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2016 RACES

Distance: Sprint (400/20/5)

19/06/2016 - THE CHESHIRE CAT
Distance: 126km

Distance: 100km

2015 RACES

Distance: 103km
Completed Smile

2014 RACES

17/08/2014 - SALFORD TRIATHLON (1500m/40k/10k)
Result: DNF puncture (lap 4 of 6)
Swim: 34.54
T1: 3.49
Bike: 50.38 (26.41km)

06.09.2014 NWCCA Series - Round 1 Cyclocross
Hoghton Tower, Preston
Finished - 3 laps down
3 crashes, 0 mechanicals
88/100 the crashes cost me in the end

2013 RACES

Bolton Bash 100km Sportive

Finish Time: 4:32:56
Moving Time: 4:27:21
Result: 101/264 Very Happy
98km - 1589m (5400ft)

Manchester-Blackpool 83km Night Ride

No Timing Chips
Garmin Time: 02:48:54 Very Happy
Ave Speed: 29.3 km/h

NWCCA Series - Round 7 Cyclocross

Finished - 2 laps down Smile
3 crashes, 2 mechanicals
104/108 learning experience Smile

Cumbrian Cracker Sportive 100km

Moving Time: 4:15.00
92km - (5600ft) Smile

NWCCA Series - Round 9 Cyclocross

Finished - 2 laps down Smile
0 crashes, 0 mechanicals
82/95 the learning continues Smile

The Orrell OMG Festival of Running

Half Marathon completed
Time: 02:15:15 Smile
paced as full distance

2012 RACES

23/03/2012 - Gin Pit Off Road Marathon
DNF - injured at mile 18 Sad

24/06/2012 - Cotswold113 (half ironman)
DNF - half way into bike course - chest infection Sad

22/07/2012 - IRONMAN UK
Finished: 16hrs 20mins (completed as support with TTS) Smile

16/09/2012 - CHALLENGE HENLEY (112 mile bike only)
Finished: 6hrs 55mins (completed as support with TTS) Smile

Manchester XC League - Race 1
(Heaton Park)
-- Time: 52.51 (315/351) Rolling Eyes Smile


01/10/2011 - Rivington Trail Half Marathon
completed - 2hrs 08mins (196/356) Smile

31/07 - IRONMAN UK
Swim (3.8km): 01.19.24
T1: 00.09.22
Bike (180km): 08.13.18 (ridden with TTS handbike)
T2: 00.09.28
Run (42.2km): 05.27.54
Total Time: 15.19.24
Race Report:

112km very very hilly sportif
ridden as support rider for the event

Run1 - 5 km: 22.28
T1: 1.11
Bike - 27 km: 01.01.06
T2: 1.13
Run2 - 5 km: 24.56
Total Time: 01.50.54 (55/108)
Race Report:


10km Very Hilly Off Road Pennine Fell Race
Total Time: 01:09:14 Pos:239/281
Race Report:

1900m Swim: 00.43.24
T1: 00:03:06
85km Bike: 02.40:50
T2: 00:02:17
21.00km Run: 02:17:53
Total Time: 05.47.32 (592nd) (AG: 130th)
Race Report:

1400m Swim + Long Run to T1: 00.29.15
T1: 00:02:33
42km Hilly Bike: 01.41:16
T2: 00:01:07
9.2km off Road Run: 00:56:09
Total Time: 03.10.21 (58/65) (AG: 12/15)
Race Report:

750m Swim + Run to T1: 00.18.12 (203/306)
36km Bike + Run to T2: 01.17.26 (121/306)
DNF - achilles and compressed sciatic nerve prevented run
Total Time: DNF Mad Crying or Very sad

800m Swim + T1: 00.17.33
40km Bike + T2: 01.22.06
11km Run: 01.13.52
Total Time: 02.53.32 (105/200)
Race Report:

Run1 - 5 km: 22.05
T1: 53.20
Bike - 27 km: 01.06.27
T2: 50.15
Run2 - 5 km: 24.30
Total Time: 01.54.46 (96/122) Crying or Very sad


16/05 - Keswick Mountain Triathlon
Swim: 16.15 (144/300)
Bike: 01.20.20 (121/300)
Run: 01.08.32 (199/300)
Total Time: 02.45.07 (162/300)
Keswick Mountain Triathlon Race Report

07/06 - Rossendale Triathlon
Swim: 7.29 (58/188)
Bike: 47.09 (35/188)
Run: 24.26 (55/188)
Total Time: 01.19.04 (39/188)
Rossendale Sprint Triathlon Race Report

28/06 - A Day in the Lakes - Half Ironman
Swim: 37.42
Bike: 03.25.12
Run: 02.56.21
Total Time: 07.03.14 (252/330)
A Day in the Lakes - Half Ironman Race Report

02/08 - IRONMAN UK - Bolton
Swim: 01.31
Bike: 07.30
Run: 05.42
Total Time: 15.06.22
(finishing it was excellent - but the time was rubbish)
IRONMAN UK Race Report

27/09 - Fleetwood Sprint
Swim and T1: 9.05
Bike: 33.29
Run: 22.51
Total Time: 01.06.10 (30/242)
Fleetwood Sprint Race Report

04/10 - Oulton Park Duathlon
Run 1: 8.57km : 40mins 18secs
T1: 1min 16secs
Bike: 38.61 km : 1hr 09mins 05secs
T2: 1min 15secs
Run 2: 4.15 km : 21mins 19secs
Total Time: 2hrs 13mins 16secs (92/232)
Oulton Park Duathlon NR Series Race Report


2008 Great North West Half Marathon Race Report
Time: 1hr 35mins - 263//1138

NW Duathlon Championships Race Report
Time: 1hr 41mins - 28/86

Horwich Triathlon Race Report
Time: 2hr 40mins 45/106

Lytham St Annes Sprint Race Report
Time: 1hr 05mins - 17/160

Tatton Olympic Race Report
Time: 2hr 37mins

Chester Olympic Race Report
Time: 2hr 27mins

Trentham Half Ironman Race Report
Time: 5hrs 37mins

Ironman UK Race Report
Time: DNF (illness forced retirement at 65km on bike)

MCH Half Marathon Race Report
Time: 1hr 46mins

Great North Run
Time: completed with Mrs Wiganer

Oulton Park Duathlon
Time: 1hr 25mins

The Ballbuster Duathlon
Time: 3hrs 55mins


IMUK 2007 Wiganers Race Report
Time: 13hrs 01min

The Vitruvian Race Report
Time: 5hrs 50mins

Aegon St Annes Sprint Race Report
Time: 1hr 05mins

Chirk Sprint Race Report
Time: 1hr 12mins

Chester Olympic Race Report
Time: 2hrs 32mins

Great North West Half Marathon Race Report
Time: 1hr 41mins Smile
Personal Bests

SWIM - Pool
400m - 7mins 02secs
1500m - 28mins 30secs
1900m - 37mins 55sec (Cotswold113 2012)
3800m - 1hr 15mins (IMUK 2007)


BIKE - Races
10TT - 24.34 (2009)
Half Ironman: 2.40.50 (Vitruvian 2010)
Ironman: 06.44.45 (IMUK 2007 Sherborne)


5km - 21mins 05 secs
10km - 45mins 27 secs
Half Marathon - 1hr 35mins 42secs
IMUK Marathon - 4hr 44mins


Sprint: 1hr 05mins (St Annes)
Olympic: 2hrs 27mins (Chester)
Half Ironman: 5hrs 37mins (Trentham)
Ironman: 13hrs 01min (IMUK)
10TT: 24.34 (D10/1)


Heart Rates
Resting HR - 42
Bike MHR - 170
Run MHR - 175

It's BikmoTRI time !!!
Sun Nov 15, 2015 10:30 am wiganer
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It's been quite an exciting month for me really .... lots of cycling getting done and lots of other work related stuff to tell you about.

First off the cycling, well its been a mix of stuff really, the sort of stuff you expect at this time of the year ... lots of off road trail riding on the 29er in pouring rain through ankle deep mud, you know the score Very Happy

And mixed in between, those glorious dry autumn days when the sun pokes its head through and offers you the chance to get out on the road bike ... I love days like that, although they are often hard going, with the wind likely to pick up at any time.

I have also managed to get some commuting in, not always easy as I need to travel locally to fit in meetings, but if I can do that first thing, then I can call home and ride back into the office ... plus I get the joy of riding home in the dark, avoiding the traffic routes and taking the back streets ... all good fun and all good km's in the legs.

For the last 4-6 years, I have been working on an insurance product that will combine my daily business routine with my passion for cycling and triathlon, and this week we launched it:

I think it really is the very best product out there for any triathlete wanting to make sure they are covered properly - my knowledge of the sport has helped me create this and my 25 year insurance experience means I can actually translate that triathlon knowledge into a product that works.

Rather than bleat on here what is great about it, just click the link and see what it is all about and also which triathletes we are supporting and helping during 2016 - this has always been part of the DNA of this project, we want to put back into the sport wherever we can.

You can see it all here -->

There are some more associated brands that we are working on at the moment and it really does promise to be a busy year ahead for us, but I am really enjoying the way all this is developing .... happy days !
Holden Media
BikmoTRI - Easy, Simple, Brilliant

Time to Think ...
Mon Oct 12, 2015 4:38 pm wiganer
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This last month hasn't been great for running .... niggles, strains and general body reactions against any form of running has left me thinking only one thing. Stuff It.

I’m pretty much coming to the conclusion that my running dream won’t actually come to anything ….. running isn’t good for my joints these days ….. sore knees and sore ankles make it hard to get out there consistently …. but none of these afflictions affect my cycling.

Maybe that is my body telling me that I am a cyclist, always have been a cyclist and I should remain a cyclist …. I love cycling and I don’t have that passion for running … I am never happier than when out riding.

This weekend has really been quite pivotal in terms of what I will do in 2016 …. no junior football due to my lad being full of a cold meant two clear days when I could ride and out I went …

Saturday saw a ride south out to Culcheth in Warrington with a loop back around Leigh, Tyldesley and Atherton and it was my longest ride for quite some time and with the last 10km all uphill it was a tough way to finish …. I rode quite well but the route was interspersed with traffic, so my overall speed was dented.

In previous years after a ride like this I would be really uncomfortable at night, my back injury would send pain all down my legs into my calves and it would be a night of twitching around to get settled …. pleased to say none of that was there this time …. just tired legs really. After a few beers and the rugby league Grand Final I was ready for my bed that’s for sure.

I woke this morning feeling fresh and the legs felt good too … it was dry outside, so it was on with the new kit and out the door again, this time heading north to the lanes around Leyland and its surrounding villages.

I rode well, there was a fair bit of wind knocking round in parts and the open fields exposed that, so some lanes were brilliant with a tail wind and others were just difficult as you battled the headwind.

Two very different and brilliant rides in their own right and over 100km completed for the weekend which is a first for me and it really has made me sit down and think about what I could do in 2016.

I have a time trial bike and two very nice aero wheels sat there looking at me right now and I am thinking that maybe I should devote some training time to that part of cycling – my 10TT best time is 24.32 which was set about 7 years ago when I was Ironman training and I would love to be able to beat that.

I need to do some research into what sort of training I need to do over winter and then see if I can schedule the time to commit to it, but I think that it should be possible.

Other than that, I will look to see what sportives look interesting … I don’t mind a bit of climbing … long gradual climbs are fine with me, rolling terrain is fine with me, but short 25% stuff isn’t for me … no fun at all so those kinds of rides are not really the ones that I look to get involved with.

I also quite like the idea of one of the organised 24hr things … maybe as part of a team, they look like a challenge that I might really enjoy ….

mmmmm lots to ponder.
Holden Media
BikmoTRI - Easy, Simple, Brilliant

Mon Sep 07, 2015 3:25 pm wiganer
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I have to say that I am really pleased that I took the time to rest over the last weekend … the remnants of the cold were still flushing about my system and it would have been easy to be tempted to go out …. I feel so much better today and that has to come down to the rest that I took.

Now that I am feeling more like myself, I can start the next phase of the conditioning work … I have spent a month just getting back to running, building up the distances and frequencies to a state that I am happy with.

My real running training starts on the 1st December with my marathon plan although at this stage, I am starting to wonder if I should just make it little easier on myself and enter a road marathon instead, but then again, I will always have the Gin Pit on my back …. maybe I could do both ?

That will be something to look at and contemplate I think for now …. but onwards to the next phase which will be a month of trying to do at least 20-30 mins every day wherever possible. This next phase will also see a return to the gym now that all my bike crash injuries have sorted themselves out.

So that means 20-30 mins running every day with a longer effort at the weekend … I realise that I won’t achieve this every day, there will be days when work and life get in the way but having that to focus on will help with the weight loss that is happening now … I will also factor in the opportunity to replace a run with a bike ride every week if I am feeling it …. it will also help to keep the variety there.

Tonight will see a very gentle return to my running and that will kick off this next phase very nicely.
Holden Media
BikmoTRI - Easy, Simple, Brilliant

The Sugar Rush ...
Sun Aug 30, 2015 3:39 pm wiganer
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This week was a pretty big week in our house, it was the 20th anniversary of my wife and I’s first meeting and also our 17th wedding anniversary, so with something to celebrate we went away for a few days alone in the sunshine and it was a great little break to really kick back and relax. No training was done but we ate well and had a great time just thinking of nothing and letting the world go by.

BUT, one of the big things to come out of the week and quite accidentally too, was that I seemed to have kicked the sugar habit ….. hopefully for good, but I went the full week without any sugar in my coffee’s which for me is something big …. I had managed to cut down during the course of this year to the point where I was only putting in about half a teaspoon but now I think I can manage easily without any at all.

Again, its only a small change, but its a significant one … all the small changes to your diet do make a difference and I am really pleased to have done this now. I will keep it up and make sure I don’t slip back into sugar mode, but I am really pleased they had no sugar for that first cup of coffee I had on holiday … that was the starting point.

Next weekend sees the Wigan 10km race and my first running race for about 4 years, so I go into it with no real expectations other than a nice hour run around closed streets in my home town, so not much that doesn’t work there is there? I will be aiming to get around in under an hour which I should be able to do … a week without running needs some attention and I will probably go for a little easy paced run later today or tomorrow once I have caught up on enough sleep …
Holden Media
BikmoTRI - Easy, Simple, Brilliant

Tackling the Demons ...
Mon Aug 24, 2015 7:22 am wiganer
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On my last post I mentioned the mental training that needs to be looked at when you are doing the physical work and this for me is sometimes a bigger challenge than the actual running – if you are not mentally ready, then you are pretty much doomed to failure. So, as part of my training I will be looking to tackle those mental demons head on and take control back.

My biggest demon is running in the sunshine, I can’t even say heat because it isn’t that hot, but sunshine and warm weather absolutely destroy me … so how do you go about getting round that – well for me the first thing to do was to get out there and get on the start line:

But rather than just plough on aimlessly, I needed a plan. Today was a warm and humid day with the sun poking its head out to say hello – it’s the perfect morning to sit on the decking with a nice cup of coffee and watch the world go by, it’s not a morning to be out running. I suppose most runners would think its the perfect day to be out running, but I have always been a rain, wind and cold weather man … always love to go out in those conditions, that is where I feel my strongest. But that has to change and today was the first small step to making those changes.

The plan was – to knock back the pace and not really worry about it, and to run a route of 12km with a good chunk off road and uphill … keep the HR under total control and get the distance in my legs and to start to “feel” how to run in the warm weather.

I pretty much nailed the session, but it still felt uncomfortable, but this time not in an energy sapping way … just hot and sweaty and I was happy to get it over – it never is enjoyable for me to run in the sun, but its a demon that needs to be taken down and I feel much better about it now, I feel more capable of going that bit further in the warm now … I feel like I might able to control my body a little bit more now.

Overall the pace was around 6.24/km which is still more than acceptable for me at this point in time over that distance and with 151m of climbing too it was a good session.
Holden Media
BikmoTRI - Easy, Simple, Brilliant

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