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Hell of the West
Sun Jun 29, 2014 11:16 am savaloy
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I last raced Hell of the West in 2009. That year was an enjoyable one as I used the opportunity of racing in Ireland, taking in the National Series, to spend some time with Dad. We typically used to fly or drive over Friday, race Saturday, return to London Saturday evening. Good times. My time in 2009 was 2:14 and I came 13th I think and won my age group. I recalled the swim as good, the bike as tough and the run as pretty savage.

This year the race was the race's 30th anniversary and also selected as Triathlon Ireland's national championship race for "standard" distance, albeit the bike is 45k, not 40k. Last year, Gavin Noble broke the course record with a 1:59 to win which gives an indication of the type of course it is. Having chosen to focus on short course racing and target the world age group championships in Edmonton, it was an ideal race to see how much work is needed before 1st September. The date fell well and logistically the flight into Shannon made the trip pretty stress free.

Although I couldn't control others performances, in my head I was looking to place top 10 and win my age group. On the latter score, if I'm to achieve my objective of making the podium at the worlds then I need to be able to be returning a good age group result at a domestic championship race. The last month has seen my first full/uninterrupted month of short course training. It's also seen my first TT's of the season. The stand out for me is that my run has a fair way to go, but my biking numbers have improved steadily such that I'm beginning to see signs that I'm nearing my 2011 bike levels. Therefore it wasn't entirely unexpected to be able to bike strongly on Saturday. This was just as well as I made a bit of a rookie error in the swim, starting on the left and aiming for the 1st buoy instead of swimming straight to the 2nd. This meant I had to work pretty hard to make the second pack once I realised what was happening. I think I exited the water in about 10th - 18:52 included a run up the beach.

My T1 was rusty so I then had to do a bit more work to bridge up to 4th, 5th and 6th (Trevor Woods, Peter Kerns and Aidan Callaghan) who were riding legally at the same pace. I wasn't too confident in beating these fellas on a run race so I moved to then bridge up to 3rd. (Rory Sexton) I then had another target in two more riders up the road (Owen Cummins and Aaron O'Briern). I never got see Aaron, but as Owen neared I was passed by Charles Martha who went onto post an awesome bike split on a hilly/draggy bike course of 1:05:30 (fastest split of the day). I stayed behind Owen until T2 and was a passed by Trevor just coming a back into Killkee. Apart from Charles, I was pleased to hold my own with some other strong cyclists and always felt like I had another gear and could have hurt some more if needed. Bike split was 1:08:43, 3 minutes up on 2009.

So into T2 in 5th, but with Peter and Aidan close beyond. In fact I exited T2 with Peter and ran with him for the first 2k with Aidan and Trevor moving away gradually. The only other runner to pass me was Mark Horan which put me in 8th as Peter made ground on me on the downhills. Spotting Shane Scully behind me at the 5k turn point of the out and back kept me honest enough to get the job done and achieve my top 10 and win my age group. I felt my run was efficient and comfortable without ever feeling the need to hurt myself. I was happy with my run split of 37:54 for a lumpy run- my previous run split was 40 and I recall it hurting a lot more! I'm confident that I can be in 2013 Hyde Park run form come 1st September. If so then, with a good mechanical luck, then I believe I can perform well in Edmonton. My time of 2:07 was circa 7 minutes faster than 2009.

Looking forward, it's now time to get head down for my main block of prep work before the Edmonton/Mont Tremblant double. The next two months will see some more time trialling and a couple of prep races - Hilingdon sprint (which is an old favourite of mine) and London Olympic Plus (another old favourite). I've warned Helen that I may not the be the best fun to be around as I work towards to being able to pull off an overdue 70.3 performance that I'll be happy with!

In other news, Megan didn't make her national times - she ended up missing the last opportunity to get her 800 time (10:02) as she returned from her school trip pretty fatigued - it's pretty much taken her 2 weeks to recover! However, her 800 time of 10:05 long course was good enough for her to qualify for the national open water champs - it's a 1500 non wetsuit swim in a lake near Sheffield on 4th August - at the moment she's not sure whether she'll do it as she's a bit wary of swimming in a lake without a wetsuit, so she entered and will join me in some OW swimmimg over the next week or so before making a final decision nearer the time Smile

Thanks for reading.

Slainte Exclamation
Swim smart, Bike strong, Run tough

Wimbleball 70.3
Fri Jun 06, 2014 8:29 pm savaloy
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Will this be the race that eludes me? I've watched the race twice now. This year was going to be the year I finally raced it. As a result of Mallorca, I no longer needed to rely on the race as qualification for Mont Tremblant. Thus, once it became apparent that the race clashed with Megan's final chance of making her 800 free national qualifying time, the decision not to race was an easy one to make. Even though the chick's prep for her race will be less than ideal (a week on an activity trip with her school in Snowdonia), I know that my enjoyment of Wimbleball would be compromised by virtue of my mind being focused on how she was getting on.

Since the decision not to race was confirmed (after the May bank holiday weekend), I have enjoyed getting my head down and re-building some fitness. Last weekend saw me open my time trialling account with a 10 and a 100. I was rusty. Alex Dowsett (who broke the all time UK timetrialling record with a 17:20) and Adam Topham (who posted a 3:28 ) clearly weren't! It was good to get out on the race bike again and I'm looking forward to using TTs as a key part of my bike training over the summer.

After a busy period work wise, this week represented the first week since I can remember that I've managed to get a full week of run training banked. Whilst that was welcome, it also revealed that I have a way to go in order to hit the run form I was in last September at London. On reflection, I think the injury which manifested itself in Kona and the subsequent absence from running over winter has taken its toll. On the plus side I've been running pain free. Now it's time to make haste slowly and build some speed.

My next triathlon will now be the Hell of the West (HOTW) in Killkee, which this year represents the Irish National Championships (on 29th June). I haven't raced HOTW for a few years now, so it will be good to go back and enjoy the hospitality of Limerick Tri club and the "delightful" run course Wink

More immediately, this weekend I'm going to be at the London Aquatics Centre watching Megan swim at the first weekend of London Regional Champs before then driving her to meet her school mates in Snowdonia on Sunday evening (who will have travelled up earlier) for her school trip. On that score, it's been refreshing to see how accommodating the school have been with Megan and her swimming - as well as allowing her to travel up late, they also offered for her to attend at a later date with a different class so that her preparation for the following weekend of competition wouldn't be adversely affected. However, it was also refreshing to see Megan decline that offer, instead electing to enjoy the week with her class and being pretty philosophical about the effect that decision may have on her swimming. Anything that serves to reinforce the enjoyment aspect of sport and a long term outlook is a positive in my view.

Slainte Cool
Swim smart, Bike strong, Run tough

Mallorca 70.3
Mon May 12, 2014 6:54 am savaloy
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The suggestion to race Mallorca 70.3 came from Team Freespeed Skechers Performance team manager Richard Melik late last year. The idea was to get a group of us out there and to perhaps work the race into a block of training. Having never ridden in Mallorca, but seen countless photos of Sa Colabra etc., combined with cheap flights/accommodation and reports from the race, I duly signed up for the race and booked my flights. Within weeks of doing that the race had sold out. That put paid to a few of the potential team participants and a combination of injury etc. put paid to a few more. The upshot was that team participation was limited to myself, Ali (Rowatt) and Jamie (Hinton), although Sam (Baxter) did manage to get out for a couple of days riding and it support.

In terms of timing, the race was unlikely to yield a stellar performance, following our main family holiday and an interrupted week or so of training in the UK on account of work commitments. So my plan was to use the race as part of a mini training break. However, adopting the principle that a bird in the hand is better than a bird in the bush, I also knew that there was potential for a Mont Tremblant 70.3 World Champs slot which would provide me with some flexibility regarding Wimbleball 70.3. Although Wimbleball falls much better for me in terms of being race ready, it also potentially clashes with a swimming competition at the London Aquatics Centre (the Olympic pool) which Megan may be targeting depending on how well she swims over the next two weekends.

A silly early o'clock start from Luton on Wednesday morning enabled me to ride the bike course with Rob (Quantrell), Tom ( Babbington) and Jamie. Rob was staying with his in-laws and kindly picked me up before guiding us up and down the main climb. Tom was out there on business. Neither were racing, but using the opportunity to get some bike miles in. Although not great at going up or down, I liked what I saw and didn't find the climb too intimidating. I encountered a few gear indexing issues on account of a hurried wheel/cassette change late on Tuesday night, so it was good to be able to get those identified and attended on the eve of the race rather than discover it on race morning! The following day I swam the course with Jamie and, again, liked what I saw. On the eve of the race I had a quick non wetsuit swim with Jane Hansom, some Black Line Londoners and Kat & Norm Driskell, before a short spin - my plan was to have ridden longer with Sam and Tom, but I had to get my gears sorted out, so I ran the back end of the course instead before racking and getting out for a meal at a great sea view restaurant a little out of town with Jamie, his better half, Tom and Sam.

The majority of the participants appeared to be from the UK and Ireland, which meant lots of familiar faces and made for a relaxed atmosphere. A quick scroll down the list of 500 odd M45 competitors, identified a former Kona age group champion who I knew from Denmark (Preben Jacobsen), but apart from him I wasn't sure what the depth of the field would be in terms of quality. With six slots on offer, and the potential for roll downs, I believed a slot was achievable notwithstanding lack of prep.

(Photo courtesy of Kate Driskell)

A civilised 9:15 start in the penultimate wave (ahead of Relays) was welcome. Although I used to dislike wave starts, after South Africa where I was able to bike through the earlier waves, I'm more comfortable with them now and like using earlier waves as targets on the bike. A beach start was fun and within 3 strokes I was just behind a fella swimming at my pace. Little to report other than I came out just behind him with a a 23:30ish swim, but overtook him in transition (which was about 1k loooooooonggggggg!). So out on the bike in first.

My plan for the bike was to work quite hard on the flat bits and limit the damage on the climb and descent. Based on previous races I figured that if I could stay ahead of Preben by the top of the climb then I would be doing well... I wasn't expecting to be overtaken by a british guy about 3k from the top of the climb who passed me as if I was standing still! I later learned it was a fella called Graham Baxter, an ex road cyclist. So 2nd at the top of the climb. Shortly after the bottom of the descent I was passed by a German fella and I tussled with him through the villages and new rough road sections before then being joined by Preben. So 2nd/3rd and 4th all together and we pretty much had a little battle all the way back to T2 with the German entering slightly ahead then Preban and myself just after. I was happy with my power (especially on the flat/TT sections), a 2:29 split and really enjoyed myself on the bike, pleased with the fact that I was still involved with the hunt for a slot. The way the bike unfolded also indicates that I'm more suited to flat drag strip bike courses, although I do like the variety that hilly courses offer.

Onto the run and the first couple of K's were just under the 4min mark. Unfortunately that wasn't sustainable with my heart rate in the 170's, which I attribute to the heat, so I then slowed down to 4:30's and also walked the aid station at the end of lap 1 and 2 to let my heart rate lower to 150 before getting going again - that worked well for me with even ish splits (discounting the initial 2k). Although I couldn't see Graham Baxter, I could see Preben and the German at the out and back section and knew that I was holding 4th, with only younger fellas passing me, so even though I was running slowly I knew that I just had to keep it going in order to get the job done. The last 2.5k I joined up with Paul Smerniki and Ashley Howes from Black Line London who were in earlier waves, crossing the line together and pats on backs all round. So, a 1:32 run split, 4:32 total time, 4th M45 and Mont Tremblant slot achieved. Graham Baxter won in 4:25, Preben 2nd 4:30, the German 3rd in 4:31 I think. Really pleased for Jamie who also got a slot and Ali who bossed her age group to add to her list of races she's won Cool

Reflecting on the race, the stand out area for improvement is the run. Having run 1:20 off the bike before I believe that a run in the 1:23/25 area is achievable when race fit and ready. It's not rocket science to identity that I need to shed the weight I've added from South Africa which should give me a direct return in terms of run speed. Although I got away with it at the Joey Hannan, the heat in Mallorca found me out. I'm assuming that Wimbleball won't be quite so hot Wink

Looking forward, the back end of the season is now taking shape. The original plan was to do the three world champs races - Olympic/ITU, 70.3 and Ironman, but now the focus is narrower with no Kona. The ITU world champs falls 6 days before the 70.3 Worlds, which I think will work well for me. The objective is to get on the podium at one or both of these races. Along the way I have a relatively light race schedule (Wimbleball and Hell of the West (Kilkee) in June and London Olympic Plus the first weekend of August) which should allow me to get my head down and do the hard graft that will be necessary to be sharp enough to run a fast-ish 10k and 21k off a hard bike. With Mont Tremblant on 7th September and the Kona date vacated, this does throw up the opportunity of adding another race to my schedule.......

More immediately, the next few weekends will involve supporting Megan whilst she chases national qualifying times - her main focus is the 800 free, although she also has more than half an eye on a few others. Her step up in performance levels this season has surprised me and it's been a joy to see her reaping the rewards of the hard work she's put in. I also like her philosophical outlook to the possibility that she might not qualify this year. Having seen the negative effect chasing (and not achieving) times can have on a child's enjoyment of swimming in the past I am particularly conscious of not letting that happen. Having discussed that possibility with her, I'm confident she'll be fine. Smile
Swim smart, Bike strong, Run tough

Joey Hannan
Mon Apr 28, 2014 3:31 pm savaloy
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The Joey Hannnan Memorial Triathlon is a race that had caught my eye when I first looked at racing in Ireland, but, until now, had eluded me in terms of adding it to my triathlon CV. The fact that the race has now entered its 21st successive year, 22 years after a local/club triathlete had tragically lost his life whilst cycling is a great testimony to the people who instigated the idea of a memorial race, the people who have continued its organisation and the man himself. Since I have been racing, the Joey Hannan has always been the first standard distance race in the Triathlon Ireland calendar, and has served as a marker for sending out a message for those who are in early season form ahead of the National Series races. This year the race, although not a National Series race, had been selected by Triathlon Ireland as the 2014 qualifier for the ITU AG World Champs in Edmonton Canada. Although I could have relied on my results from previous years to secure an overseas athlete slot, the appeal of securing a definite slot and experiencing the race attracted me to it, even though the timing was perhaps less than ideal coming 6 days after our main family holiday and 3 weeks after IMSA. So, when the opportunity arose to race I snapped it up.

(Photos courtesy of Damien Jackson/TI Media)

Sitting on the plane writing my report, I reflected on an enjoyable 24hrs. My initial thought was that it was "racing" in Ireland that I loved. Well, there is that, but it's actually a derivative of my overriding love for the people and the culture; A couple of examples, both involving the staff at Shannon Airport. The first was the lad who delivered my bike from the plane on Saturday evening:- "are you racing?" "Yep etc. etc." "ah, the Joey Hannan, that's a famous race".."if you're a triathlete, you must know Bryan McCrsytal?" "Indeed, a monster biker!" "Jaysus, you should see what he's doing in bike races over here at the moment!" " not your typical cyclist build, hey?!?" The second was the check in on my return flight..."I recognise that bag, how did the race go?" "Third" "Fantastic! Don't bother weighing the bike bag, we'll take care of it for you."

Getting over for the race was a breeze. Taxi to Airport at 5pm Saturday after an enjoyable family BBQ. In my hotel room, 1k from University of Limerick at 10:15pm, bike duly built and head down ready for a 7:30 registration, a relaxing morning and a 11:50 (ish, hey, this is Ireland..) start. As I was walking back to the hotel having racked my bike and attended the race briefing, somewhat spookily my iPhone beeped...having taken it out of my pocket I saw that I'd I inadvertently telephoned the number of my late friend Robert...his smiling face beaming out of my handheld. I often think of him when I'm racing. I took it as a good luck message, thinking that maybe he was up there with Joey sharing a drink whilst watching a bunch of well intended nutters cycling around the Limerick lanes in Lycra onesies Wink

My primary objective for the race was to secure a qualification slot for Edmonton. So, full armoury of puncture repair equipment and spares loaded. God willing, as long as I finished, top 5 in M45 was odds on. The names in the start list that caught my eye were Rory Sexton and Aaron O'brien. Two classy young athletes. I was delighted to finish third to these two, and watching them do what they do so well was impressive. I'm looking forward to seeing how they progress. I won't bore you with the minutiae of how the race unfolded, save to say that I was encouraged by my biking and running and am excited by the prospect of racing in Edmonton, especially after 4 months of Olympic/70.3 focused training. Similarly, I'm looking forward to returning to Ireland to race the Irish National Champs at Killkee in June, a race known as the Hell of the West, organised by Limerick Triathlon Club and now in its 30th year! However, before then I hope to have secured my Mont Tremblant 70.3 World Champs slot either at Mallorca or Wimbleball Smile

Before signing off, a short thank you for all your replies and messages post South Africa Smile Rumour is that SA may have been my last as opposed to final ironman. Maybe Wink
Swim smart, Bike strong, Run tough

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My Results from 2015
Wimbleball UK 70.3 28/06/15
10th M45
(24:27/5:30/3:10.45/5:21/1:44.58 )

Outlaw 26/07/15
4th M45 10:07.55

Thames Turbo Sprint 31/08/15
7th 1:02.30

Challenge Weymouth 13/09/15
5th M45 10:07.40
My Results from 2014
Abu Dhabi Long Distance 15/03/14

Ironman South Africa 06/04/14
16th M45 11:02.34

Joey Hannon 27/04/14
3rd 1:57:08

Mallorca 70.3 10/05/14
4th M45 4:32.37
(23:36/3:56/2:29.25/3:22/1:32.18 )

Hell of The West (Killkee) 28/06/14
9th 2:07:20

Hillingdon Sprint 20/07/14
1st 1:14.18

Bedford Classic 27/07/14
4th 2:11:40

London Triathlon Olympic Plus 03/08/14
3rd 2:59:41

Monster Middle 17/08/14
2nd 3:59.31

ITU World AG Champs Standard 01/09/14
4th M45 2:03:59
(19:18/2:30/1:00.05/2:15/39:08 )

World 70.3 Championships 07/09/14
7th M45 4:18.17

Ironman Barcelona 05/10/14
3rd M45 9:05:59
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Abu Dhabi Long Distance 02/03/13
1st M40 7:29.03

ETU Middle Distance Champs (Barcelona) 19/05/13
6th M40-44 4:55:48

Lough Cutra Olympic 26/05/13
3rd 2:12:38

Hever Castle Evening Sprint 12/06/13
1st 1:12.36

South Cerney Olympic 15/06/13
2nd 2:08:08

Ironman Frankfurt 07/07/13
14th M40 9:31:31 (S 49:32/T1 03:53/B 5:01:15/T2 02:43/R 3:34:08 )

London Triathlon Olympic Plus 28/07/13
1.5k/80k/10k - 2nd 3:08:31 (S 21:13/T1 2:57/B 2:04:01/T2 2:29/R 37:53)

European 70.3 Champs Wiesbaden 11/08/13
21st M40 4:41:52 (23:28/2:51/2:43:28/1:52/1:30:13)

Hillingdon Aquathlon 05/09/13
1st 24:12

Valencia Olympic 08/09/13
1st M40 2:10:08 (S 21:39/T1 1:38/B 1:06:35/T2 1:52/R 38:24)

ITU Aquathlon World Championships 11/09/13
1st M40 31:02

ITU World AG Champs - Standard 15/09/13
4th M40 1:51:30 (S 9:54/T1 2:52/B 1:00.32/T2 2:56/R 35:18 )

Ironman World Championship 12/10/13
11th M40 9:19:58 (S 53:33/T1 02:23/B 4:53:04/T2 03:20/R 3:27:38 )
_____My results from 2012____
Serp NYD 10k 01/01/12- 15th 36:09
Met XC League Trent Park 4.75 mile XC 14/01/12 60th of 335 27:44

Southern England XC Champs Brighton 28/01/12169th of 745 (20th vet) - 58:34 - 15k

Met XC League Perivale 5.66 mile XC 11/02/12
46th of 267 31:31

Roding Valley Half 26/02/12
7th of 910 75:51

Abu Dhabi Long Distance 03/03/12

Bath Half 11/03/12
111th 79:58

Brentwood Half 25/03/12
10th 75:49

USN Sprint Duathlon 01/04/12
5K/20K/5k - 1st 1:07:24 (Run 1 17:47/T1 0:28/Bike 30:37/T2 0:29/Run 2 18:03)

FulonTri Duathlon 14/04/12
6K/18K/6k - 4th 1:14:01 (Run 1 21:47/T1 0:29/Bike 30:18/T2 0:37/Run 2 20:49)

ETU European Champs 20/04/12
1st M40-44 1:59:47

Volcano Olympic 28/04/12
5th 2:04:40

GB Masters Champs Sheffield 50m pool 04/05/12

1500m - 2nd in 40-44 AG 18:50:79

ECCA 10m TT E2/10 05/05/12 38.01 (20:51 but late start penalty)Last Very Happy

Norland 30m TT F1/30 06/05/12 1:05.03 3rd

ECCA 10m TT E91/10 07/05/12 22:08 3rd

Norland 50m TT F1/50 13/05/12 1:49.54 3rd

Ironman Lanzarote 19/05/12
9th M40 10:09:30 (S 50:31/T1 03:47/B 5:30:09/T2 06:10/R 3:38:54)

Herts 30m TT F1/30 27/05/12 1:03.15 2nd

Finsbury Park 50m TT F1/50 10/06/12 1:48:20 4th

Icknield 25m TT F1/25 01/07/12 55:01 5th

Challenge Roth 08/07/12
1st M40 9:03:21 (S 47:45/T1 02:22/B 5:02:40/T2 01:48/R 3:08:48 )

API 25m TT E2/25 14/07/12 50:35 10th

SwimFest 10k swim 15/07/12 2:21:14 5th

Shaftesbury CC 50m TT E2/50 21/07/12 1:46:41 18th

ITU LD World Champs Vitoria Gasteiz 29/07/12
2nd M40 6:18:36 (S 55:43/T1 02:40/B 3:05:25/T2 1:33/R 2:13:18 )

FPCC 25m TT F1/25 05/08/12 55:12 14th

Votwo Silverstone Duathlon 07/08/12
3K/18K/3k - 3rd 51:04 (Run 1 11:05/T1 0:16/Bike 28:16/T2 0:15/Run 2 11:12)

Irish MD Champs Half Ireman 19/08/12
2nd 4:29:21

Wicklow Aquathlon 22/08/12
3rd 28:22

Ironman 70.3 World Champs Las Vegas 09/09/12
40th M40 5:04:55(26:36/3:41/2:41:25/2:43/1:50:30)

London Triathlon Olympic Plus 23/09/12
1.5k/80k/10k - 2nd 3:08:56 (S 20:37/T1 3:28/B 2:02:37/T2 1:58/R 40:18 )

Votwo 3.8k Swim Dorney 30/09/12
48:32 3rd

Ironman World Championship 13/10/12
62nd M40 10:09:27 (S 54:36/T1 02:37/B 5:27:20/T2 05:21/R 3:39:27)
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