaxed and felt I had plenty more miles in me when I got to Motcombe after 2 hours 24 minutes. Running conditions were nearly perfect: 7 degrees, cloudy, damp underfoot, no wind. I wore running tights, a technical T and technical long sleeved T, a fluorescent tabard, a thin hat and thin gloves, Ron Hill socks and my sauconys. This kit is perfect for long running, not so much as a hint of a blister – only slight problem was some "intimate chaffing" from decidedly non-technical M&S undies after about 15 miles...

Considering this was both a hilly run (especially the 2nd half hour), and the longest run I have ever done, I was really pleased with how it felt, and how I feel now (good, no real aches or muscle soreness) and am sure that this is due to the almost exclusively aerobic running I have been doing over the last 10 weeks and plan to do over the next 13 until the marathon.

Santa brought me not one, but TWO copies of Going Long by Joe Friel and Gordo Byrn. The only thing I have read so far that has rattled me a little, is that they do not recommend a first time ironmaner runs an early season marathon but instead concentrates on the bike. Too late, I am committed now. But towards March I will probably back off a little on the run mileage, substituting bike miles instead. I still want to break 3 hours in the marathon, but the other objective is to come through it ready to switch to some serious bike training from April onwards becuase IMUK in August is the bigger target...

marathon build week 2: 18th-24th December
Tue Dec 26, 2006 7:24 pm fruit thief
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Mon 18th: 1 hour treadmill upper zone 2 protocol, 13.7km
Tue 19th: treadmill hills 5*1 mile 15kmh @ 5%, 400m jog in between: KILLER!
Wed 20th: swim 3000m steady (49m23); later, a run treadmill pyramid 10km (13.5-16kmh)
Thu 21st: drank a lot of red wine
Fri 22nd: 14 mile steady run. Zone 1 except for a 2 mile effort at marathon pace, HR150-155, at mile 11
Saturday 23rd: 60 minute club swim followed immediately by a 4 mile very easy run
Sunday 24th: gentle 5 mile run with Tim

marathon training week 1: 11th - 18th December 2006
Sun Dec 17, 2006 2:59 pm fruit thief
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This is what I did this week:

Monday: rest
Tuesday: treadmill 10km @ 15kmh avg
Wednesday: treadmill 10km pyramids (14-17kmh)
Thursday: swim 2400m, treadmill 8km @14-15kmh
Friday: long run roads and bridleways estimate 26km @ 12kmh (no GPS, maybe Santa will oblige)
Saturday: swim 4100m, treadmill 7km @ 14kmh
Sunday: easy run on roads and muddy path estimate 10km@ 12kmh

Not doing any cycling at present, run has always been my weakness & biking my strength so I'm concentrating on the run until the marathon in April

if this a bad idea please tell me?

base week 8 (out of 8): 4th to 10th December 2006
Sun Dec 10, 2006 1:57 pm fruit thief
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I was on holiday again this week, and got up to bit of swimming and quite a lot of steady running- 48 miles. I am trying a steady run straight after a hard swim as a way of replicating fatigue without too much pounding.

On Friday did my first "longer" run of the marathon training program: 12 miles out and back over the fields to Tarrant Gunville. 1h36, nice and steady. I plan to go by time for these longer runs rather than distance. When it gets to the 18 and 20+ milers in a few weeks, 2.5- 3 hours, I think I will probably start and finish on the treadmill with 10 or so miles outdoors sandwiched in the middle so that I am near food and water most of the time. And to break it down a bit.

This morning I had another go at the 60 minute treadmill upper Z2 challenge: 14.1km, but the room was a lot colder than previously and I think this helped.

My right plantar fascia niggled again when I got up first thing this morning will definitely have to keep an eye on that. Busy week back at work tomorrow, and the marathon training plan starts proper. Have decided that if I'm going to balance home, work, IM training and other stuff too then I'm going to have to ration my tri-talk activities. So please reply to this blog, but don't be offended if it takes me a few days to get back to you!

My plan is that IMUK in August will be my one and only- I'm going to try to make the most of it and raise some money for a school and childrens home in Tamil Nadu in India, which a local couple are heavily involved with.

Thanks for reading,


weeks 6 and 7, November 20th - December 3rd 2006
Mon Dec 04, 2006 9:35 pm fruit thief
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Yoga is so last year. A much better flexibility and core stability workout is to strip and refit a bathroom. It is like circuits. station 1 = Humping plasterboard, furniture and boxes of tiles up flights of stairs. station 2 = reaching into impossily arkward places to join pipes. station 3 = climbing in and out of the loft... you get the picture. The sorry saga has lasted 6 weeks but has finally been put to bed now, and for that I am profoundly grateful. Absolutely no - NO- diy until after IMUK at the very earilest.

All this unaccustomed graft has seen my weight drop to 69.3kg. If I could get down to about 67kg for the marathon in April, then I would be carrying just 7 or 8% body fat, which let's face it is pretty sallow and skinny.

Swim ticking over with one 90 minute swim per week. A lot slower than back in the Spring, but there is time. This is the discipline I am least concerned about as I know that I'm basically going to be in the wet stuff for about an hour whatever I do between now and August. Will probably throw in a second weekly swim in the New Year, and a third after the marathon.

I actually took last week off work to finish the bathroom, but the sun came out on Tuesday after dropping the kids off at school I rode to Portland instead. It was pretty bracing, and was the first time I have spent 4+ hours in the saddle for a good few years. Kept the HR 130-140 for the first 3 hours and it was really quite easy, no issues at all, managed to raise the pace in the 4th hour. Wife was delighted to come home from work and find that instead of finishing off the tiling, I had been out most of the day on a sly 75 miler.

I have done six zone 2 aerobic runs since I last wrote, including 13.5km in a HR controlled Z2 hour on the treadmill last week. Yesterday night to celebrate burying the DIY I had a pop at Hywel's 30 minute treadmill challenge and spat out 8520m. But no more fast stuff for a bit. This is base, the 16 week marathon schedule starts.... it starts... (checks and rechecks calender)... ooh it starts today actually. Oddly, the 16 week Robert Glover schedule I am following appears to have 17 weeks (??) so day one is today. OK. Better hit the 'mill.

Earlier in the week my left knee (2/10) and right hip (1/10) both felt the slightest touch dodgy from all the DIY kneeling, but I think have both fully settled now. I worried that my right plantar fascia might be niggling (1/10) but that seems to have been a false alarm. So green alert: no known or unknown injuries on the radar,

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