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Sat Jul 26, 2014 8:37 am Old Fat Bloke
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So probably should have posted this up first, but what is this blog all about?

Well, in 2016 I hope to complete the Cape Wrath Ultra . I have no illusions that I will win it, or even be anywhere other than right at the very back of the field. My ambition is simply to make the cut offs.

Why? Well, in 2016 Iíll be 50 (how the hell did that happen!). In 1986, when I was 20, a friend and I ran from Mallaig to Cape Wrath Ė more or less the same route as the Cape Wrath Ultra. There is a terrible alluring symmetry .... it almost broke me when I was 20 .... can I do it 30 years on at 50..... ?

So thatís it really Ö call it a mid life crisis if you like, an attempt to recapture my youth!

The purpose of the blog is to record the journey, and provide motivation to endure the training.

HOWEVER, I need some intermediate goals. The plan is also to do the Glencoe half marathon this year, and an Iron Man next year (hopefully Celtman). Phew - hard work for an Old Fat Bloke!

_________________ - Staggering towards an Iron Man and an Ultra Marathon.

Tue Oct 07, 2014 9:26 am Carlito
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How did Glencoe go?
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