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16th Lakeland Trails Cartmel trail challenge
17th Oulton Park Duathlon
24th UltraTrail26 - Rivington

27th Lakeland Trails Hawkshead trail challenge

5th Horwich Triathlon
19th Slateman
26th IM Austria 70.3

1st Lakeland Trails Staveley trail challenge
16th Southport Triathlon

7th The Outlaw

24th The Little Woody

7th Lakeland Trails Keswick trail challenge
8th North West Triathon, Nantwich
14th The Great North Run
28th Warwickshire Triathlon, Stratford upon Avon



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2012 - Cheshire Sprint
2012 - Lakeland Trails Hawkshead 10km
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2011 - The Vitruvian
2011 - Stockton Standard
2011 - Trentham "Big One"
2011 - IMUK 70.3
2011 - Cheshire Sprint
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Trentham 2007
All about bfd

Joined: 25 Jul 2007
Location: Southport, Merseyside
Website: Visit poster's website
Occupation: IT Contractor (ALM)
Interests: Triathlon, Basketball, Rugby, Motorcycles, Cars

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 Couch potato and beyond 
Wed Nov 14, 2012 7:07 pm bfd
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I appear to have the self build bug!

I got a little carried away today, and bought a new chinese carbon frame from, an FM098 in yellow, for next years road bike build. AHhhh Mrs BFD is going to kill me.......Hopefully I can get it into the garage without her noticing!

kpnut - got Austria 70.3 in the run up to the outlaw next year, looking forward to both, I DNS autstria in 2008 when the job went a bit pearshaped

Carlito/Wheezy/Pip - the trek is looking a little knackered, so I thought I'd try my hand at a home build. Had it on the road for the first time today; black might not be top of my colour list, but it goes like the clappers even with me on it....

magpie - I hear what you're saying; for the half marathon the pace was sport on, unfortunately there was another 13.1 miles to go. Those last few miles are a killer, still I've made the mistake once, it wont happen again Shocked
My Training - 2014 - Yet to come....

the end of the year
Fri Nov 09, 2012 10:05 am bfd
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Forgive me father for I have sinned, its been too long since my last blog....

So, after an eventless summer, having missed Challenge Copenhagen due to family issues, the late summer and autumn has seen me out and about. Training has been going reasonalbly well, in terms of volume if not quality Smile

And to top it all I've completed a bunch of events, including my first ever stand alone marathon, the Preston Guild, a once in every 20 year opportunity. I did manage to complete it, in 3:53, but it was touch an go as I'd obvioulsy done the first 13 miles at a lot quicker pace than I should have, and gradually ground to a halt on the back 13 miles. The rain, wind and cold didnt help, and by the time I'd finished and driven home I was suffering a mild dose of hyperthermia, with blue lips, and the shakes. After wrapping up in bed =, and a hot bath I was feeling a lot better.

AS well as the marathons, I've completed three 15km trail runs in the lakes, with Lakeland trails, Derwent, Coniston and Hellvelyn. All similar times around the 01:20 mark, and all finishing in a similar position 55-56. So fairly consistent there; fantastic scenery, but some scary broken trails to run down, and a couple of slips and slides took the wind out of my sails at both Coniston and Hellvelyn, but recovered to finish strong particularly at Hellvelyn, closing the final 2.5km, with 4:30km splits which is really quick for me at the end of any race.

I also have a new TT bike to play with; my first effort at a self build, and I really enjoyed putting it all together, just like a big meccano set. I was trying to get the best components I could out of the sale prices, apart from the rotor cranks and Q-rings, everything else was at a discount, including the 2013 ARgon 18 E116 frame (the 2012 I paid for was out of stock, so got a discount on the new one).... So, this is the new build
Argon18 E116 2013 frame (small) including TRP TTV brakes, TRP brake levers
3T ARX Team Stem (90mm)
profile design CX3 bars
fizik microtex bar tape
Dura-Ace 7900 bar end shifters
Dura-ace 7900 front and rear mech
Gore Ride-on Sealed low friction brake/gear cables
Rotor Ceramic BB
Rotor 3D TT/Triathlon Crank 53/39 Aero TT Rings
KMC X10-SL Gold 10 Speed Chain
Prolgo Nago EVO Tri 40 saddle
bontrager raceXlite carbon cage holder/cages (lezyne small seat pack)
HED jet 60/90 FR continental GP Attack/Force clinchers
DuraAce 25/11 cassette

I've actually changed the decals on the wheels now to graphite, and next time I get them on the bike (currently playing on the turbo), I'll post a new piccie.....

I'm also now winding down at work having resigned Monday, ready to start a new job 3rd Dcember. Whilst I wasnt really looking for a new post, I got a call a couple of months ago, and interviewed, and was offered a pretty decent package. I've found being stuck at home permanently with very little contact with anyone during the days is starting to drive me nuts, so I'm going back to being office based with the abilty to do a couple of days a week at home, but a new challenge, with a remit to implement new process/tools/best practices (mmmm, that old chestnut). Which is how my currently job was sold to me, but turned out to be another sysadmin/support role. Anyhow, looking forward to that, not sure the impact on training, but it will certainly give me the chance to mix it up a little.

So, all in all its been an interestin year, ups and downs on the way, but hopefully we're coming down the closing straight, and ending on a high....
My Training - 2014 - Yet to come....

Its a funny old life......
Tue Aug 21, 2012 11:29 am bfd
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you think you've got it all sorted, then something out of the blue comes along and all hell breaks looose......

So, mid-July, with Challenge COpenhagen a month away, I ended up on a business trip to San Fransisco; now normally that would be a grand thing, whoever, 5 days of powerpoint (for the second time this year) wasn't something to look forward to. Still, I packed my running kit, and made a conscious effort not to over indulge. I managed a bunch of good runs, including a 14 miler, all about my 8:00/8:30 MM pace. Which I thought was pretty good.

Towards the back end of the week, I got a text from home, that my mum had been taken into hospital with a blood clot, and was having surgery to deal with things. She had been driving at the time, and had lost feeling in her right leg, somehow managed to drive into a garden center car park, park the car, before begin taken off in an ambulance. Not bad for 73..... Anyhow, being half way around the planet at the time wasn't too helpful, but I got updates from talking to Mrs BFD, and the surgery appeared to have done the job, she was poorly but stable.

I picked up my return flight to Manchester (via Washington DC) on the Saturday morning, 5 hours, then 3 hours transfer, then 6 hours into Manchester. With the timezone differences I arrived back in Manchester around 10am Sunday morning, to pick up VMs and texts from Mrs BFD.

After getting to the car, I called home to find out that mum had had a major stroke and been transferred to the RVI in Newcastle (she lives in Durham). At this point, a whole lot of things start going through your mind, but pretty much the next move was to drive to Newcastle. I detoured via Southport to pick up Mrs BFD, and we arrived at the RVI mid afternoon Sunday for a meeting with the consultant, and my sister (who was over from Northern Ireland for a week holiday, having arrived on the Satruday morning, just before mum was transferred).

I think that the NHS must train their consultants to be the most pessimistic possible, and the diagnosis was that we were there to see her pass, and arrange for burial before the end of the week. My sister and I stayed as much as possible with mum, and we had a stream of family/friends through visiting her too. In between there were some lucid moments, but the hospital had her on the Liverpool Care Pathway for the dying patient.

In the middle of this (Wednesday) my mother-in-law, collapsed and was taken into hospital. My wife didnt pick the message up until late in the evening, and left for Southport, feeling guilty that she wasnt there for her mum.....

I'm not sure what happened, but the next day. while not up and about as normal, was awake and lucid (although tired very easily), to a degree that the hospital had to start re-administering nutrition, and hydration. After a further week, was transferred to a rehab unit closer to home, and at the beginning of this week was transferred to a care home for a period before returning home home. She's now moving around under her own steam, although not eating as well as we would like, compared to a month ago, we're not getting rid of the old bird yet.....

While my mum was "recovering", my M-I-L was kept in hospital and diagnosed with vascular dementia, to go with her crones disease, as well as severe anemia. While she has been deteriorating over the past months, it would appear that she had tipped over the edge and although she is home now, is in need of a lot more care. Mrs BFD as well as doing her 30 hours a week as practice manager, is dealing with her with 3 or 4 vist's a day, with assistance from a care assistance on the 3 days that she works. But shes' struggling, her mum really needs 24hour care, but some people wont be told. I think its understandable why care assistants can loose the plot somewhat, dealing with one 78 year old with no boundaries, and who wont cooperate is difficult, dealing with a whole home full, must be a nightmare.

Needless to say, we didn't get to Copenhagen, and training has been fairly sporadic over the past month or so. Somewhere in between the tears and the trauma there has been some good news, my mum on the road to recovery, she may not be 100%, but she's been limping around physically for a good while, I'd like to see here limping around for a few more years yet and it looks like I'll get my wish. I'm not so sure about my M-I-L, we'll have to wait and see. Mrs BFD is getting as much support as I can give her, but she's not finding it easy to deal with her mum's illness.

Its a strange thing really, my dad died when I was 19, but I always assumed that my mum would always be there, its a rude awakening when you start to realize that at some point you're on your own.....

But not just yet!
My Training - 2014 - Yet to come....

July already
Tue Jul 03, 2012 8:31 am bfd
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Not sure where the time is going, the year seems to be slipping by, and soon we'll be lining up in Copenhagen for my A race. Not sure I'm really that prepared for it, and work has just slipped in a business trip to San Fransisco next week, for 5 days of death by power point, so that kills probably 8 days of training with the flight time. Will have to try and sneak in some runs during the week, and a long bike on Saturday to compensate, but that pretty much leaves 3 weeks until the race, so not much time for anymore prep, will try for one long long run before, and just intermediate/speed work/swimming in the final couple of weeks.

So, the last blog update was pre-wimbleball, I had felt pretty good in training, but the day proved to be a bit of a mare, although I managed a decent swim under 34 minutes, and I appear to had it clocked at 1.81km, which is a little short, but give or take gps accuracy is probably as good as it got. Still I'm happy with my 1:47/100m matter what the overall distance. I took 3 minutes off last years pedestrian T1 to under 7 minutes, and similarly T2 was a little over 3 minutes including racking your own bike. In between, the bike was a shocking 3:56, everything felt ilke treacle, there was nothing there.....And to top it all, the wheels quite literally came off on the 2nd lap, half way up one of the small inclines on the approach to the 1st water station. I shifted down and the chain jammed between the mech and the cassette, the rear wheel "popped", everything stopped moving forward, in favour of left and down, it must have looked quite spectacular from behind, if a little painful/embarrassing at the time, having just sailed past half a dozen bikes on the downhill.... after some minor bike abuse and swearing, dumping of aero bottle contents on the road, I managed to free up the bits, nothing appeared to have been damaged (on the bike). I waddled up the hill climbed aboard, and found the front wheel was as pi$$ed as a newt, was binding on the brakes, so after some adjustment I set off again (a little gingerly), the left cleat took ages to clip in, and for a while i thought it was snapped, but it eventually clipped in and I felt a little happier about the return to the lake up the hills (happy is purely subjective at this point), but I have to say my confidence was a little bruised. Still it all held together for the remaining 20 miles(ish), back to T2.

After that the run was just me being stubborn, it took a good mile to get the legs going, by the third lap I felt like i was moving reasonably well, still only managed a 02:11, over 6 minutes slower than last year, although I did pay more attention to nutrition on both the bike and run. Making the effort to take on board some liquid on the run, which I usually dont. At the end I felt like I could probably run further, which is good considering I'm doing Challange Copenhagen in August, overall my race sucked.....STill I finished, if not as well as expected.

In a similar vane to other comments about the event, the organisation was shockingly poor (for a supposed world class organisation), the race brief was slick, but lacked the substance of previous years, detail of the bike course and anticipated dangers given some of the loose chippings and re-surfacing (exbridge) would have been helpful. Parking was a joke, if I Mrs BFD hadnt been with me I'm sure I wouldn't have made the race, I walked from half way up wimbleball hill, over the bridge to transition for the start, and she only jsut made it before we walked down to the lake (1:30 to get in on race morning), as we went down, there were people running from the parking with the white bags to get changed. Farce just doesn't describe it.

After 5 years I'm giving this one a miss until they get their act togther, comeback triuk all is forgiven......

After getting home I managed to get some training in during the week, post race, not feeling too bad, swim was a little slower than usual but was to be expected, bike and runs were average. By the following weekend, I just felt tired again, Saturday was a wash out (literally), so I planned a long ride Sunday morning. Looked nice for the ride, but after 15 mintues I knew my heart wasnt in it, so I backed out, and got home in an hour. Spent the rest of the day relaxing. And didnt feel much like doing anything all week, tried a 10km run on the Tuesday, swam and biked Thursday, and a 5k run Friday before heading out Saturday afternoon for the Deva Standard Distance tri. Was feeling reasonable by now, so made the effort to go. Glad I did.

The epic Deva race report, and the garmin recording are a lot closer on timing now that they've revised the swim/T1 event stats; in short I PB'd (02:28:07) off the back of an amazing 18:51 1500m swim.......Bring on Copenhagen

Lets not tempt fate, I dont think Copenhagen has quiet the same current as the River Dee, so a sub-hour IM swim is unlikely Laughing
My Training - 2014 - Yet to come....

A Week until IMUK 0.3
Sat Jun 09, 2012 3:30 pm bfd
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Trianing has been going pretty well upto today; certainly the past two weeks have seen plenty of miles in the legs. I was hoping for doing a large bike today, but the weather is absolutely CR@P, generally windy, rainy and not very nice.

On top of that the rear wheel on the road bike is in need of repair so its in the shop for truing, which was okay until I realsed that the spare rear in the garage also needs truing, so its sat in the garage ready to go in when I pick up the other one Monday. Which leaves the tri bike and race wheels, so assuming the weather picks up, which its supposed to do, tomorrow will see a big bike...

Decided to take the veg-out route today, have pretty much done nothing, which leads us nicely into next week, and some light(ish) training before the event.

Sunday - Big Big today, what a difference 24hours makes. Very little wind, no rain, 140km in 04:30, not a bad effort with 4360ft of climbing. Legs felt a little knackered, but not too bad after a bath, so might take a light run this afternoon....
My Training - 2014 - Yet to come....

let the racing beging
Sun May 27, 2012 7:00 pm bfd
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So, first tri of the season, and a PB. 01:10:14 offically for the Cheshire Sprint in Nantwich.

Feeling really good, if a little sunburned, after the fact. Despite having dinner with friends last night, a few drinkies and a large portion of slow roasted pork, not the ideal preparation.

So, training appears to be having an effect. Now for IMUK 70.3 in three weeks, I'm hoping that I can achieve another PB. I'm feeling that this might be my last showing at IMUK70.3 for a couple of years. I'd like to try the outlaw next year, and I think they're too close togther for my old legs....

Onwards and upwards.

Now, where's that left over chocolate cake Twisted Evil
My Training - 2014 - Yet to come....

Fri Apr 13, 2012 9:17 am bfd
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Where has athe year gone.....

It seems like I just get started on the training curve and something else comes along to disrupt it. Work, anniversary holiday, well no really excuses now, time to knuckle down and put the effort in. I've 5lbs to drop to get back to where I was last year, so hopefully that will shift in the next few weeks.

I've done a couple of weeks of solid training, mostly cycling, and seem to have retained or regained some speed, with my last 65 miler averaging >19 mph. just 19.1 Twisted Evil Running hasnt been fun, as the left achilles has been giving me jip since the Maddog 10k in February, its still swolllen, but not so much pain at the moment. I invested in some vibram 5 fingers in US (about 50 compared to 80+ in UK) and while I dont use them for running, using them in the gym, combined with some pool "running" appears to be seeing an improvement, and did an 18k run Tuesday without any pain (normal trainers).

So, trail run later this month, to test out the legs, then start some serious IM trianing for Challenge Copenhagen.....
My Training - 2014 - Yet to come....

2012 - indifferent start to the year
Fri Feb 17, 2012 8:06 pm bfd
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Training officially sucks at the moment, I'm on my second hiatus this year, and pretty much killed February. Winter vomiting early January put paid to a week then, and February has been buried by a business trip to San Fransisco with the new job. Normally this would have been nice, except that I spend 32 hours traveling via Newark, NJ, with 4 days between stuck in a hotel conference room; so the net effect is

The excellent Mad Dog 10 Sunday 4 minutes slower than a similar flat route in October, despite almost perfect weather; follwoed by a swim on Monday and a session in the gym Tuesday morning before collapsing in a heap since , the left achiles pulled and a decent into man-flu, night sweats (serious water loss when you have to change he duvet two nights in a row), nd now my kidneys keel like they've gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson....

On the positive side, its only February, hopefully I can recover for August and the Challenge Copenhagen, and I am enjoying my new job, settling in, and working from home full time offers the training opportunity of a lifetime.

Going to take it easy now, until April, take Mrs BFD to Las Vegas in March for our Wedding Anniversary. April, bring it on.....
My Training - 2014 - Yet to come....

Done and dusted
Sun Oct 02, 2011 2:52 pm bfd
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All racing accounted for as of this morning. In the past 2 weeks I've completed my first half marathon for a couple of years and my first ever stand alone 10k this morning (02/10/11).

The run to the beat half marathon in greenwich on 25th September was my first ever mass participation race (17000+ runners). I had a pb from 2009 and the Great North West Half Marathon in Blackpool of 01:48:10. I was anticipating a somewhat quicker time, although I do know that the route in Greenwich does have a couple of hills out of Woolwich into Blackheath Village, giving +300ft, so nto quite as flat as it could be, but still based on training and races this year I felt that a sub-01:45 was on the cards.

The race report is here, and I'm really pleased with my finish of 01:40:34, a cracking race, andwith maybe a flat course I can see a sub-01:40 is definitely a possibility, maybe if I can get down to around 80kg I can threaten 01:30:00 next year.

THis mornings 10k wasnt shaping up to be great, bit of domestic biff last night and this morning, and a swim early on meant I was both physcially and emotionally knackered, and had toyed with the idea of a DNS. However, at 10:10 I pulled my finger out, got the kit on, and headed down to Ocean Plazza, for teh start. The weather was a little damp and dreary, but I was able to park, and drop my kit bag off at DW Sports gym, and head to the start. While there wasnt the 17000 entrants, there were a couple of hunderd people, the course is a 2 lap twisty affair around the roads and gardens of Marine Lake in Southport, its also run on public open roads/footpaths. So again, based on never having run such a race before, or know what my pace should be, positioning in the start was tricky, but I seemd to get it right. I probably could have gone out a little quicker than I did, the first 5k, felt quite easy, despite coming in at 22:43 (which is pretty decent for me, I must try a 5k at sometime). I was cautious about increasing my pace, but on the second lap psuhed along somewhat, using runners in front as markers to head for, and managed to push on past a few people who'd flown past me earlier, coming back to the final turn with about 1.5km to go, the legs were starting to feel it, but I managed to suck it in, and pushed on back to wards the lake bridge and the finish line. Surprisingly I had quite a lot left in the tank and was able to push the last 200m into the finish cute. From my watch, I make that a 00:44:49, official timing etc and race results are due to be posted later today/tomorrow. I'm really pleased with the sub-45 10k, perhaps I could have done better, with better understanding of my pacing, and probably not swimming this morning I can see a minute or so coming off that. Once again, with less weight, and more training I think I can really threaten a 00:40 for a 10k, I'm booking in on the local 10k in February, and maybe run this one next year to see how training next year helps.

So, while my times arent likely to set the world on fire, I feel there is still more to come. Not sure how I tap into the potential, or what I do should I even get there? Still, got to get there first.......thats next years challenge.

Carlito - thanks, PB achieved. Still feel there is better to come.
My Training - 2014 - Yet to come....

Last Race of the season - The Vitruvian
Sun Sep 04, 2011 8:46 pm bfd
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So,, the triathlon seaon for me is done and dusted, my last race was The Vitruvian, the race report is here. The results are provisional, but the time is all important 05:08:09, PB, result.

Now under 5 hours would have been nice, but you cant complain, I dont really train to compete, there is no real plan other than to try and a get a good mix of swim, bike and run. Over the past 6 months or so this has paid dividends (along with some diet control), I'm now under 14stone, and compared to previous races, I've got a relatively healthy PB for a middle distance, and an olympic tri.

THe last couple of things on the agenda for this year is

1) the Greenwich Run to the Beat HM,
2) a 10k in Southport

I'm going to try and put some running times against distances as markers for the future. Currently I've only got two HM results at 01:48:11 from a 2007/8, so given the current performances, I'd like to think where my HM PB is currently, and how fast can I do a 10k (given that I cant really figure what pace I should run at).
My Training - 2014 - Yet to come....

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======= Results - 2013 =======
19th The Hebden - DNS

10th Mad Dog 10k
00:51:49 AG(M40+) ... (Overall) 759

24th Great North West Half Marathon - DNS










======= Results - 2012 =======
21st The Hebden - DNS

12th Mad Dog 10k
00:48:44 AG(M40+) 126 (Overall) 389

26th Great North West Half Marathon - DNS


28th 10km(11.3km) Hawkshead Trail Run
01:02:08 AG(VET 50) 3rd (Overall) 30

27th Cheshire Sprint
Swim (500m)00:08:34
T1 02:49
Bike (20km) 00:35:52
T2 01:09
Run (5km) 00:21:43
Finish overall 50/459 - 01:10:08 - 06/86 AG(45-49)

17th IMUK 70.3
Swim (1.2mile) 00:33.57 (402nd, 34th AG)
T1 - 06:50
Bike (56mile) 03:56:07 (1004th, 124th AG)
T2 - 03:12
Run (13.1mile) 02:11:37 (801th, 88th AG)
Finish - 06:51:45 overall 855/2000?, 96/145 (M45-49)

1st Deva Standard
Swim (1500m)00:18:51
T1 02:25
Bike (40km) 01:18:14
T2 01:11
Run (10km) 00:47:25
Finish overall 288/587 - 02:28:07 - 38/81 AG(45-49)

12th Challenge Copenhagen DNS

1st 15km Derwentwater Trail Challenge 01:20:59 AG(VET 40) 23rd (Overall) 51st

6th 15km Coniston Trail Challenge
01:25:15 AG(VET 40) 23rd (Overall) 55th
28th Preston Guild Marathon
03:53:38 AG(Male 45) 67th (Overall) 420/1126

3rd 15km Helvellyn Trail Challenge
01:22:09 AG(VET 40) 26th (Overall) 56/392
18th UltraTrail26 - Grizedale Forest - DNS

Results - 2011
9th Epic Events Winter Training Duathlon - RACE 2 DNS

27th Great North West Half Marathon - DNS



22nd Cheshire Sprint
Swim (500m)00:08:19
T1+ Bike (20km) 00:39:09
T2 + Run (5km) 00:24:17
Finish overall 58/534 - 01:11:41 - 5/79 AG(45-49)


19th - IMUK 70.3
Swim (1.2mile) 00:34.22 (226th, 24th AG)
T1 - 00:09:06 (847th, 93rd AG)
Bike (56mile) 03:31:36 (508th, 67th AG)
T2 - 03:52 (780th, 96th AG)
Run (13.1mile) 02:05:17 (518th, 85th AG)
Finish - 06:24:10 overall 478/1062, 67/149 (M45-49)

10th Trentham BIG HALF
Swim + T1(1.2mile) 00:41.40
Bike +T2(58mile) 02:55:32
Run (13.1mile) 01:55:50
Finish - 05:33:02 overall 52/192, 08/40 (M45-49)

21st Stockton Standard
Swim (1500m) 00:27.01 (33rd, 6th AG)
T1 - 00:02:15
Bike (38.5km) 01:14:19 (63rd, 16th AG)
T2 - 00:01:47
Run (10km) 00:46:46 (81st, 24th AG)
Finish - 02:32:05, overall 61/166, 15/46 (Vet 40)

3rd - The Vitruvian
Swim (1900m) 00:34.11
T1 - 00:03:09
Bike (85km) 02:37:29
T2 - 00:02:12
Run (21km) 01:51:08
Finish - 05:08:09 overall 264/754, 27/101 (M45-49)

25th Run to the Beat, Greenwich
HM (21km) 01:40:34

2nd Warwickshire Sprint
2nd Southport Seaside 10k
10km 00:44:49 overall 96/564, 07/46 (M45)


Results - 2010




4th - Horwich
Swim & to T1 (800m) 00:15:37.40
T1 & Bike (40km) 01:33:25.00
T2 & Run (11km) 01:10:16.25
Finish Overall 02:59:18.65 126/190, AG 43/63
20th - IMUK 70.3 - DNF - Mechanical



1st -IMUK
Swim - 01:09:47
Bike - 07:22:36
Run - 05:12:59
Finish Overall 13:59:25 777/1117, AG 90/133

4th -The Great North Swim CANCELLED

26th - Run to the Beat 1/2 Marathon, Greenwich, London - DNS


21st Town Moor Marathon - Newcastle - DNS

12th Epic Events Winter Training Duathlon - RACE 1 - DNS
Results - 2009
11th - Winter Duathlon- Rainford:: DNS




??? -Chirk Sprint
3rd -Horwich Triathlon

24th - Austria 70.3 - DNS
24th - Weatherby Olympic

14th - IMUK 70.3
Swim (1.2mile) 00:37.49
T1 - 00:08:26
Bike (56mile) 03:49:28
T2 - 00:02:27
Run (13.1mile) 02:30:48
Finish - 07:08:56 overall 656/840, 72/97 (M45-49)


4th -Cleveland Steelman
12th -The Forest Man
26th -Trentham Big Half


2nd -Antwerp 70.3 - DNS


5th -Vitruvian
13th -The Great North Swim
20th -The New Forest Middle Distance
20th -North West Triathlon


4th -Warwickshire Triathlon


Results - 2008
13th - Winter Duathon - Race 2
Run (3m) 00:21:49
Bike (10m) 00:30:26
Run (3m) 00:22:37
Finish overall 25/40 - 01:14:52

17th - Winter Duathon - Race 3
Run (3m) 00:21:54
Bike (10m) 00:27:38
Run (3m) 00:22:23
Finish overall 29/37 - 01:11:55

24th - Great North West Half Marathon
Finish overall 0579/1186 - 01:48:11

16th - Parbold Duathon
Run (5km) 00:25:30
Bike (30km) 01:04:55
Run (5km) 00:27:20
Finish overall 69/83 - 01:57:45

27th - Chirk Sprint - DNS

25th - Wetherby Olympic
Swim (1500m) + T1 00:32:35
Bike (40km) 01:23:13
T2 + Run (10km) 00:56:30
Finish overall 100/119 - 02:51:18

1st - Cheshire Sprint
Swim (500m)00:08:19
T1+ Bike (20km) 00:39:09
T2 + Run (15km) 00:24:42
Finish overall 71/392 - 01:12:10

15th - IMUK 70.3
Swim (1.2mile) 00:35.09 (224th, 19th AG)
T1 - 00:07:44 (513th, 60th AG)
Bike (56mile) 03:29:12 (364th, 43rd AG)
T2 - 03:08 (364th, 59th AG)
Run (13.1mile) 02:07:45 (518th, 67th AG)
Finish - 06:22:50 overall 397/896, 46/125 (M40-44)

3rd - Antwerp 70.3
Swim (1.2mile) 00:35.47
T1 - 00:04:22
Bike (56mile) 02:40:25
T2 - 03:24
Run (13.1mile) 01:57:27
Finish - 05:21:27 824th

7th - IMUK
Swim (2.4mile) 01:10.57 (416th)
T1 - 00:07:43 (593rd)
Bike (112mile) 07:34:17 (978th)
T2 - 00:06:43 (816th)
Run (26.2mile) 05:18:30 (954th)
Finish - 14:18:08 (928th)

21st - North West Sprint- DNS

5th - Warwickshire- DNS

30th - Winter Duathlon - Rainford

Results - 2007
21st January - Swim Run
Swim (Pool 500m) - 00:08:42
Run (5km) - 00:24:53
Finish - 00:33:35

25th February - Great North West Half Marathon , Blackpool
Finish 1:48.10

29th April - Saab Salomon Hell Runner, Delamere Forest, Cheshire
Finish 02:09:01

3rd June - Cheshire Sprint Triathlon, Nantwich, Cheshire
Swim (Pool 500m) - 00:08:26
Bike (20km) - 00:39:58
Run (5km) - 00:24:13
Finish overall 91/343 - 01:12:37

19th July - Trentham Sprint Triathlon
Swim (ow 500m) 00:16:14
Bike (24km) 00:45:29
Run (5km) 00:27:32
Finish overall 30/73 - 01:29:15

16th September - North West Triathlon Nantwich, Cheshire
Swim (500m) 00:08:15
Bike (20km) 00:40:10
Run (5km) 00:23:41
Finish overall 56/371 - 01:12:06

30th September - Warwickshire Sprint Stratford-upon-Avon
Swim (400m) 00:06:37
Bike (23.6km) 00:43:28
Run (5km) 00:23:24
Finish overall 43/282 - 01:13:29

4th November - Swim Run - Nantwich, Cheshire
Swim (500m) 00:08:27
Run (5km) 00:24:37
Finish overall 04/008 - 00:33:04

9th December - Winter Duathon - Race 1
Run (3m) 21:30:00
Bike (10m) 28:58:00
Run (3m) 22:26:00
Finish overall 28/35 - 01:12:54
Results - 2006
Super Sprint (June 2006) Cheshire Triathlon, Nantwich, Cheshire
Swim (Pool 200m) - 00:03:07
Bike (20km) - 00:48:17
Run (2.5 km) - 00:14:27

Finish overall 31/72 - 01:05:51
Super Sprint (September 2006) NorthWest Triathlon, Nantwich, Cheshire
Swim (Pool 200m) - 00:03:04
Bike (20km) - 00:39:37
Run (2.5 km) - 00:13:58

Finish overall 14/118 - 00:56:39

Swim Run

12th November 2006
Swim (Pool 500m) - 00:08:42
Run (5km) - 00:26:28

Finish - 00:35:10

3rd December 2006
Swim (Pool 500m) - 00:09:49
Run (5km) - 00:26:31

Finish - 00:36:20
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