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All about Sue

Joined: 15 May 2003
Location: North Wales
Occupation: After giving 27 full time years to the NHS I am now a self employed support worker.
Interests: Triathlon, cycling and sport!!!

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Who is Sue?
Thought I'd better change this part after my 2003 post has changed a bit, as has TTalk. I was one of the first members and it served a great motivational site but I think many of us have moved on.
I now dont do anything competitive having been there and done that in tir's, running and bike. Now its about leisure riding with friends and keeping fit and therapy.
After loosing my partner , Alan, in 2015, after meeting on here and being together 10 years I found biking was a great form of therapy and it still is today.
I have lots of great cycling friends and belong a great club.
Re started running this year after a knee niggle. Found if I keep to no more then 5k then its fine so once a week or 10 days is good. I also walk a bit.
Keeping active = able to eat without putting the weight on Very Happy
still on page one after over 2 years
Wed Jan 03, 2018 7:08 pm Sue
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Well I dont come on here often nowadays, even less often look at the blogs.
I wrote on Paul's yesterday, wondered where my blog was and found it still to be on page one. Didnt remember what my last post was about until Ive re read.

Biking has been my therapy in this new chapter of my life.
I'm a member of VCMelyd which is a friendly club and we have 40% female members of which Ive some very good friends.
Last year I achieved my most miles ever in a year, finishing with 6721miles. Pleased since I didnt think I would do it. I achieved my other goal of more miles on the bike then in the car.
I'm fortunate that I work part time so ample time to get en-velo.
We have a ladies group on a Wednesday, "ladies of a certain age" since the youngest is 50 this year. I seem to have taken over the role of route master and we all challenged ourselves over the summer with distance and hills.
I also overcame my anxiety and went on the club week in Denia, Spain, and really enjoyed it
--have booked for this year already.

I still walk, usually a round trip of 6 miles to work.
Started running gently in the summer and now as long as I stick to 5k my knee niggle doesnt get bad. I even for the first time in ages got under 9 min mileiing
--gone are the day of 8 min mileing for upto 20 miles but I'll take sub 9 m.m

Havent swum for about a year but just today re looked at the pool time table and hope to get back into it. Its the times with lanes that are either very early or very late and also busy but will try to achieve.

My days of triathlons and time trialling are over, too lazy to want to train as opposed to just bike or run, been there and done that springs to mind.
I just exercise for mental therapy, to keep fit and so that I can eat more
--I am at my lowest weight for many years which spurs me on to keep on the move.

If anyone comes on blogs, and gets to this point, thanks for reading and good luck for 2018 in what you want to do Smile

PS I now cant remember how to add/ change my photos at the top Confused

Thu Jan 04, 2018 10:02 am Wheezy
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Lovely to hear from you Sue. Chapeau on the mileage last year. I sneaked over the 6000 mile barrier on my last ride of the year, although many of my miles were on the turbo, so I've been told by many folks that that doesn't count! Seems like you've got the balance just right. All the best. Alex
If it was easy, everyone would do it.
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Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:41 am Paul L
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Hi Sue, welcome back to Blogland. I also remember the days where you would end up on Page 2 if you hadn't updated in a week, let a lone a year. I believe most of the regular Bloggers have now switched to Facebook instead. But it is good to hear from you after the sadness of your last post. I did a bit of research and you can change the photos in your header like this:
- Menu Box (Top left corner of your blog)
- Control Panel
- Options
- Use Personal header (Edit Personal Header)
I must confess, after all these years, using the above, I've finally managed to add some photos to the top of my own Blog.
Take care, Paul. Smile

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still on page one after over 2 years
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