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Calendar 03 - 2019
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All about Lizzie

Joined: 10 Jul 2006
Location: Reading
Occupation: HR Manager
Interests: Triathlon, nice wine (ok, any wine), Southampton FC (accident of birth)

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Just checking in!
Fri Nov 13, 2015 4:37 pm Lizzie
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It's been over a year since I last blogged here, and a lot has happened since then!

Work continued to be a nightmare over the end of last year and start of this. It was extremely stressful and I was treated very badly by a company that I'd been at for 10 years. In April I finally decided to cut my losses and agreed an exit with them, which was a very good decision. I stayed on until mid-June, then took 2 months off. Fortunately I was offered a new role on the day I left my old job, so I was able to relax and enjoy myself for a few weeks! I did lots of exercise, caught up with friends and even went to a spa for a few days, which was bliss Very Happy After Daisy broke up from school we went on a few day trips and then had a family holiday in France (including Disneyland Paris!) before I started my new job in mid-August.

So far the job is going well, the pace is a lot less frantic than the last place which is great and the company is a lot less mature, so there is lot of opportunity to get things done which I'm really enjoying. I also spent a bit of time re-evaluating things and finally got off my @rse and enrolled on a 3 year course to become a nutritional therapist. It's something I've been thinking about for a while, but it was never a good time, so I decided that I just need to go for it - I don't want to look back in 3 years and wish I'd started sooner! It's quite full on - 10 weekends of lectures a year, plus quite a lot of home study and assignments, but it's fascinating and I'm really glad I've taken the plunge.

So I'm pretty busy currently! Daisy has settled well into school and I've just applied for Poppy for next year, which is nuts. They won't know what's hit them!

I managed one tri this year (Blenheim) - didn't really train so didn't have a very good race. In the spring I should be able to start cycling to work again as I don't have to take the girls with me any more, and I'm fitting in a couple of runs a weeks, so I might do one or two tris next year - a couple of (relatively) inexpensive local sprints. I don't want to put more pressure on myself though!

I've also started blogging on my own site, which is (I've got a facebook page of the same name) - as the name suggests I'm rambling on various topics about nutrition, exercise and parenting. Would love any feedback as I only went live last week Smile

Hope everyone in blogland is doing well, I do drop in from time to time to see what everyone is up to, but it seems quiet in here these days...

2010 Plans..................................................
April - Give birth
After that - let's see!
2009 Plans.................................................
29th March - Reading HM 2:00:52
4th May - Hart Sprint Triathlon (entered)
31st May - Ineos Swashbuckler Middle Distance (entered)
21st June - Henley Sprint Triathlon
19th July - Jordans Bedford Classic Oly (entered)
22nd August - National Sprint Relays
2008 Plans.................................................
2nd March - Reading HM 1.50.53
20th April - Winchester Fast Twitch 2.14.06
1st June - IMCH 70.3 (entered) 6.43.03
13th July - Henley Tri (entered) 1.33.39
2nd Aug - National Sprint Relays (entered)
10th Aug - London Tri (Oly - entered) 2.52.04
Olympic Distance (1500m/40k/10k) - 2.42.31 (Vietnam Triathlon 2007)
Sprint Distance (750m/20k/5k) - 1.29.30 (F3 Sprint Triathlon 2007)
Half Marathon - 1.50.53 (Reading 2008)
10k - 49.30 (O2O 10k 2007)
My 2007 Races & Results.................................
01.04.07 - Hungerford Fast Twitch (400m/16m/4m) - 2.02.39
29.04.07 - Lymington Triathlon (400m/27k/7k) - 1.46.15
29.07.07 - Singapore Triathlon (1500m/40k/10k), hmm, Singapore Duathlon? 400m run/20k bike/5k run - 1.08.35 3rd in AG
11.08.07 - Vietnam Triathlon (1500m/40k/10k) - 2.42.31 - PB & 2nd in AG Winner
02.09.07 - O2O 10k (er, 10k) - 49.30
23.09.07 - F3 Sprint (750m/20k/5k) 1.29.30 PB
25.11.07 - Seattle Half Marathon (13.1 miles) 1.51.19 - PB

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