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winter training
Thu Jan 15, 2015 6:16 pm magpie
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first month 4 turbos per week 1 endurance 1 sprint 2 heart rate going ok total of 4.5 hrs per week with 2 welght training sessions weight at 164 aiming for 160 coast to coast 30/5/15 great motivation,
thanks for replies KP keep the faith lol
next year is going to be our year this year is a learning experiance(ye won nowt again)

age does not matter experiance is everything
a young guy is learning to be a lion tamer,the experianced guy says when in the cage if they roar and charge at you chuck #@?# at them,what if there is no #@?# there will be says the voice of experiance
brief history
59 years old married 37 two lads 32 and 30,got into this after several years of fun running and body building,bought a bianci bike off a mate who wanted a new one ,so thought lets give it a go at 45 ,so far so good
had to pack in 54/57 but back growing old disgracefully
aims for 2012/13
to get back on bike and enjoy it
to get back to running and enjoy it
to get back to swimming break 10 mins for 400m

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