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All about Lizzie

Joined: 10 Jul 2006
Location: Reading
Occupation: HR Manager
Interests: Triathlon, nice wine (ok, any wine), Southampton FC (accident of birth)

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Need to stop procrastinating
Mon Aug 06, 2007 1:02 pm Lizzie
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Got up at 5.30am this morning and went out for a ride with a group who go out every morning. I went out with them a few weeks ago and lo and behold, I ended up cycling next to patronising Aussie bloke again. I'm thinking either he just rides with the new people to give them advice or no one else actually wants to ride next to him so the unexpecting newbie gets the pleasure.

3 miles in he says to me "See you got some bike shoes" (he was the one who "strenuously encouraged" me to use the toe clips, resulting in me falling off). Then he says "Yeah, if you just got a bottle cage, you'd be dangeroous" Mad Cheers mate.

Anyway, despite that I enjoyed the ride. Ended up doing just under 20 miles, and kept up a reasonable pace which was good.

Swam after work tonight, different coach so I enjoyed the session a lot more. Smile Did some sculling drills and then a longer endurance set. Clocked up 2200m so a reasonable session.

What I do need to sort out is how I'm getting my bike to Vietnam, I can't decide on whether to get a bike bag or just get it packed in a box. Having sought the ever helpful advice on here, I'm thinking about just getting it packed in a box. Flying on Thurs though, so really need to get it sorted tomorrow Rolling Eyes

Busy day
Sat Aug 04, 2007 12:42 pm Lizzie
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Didn't do too much on Thursday or Friday. Had a PT session on Friday and did quite a lot of squats, my glutes were definitely feeling the effects yesterday Shocked

Went out for a group ride this morning. We cycle about 15 miles to a quiet end of the island, were we do a number of hill rep loops. Did 4 loops this morning which was ok. The hill coming up is quite long, but I don't feel out of breath - the limiting factor seemed to be my legs which felt quite heavy today. There weren't many of us this morning and I was definitely struggling to keep up on the home leg! Clocked up about 30 miles in all.

This lunchtime I went to a bike workshop run by the club. I found in really useful, we went through how to clean and do basic maintenance on the bike, followed by how to change a tyre. I've read the books, but actually doing it whilst someone is watching was really helpful, it made me feel much more confident - and my bike is spanking clean after last weekends' mudfest Very Happy Very Happy

Over to the beach this afternoon for an open water swim and a run. The water was quite choppy today so it was reasonably hard work, but it was unusually clean which made a nice change. 5k run afterwards, which I took quite easy today as my glutes and hamstrings were still feeling a bit tight. Might think about doing a longer run tomorrow....

Found out this evening that one of the guys from the club had a bad accident whilst on a ride this morning. Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad They passed a construction site and there was a hose lying across the road he didn't see. He came off the bike and skidded down the wet road before hitting a (fortunately stationary) truck. He's now in hospital with a broken shoulder and punctured lung. It's one of those things that reminds you how easily accidents can happen. Hopefully his recovery will be a quick one.

Right, it's been a hard day's training - where did I put that Ben and Jerry's? Wink

Prevoius replies:

Slacko - Thanks, haven't discovered them yet, but am back home in 2 weeks so have probably left it a bit late...
Harry - Nice to meet the other Saints fan!
Tabtri - Thanks!

Good day, bad day
Wed Aug 01, 2007 12:58 pm Lizzie
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Run at lunchtime today. After a warm up, we did 6 x 1ks with 35 secs rest. Managed to keep an almost exact even pace of 5.02 (with the 5th one at 4.53 Very Happy ) so pleased with my pacing.

Pool session tonight on the other hand was not good. Our normal coach is away, and I don't enjoy the sessions with the stand in as much. Normally at the drills session we do 25m drill then swim the rest of the length and get some feedback. This guy makes us do the full 50 in the drill without much feedback. We were doing these side kicking things and not only did I get loads of water up my nose but it was quite hard to breathe so I got really out of breath. This wouldn't have been too bad if we didn't follow that up with a 600m hypoxic set Embarassed After 300m I felt really lightheaded and shaky and had to stop for a bit.

Did 2000m during the session and really didn't enjoy any of it. Still, I guess you get that sometimes. Might grab a snack and and early night!

Some rest for the wicked....
Tue Jul 31, 2007 1:58 pm Lizzie
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Ok, I admit it, I didn't go swimming in the end last night Rolling Eyes , felt too tired and decided to have an early night instead.

But, I was up bright and early this morning for a personal training session which was good.

Back to track this evening and back into the middle group this week. The set tonight was:

1200m (5.27) - 7m 30s turnaround
1200m (5.26) - 7m 30s turnaround
2 x 400m - 1m 50 sec turnaround
2 mins rest
2 x 400m - 1m 50 sec turnaround
1200m (5.3Cool

The 400s ended up being more like broken 800s, but I was quite pleased with the 1200s given I'm still a bit tired from Sunday.

Went for prata afterwards (a kind of pancakey thing you dip in curry sauce), probably not the healthiest thing ever but very tasty!

I got a place!!!!
Mon Jul 30, 2007 10:03 am Lizzie
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The Singapore tri turned out to be quite an interesting race yesterday. The weather seemed nice first thing (we were actually bemoaning the fact the sun was out for the first time in days Rolling Eyes ). For some mad reason, transition was in a field rather than a car park and it was unbelievably muddy. Imagine a wet weekend in Glastonbury and it wasn't far off. Luckily I had a couple of carriers with me so I was able to lay my stuff on them and hang my bag off the end of the rack.

The sea looked quite calm, although there as a bit of a current. There were 3 different age groups in my wave (between 19 - 34 years). Swim went very well. It was two laps of a 750m course. Went pretty well, I managed to draft for most of the 2nd lap and I was second out of the water so pretty pleased with that. Time was 31.37 - not super quick but given the back leg was against the current I was pretty pleased with that Very Happy

T1 was ok, although I had to carry my bike through the mud and I could barely see my feet by the time I got to the mount line they were so dirty! The bike was 4 laps of a 10k route. Started off pretty strong and felt good. On the 2nd half of my first lap though, the wind started to pick up and the sky looked pretty ominous. It was hard going into wind. By lap two, the heavens had opened and it was lashing with rain. I don't mind that too much, but the sea looked pretty rough by that stage. As I passed transition after lap two, I got pulled in - they had decided to stop the race Embarassed . The sea was so rough by that point apparently some of the safety canoes had capsized.

We were told that they would make a decision about the race in 25 mins, so we all stood around shivering (first time I've been cold in Singapore!). My bag was pretty wet and there was no shelter to speak of Sad

Eventually they announced that they were going to start all over again but changed the race to a duathlon - a 400m run along the beach, a 20k bike and a 5k run. I was a bit bummed out as cycling is my weakest thing and I'd lost the swim advantage I got at the start. Also, my stopwatch had working too, so I had no idea of what time I was going to do Mad

Anyway, the first 400m was not great as we were sprinting along a narrow stretch of beach, but the bike went ok. Run felt good too. The only downside on the run was that it went through a public park and although it was coned off, there were people all over the track. Nearly got hit by a child on a bike who I'm slightly ashamed to admit I swore at very loudly Shocked

Made a sprint for the finish and overtook a couple of people in the last few yards. Met Chris W at the finish line - strange how he's the first TT'er I've met in person - 6500 miles from home!

Had a quick massage afterwards but ended up having to cycle home as no taxi in their right mind would have picked me up in state I was in (covered in mud). Had a shower and managed to get the worst of it off, in a serviced apartment it's quite hard to clean the bike, but I did my best.

Went out for a drink with some of the others in the evening and found out that I'd actually come third in my age group! Very chuffed (although I still have no idea of my time or how many were in my AG - could have just been 3 Smile ). Got an invite to the awards dinner so a free meal (and some heinous entertainment) and to collect my prize (mixed goody bag and a little trophy!). Very chuffed, has really given me a boost before my race in 2 weeks.

Never won anything in my life, so pleased all the training has paid off, especially as I was ill midweek (or maybe it was the cake I ate on Sat in the interests of "carbo loading"). Got a bit of a hangover today though...

Still, no rest for the wicked so off to the pool for a gentle swim.

Rested up
Fri Jul 27, 2007 1:29 pm Lizzie
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Did a run on Weds lunchtime and a swim session in the evening. Run was ok. We did 6 x 1k. Got a stitch on the last one, but was averaging about 5 mins per k, pretty pleased with that. The swim session was hard given we were meant to be tapering a bit this week, but I'm glad I went. It's been raining all week here (a bit like home then!), but when there's been no sun, the pool gets really cold

Wasn't feel too good at all yesterday Runny Nose , so did nothing at all and kept it quite easy today. Got a couple of friends doing the sprint tomorrow, so I might cycle down to watch in the morning but will leave it that at ready for Sunday.

John & Tabtri - thanks for the messages!

Not feeling confident
Tue Jul 24, 2007 1:42 pm Lizzie
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Only 5 days to go until the Singapore tri and I'm not feeling confident at all. It's only my second Oly and I've not been training as consistently over the last few weeks as I did before London last year Rolling Eyes

I contacted the organisers this week to see if I could swap to the sprint distance, but no cigar, apparently it's full. I'm thinking that I'm going to take it pretty easy and just treat it as a warm up for Vietnam which is 2 weeks later and is this season A race.

I didn't manage to get much training over the weekend as I was in Bali (yeah, I know, hard to feel sorry for me Smile ). Actually, I wasn't that keen to go by the time it came round, not only do I not much like flying but a weekend of my own company was not that appealing. Also, there's no internet access, which meant I couldn't talk to my husband all weekend Sad Added to that, the tri club were doing a TT on Sat which I would have liked to have done, plus a mini tri on Sunday followed by a social which I missed too. Anyway, I did manage to borrow a MTB from the hill and went for a bit of a ride through the paddy fields which was good.

Back to it yesterday, did a sprint session at the pool last night. PT session this morning and my weight and body fat % has gone up Mad , I knew I'd been eating badly over the last couple of weeks, but it's still a bit disheartening. Good run at the track tonight though, 5x300m, 1 x 800m and another 5x300m. Kept a pretty even pace over the 300s which was good.

Wet wet wet
Wed Jul 18, 2007 1:47 pm Lizzie
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Club run at lunchtime today. The group meets next to my office handily, so I popped over to the gym to get changed. It was spitting a bit, by the time we set off the rain was torrential. We run just over a mile to the riverside as a warm up, but the time we arrived we were completely soaked through and it had started thundering OMG .

We did 2 x 2k with a 90 sec rest, then 2 x 800m on 30 secs. I could barely see as we started off and the path was totally underwater, I felt like I was doing a steeplechase! Actually though, it was the first time I've run over here and not felt too hot, I don't mind the rain and it actually felt easier than usual. Did 10.28 and 10.21 for the 2ks and just under 4 mins for the 800s which wasn't too bad.

Looked a bit of a state when I got back to the office though, my colleagues all think I'm mad anyway so it was just further proof as far as they are concerned. Apparently they are also quite superstitious about rain water here, and the fact that I got my head wet apparently means (unspecified) BAD THINGS are going to happen to me Rolling Eyes

Luckily, the BAD THINGS had not kicked in by this evening Cool, so I decided to risk going to the pool for the Wednesday night swim. After a warm up, we did some drills aimed at keeping the elbows up and a clean hand entry into the water. It was good for me as I have a tendency to drop my right elbow too early.

That was followed with a 1000m set, 4 x 25m sprint, 175m RP and 50m easy. Felt ok and led out in the lane, came in at just under the 20 mins.

Track session
Tue Jul 17, 2007 1:25 pm Lizzie
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My arms felt a bit stiff this morning, but luckily today it was all about the legs - track session this evening. The cycle to the track is not pleasant through the rush hour traffic - the roads here are all 4-5 lanes wide, with taxis and buses swerving between lanes all the time which is pretty scary. I decided to take a different route this evening which was a little longer but mainly on the same road and fewer right turns Smile . Seemed like it backfired on me a bit though, the traffic was awful. A car infront of me slammed on it's brakes while I was checking over my shoulder to move into the next lane. Slammed on the brakes and missed it by inches - luckily there was nothing come up in the other lane or it could have been worse Embarassed Embarassed

Track was tough aswell after a two week layoff. One good session has had me promoted to the middle group of runners and I'm struggling to keep up. This evening we did two 2.4kms on a 14 min turnaround, alternating easy and hard laps. The first set was not too bad, 12.08, but the second was really hard and I only managed 13.18 Sad . A couple of mins rest and then 6 x 200m. I averaged about 51 secs, about 3 secs slower than usual.

Made note to self not to have such a long break again!

Hauling myself back on the wagon
Mon Jul 16, 2007 12:54 pm Lizzie
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Alarm went off early this morning, and I hauled my sorry ass to the gym before work. I didn't feel in the mood at all, Mondayish and bit miserable. I was also pretty tired, but got through it and felt better afterwards. Smile

Had Vietnamese for lunch today, I went for the Pho Bo which is a beef noodle soup. It left me with a raging thirst this afternoon, so I've been drinking gallons of water.

Cycled to the pool after work for a swim with the tri club. After a 400m warm up, we did 40x50m on a 60 sec turnaround. I went off a bit quick, but settled in to about 55 secs a length (it's a 50m pool btw Wink ). Kept the pace pretty steady - it's not going to set the world alight but given in the only Oly I did last year my swim time was 32 mins, I'm pretty confident of a small improvement in two weeks time.

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