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Oh the joy....finished!
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All about sooooooooz

Joined: 20 Sep 2009
Location: Bath and TrowVegas

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nearly 10 months..
Fri Aug 14, 2015 8:47 pm sooooooooz
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...since I came out of hospital. Recovery has been very slow, almost too slow to notice improvement. It's only when I look back to weeks ago that the fatigue seems to have weakened and I've moved on a bit with recovery. The hospital told me that it would take a year and it's more than likely now going to be true.
My GP became a little tired of seeing me at the surgery every month as there's only so many ways he can say 'chronic fatigue'. I had to take matters into my own hands and so diet and supplements plus guided meditation have been useful. According to GP I'm in denial as to how ill I was...I almost died. So I've worked on this and accepted that my subconscious is probably at work here. PTSD is nearer to my condition and facing up to the trauma has released a lot of emotion. I can only manage to walk everyday at the moment as I'm swimming 4 times a week. I can now swim 50m with less rest and usually 400m each session. So looking forward to the autumn when I'm hoping to resume more mileage and a faster we have the prospect of grandchild number 4 end of Sept.
Hope all is well in blogland but very quiet these days.

Going along....
Thu May 07, 2015 3:10 pm sooooooooz
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....OK at the moment. Recovery is very slow with only tiny improvements. Getting a bit frustrated TBH but must be patient. Having more blood tests to see why I'm chronically tired all the time...still, I manage to run 4K everyday but it's a struggle. Can't stay indoors and enjoying the lovely countryside. Joined Babington House and use their outdoor pool which is very nice. Having a treadmill test and 24hr HR test next week so all good.
Been in the improved Bath uni 50m pool and managed 300m. Tried to go out on the bike but had to give up...just too dizzy! Another grandchild on the way which is amazing.Life is good and I'm so grateful to be still around...even though the weather is rubbish !!!!

Hope all is well in Blogland

Tue Dec 30, 2014 9:01 pm sooooooooz
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...visit to A&E a fortnight ago when my breathing became a problem. I'd done too much that day and around 6pm decided to get an emergency appointment with the duty doctor at my surgery and he sent me straight away to the hospital. I arrived and was put in a cubicle and registered. All my vital signs were OK and I began to settle down for the wait to see a doctor. After waiting 3 hours on the bed I began to wonder what was happening. I had been 4th in the queue but when Glyn enquired I had been put back. There was now a backlog of trolleys in the corridor with people waiting for a cubicle. By 11.30pm some 5.30 hrs later, I decided to discharge myself and get home to bed for a good night's sleep. The nurse who was looking after me agreed, so I signed the form and left. Fortunately, things settled down the next day and spent several days on the sofa and getting 12 hrs in bed each night. I saw my GP today and the x-ray taken at A&E shows a big improvement in my lungs so I can relax a bit more. I'm putting wt back on and my head is less dizzy so all good progress.
This is a big challenge and I must be patient....but i will get better and return to fitness soon.
take care bloggers

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