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Exercise load increased
Stamina improving
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Mon Apr 06, 2015 12:52 pm invisiblegirl
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I'm going to revamp my blog, and pursue my training with a few updates Smile
Lots of things going on for now, I'll update my blog in due time

Fri Oct 28, 2011 11:06 am invisiblegirl
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It was difficult to do any training recently, with the business taking yet another dive, but the worst is over and I've survived. Nevertheless, this recession is here to double-dip and stay for a long time, and the economic perspective is gloomy for the UK, and unlikely to change for the foreseeable future. Confidence at both local Chambers of Commerce is rather morose, and the my industry is not faring too badly, but unfortunately I made a property move at a time when it was not recommended, and lost a business telephone number. My training has suffered seriously about it, but I'm gradually settling down with a better clientele base and have made a marketing plan to increase turnover. Still I managed to survive rebuilding everything from scratch for the last 3 years on the back of the worst ever recession.

In the meantime, whilst concentrating on the business side, the training has suffered but it's coming back from its ashes.

Swimming: non-existent but I should be able to resume it shortly, luckily, that will improve rapidly. I do love swimming.

Cycling: very little, and I was worried about joining the local club for a few rides, but I'm rebuilding it. Once I've built up again the confidence, I will join them again. I'm always keen on cycling.

Running: working nicely on a low side, but running is so easy for me. Even though I've damaged the toes, that is clearing up rapidly due to my fast healing abilities. I've recovered quite nicely, and the running is steady.

All in all, things are improving. Like a phoenix, I'm raising back from the ashes.

Socially, a little bit on the quiet side but nevermind. Was planning to go for the Xmas TT party, but now I think I'll give it a miss. Maybe next year Smile

Exercise load increased
Sun Mar 15, 2009 9:22 am invisiblegirl
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Well, I have well increase the exercise load, and the body seems to tolerate it without exhaustion. But I need to make sure that I do not drag fatigue like last time.

The cryothermogenesis experiment seems to be well tolerated as I am changing my metabolism, and have lost some more fat and gained other. So the shift from white fat to brown fat is being realised progressively. I have gained 4 kgs but have shrunk 5cms at the waist so I am putting on muscles and loosing white fat but gaining brown fat (which was my aim). The latter is useful against the cold, and better to give a boost of energy for endurance events as it is more irrigated by the blood vessels, and according to the latest research, is more easily assimilated by the body whereas the white fat is more of a deposit which include accumulation of toxins, and has a poor protection against the cold. The only downside is that I have firm up the butt and boobs in the process with a better quality of fat (and that got noticed at the pool, thank God I am moving soon to the lake). Some of the girls are not happy with the change. As for the men, they never complain.

Faux pas! A lovely French expression meaning false step, when you make a step which you should not have, and do not regret it but learn from it. I seem to collect them at the moment on a social par due to social isolation for a long time. I need time to recollect, regain my strength and move on stronger and more determined but sometimes at the price of loosing some social skills, which are quickly regained though. Not always easy to understand people correctly, to anticipate their needs, and to avoid making any unnecessary annoyance to them. At least, I am relearning the art of social manoeuvering and, in particular, avoiding set traps that some people seem to be so good at just for the fun of seeing others falling into them. Men and women seem to be well matched in that respect! Rolling Eyes Motivations are different though.


LynneE: The world belongs to early risers! Wink By the time the later risers come to the scene, it is a fait accompli! Laughing

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