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All about Gazzer1uk

Joined: 16 Sep 2009
Location: Warwickshire
Interests: Drumming, RC flying stuff and trying to get fit

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Last Visit: Wed Jun 14, 2017 6:21 pm
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I've only gone and done it!!
Tue Jun 13, 2017 9:11 pm Gazzer1uk
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So, since posting the first post how many years ago on Sunday 4th June, I did a Sprint Triathlon at Blenheim!

My swim was slow and a mix of crawl and breast stroke, bike was actually good and done in 45 minutes, matching the average speed, the run slow due to my ripping a calf muscle 5 weeks ago and it being the first time to run and walk the distance....

But finally, after all the procrastination, all the hypothesis and worry, finally I can call myself, a TriAthlete!!!

Woo hoo....

So, never give in, however long, it can be done!!! So, gone and booked another now, hopefully can do some running before then and improve my over all time by a bit!!
Ignorance of the facts does not make them cease to exist... Aldus Huxley

Mad hare sportive - what have I done
Fri Mar 03, 2017 10:36 pm Gazzer1uk
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well, thing is in November my boss said fancy doing a sportive, I've just signed up.... which was kind of a challenge.... so I said yes..... and signed up.....

It's on Sunday and 2 weeks ago I kind of realised how silly I had been, each week in January Ive been doing an extra lap round the reservoir, but suddenly realised how far away from target distance I would be..... so I increased, however....

I made 50 miles last week, it was a struggle, I did it round open roads, found some hills, some pretty decent ones I think, but when I finished I knew it was hard.... Sunday's jaunt is 70 miles, that is a big increase!

Unless the weather is shocking, I'll do my best, I have the whole day and not a morning, so I reckon I should be able to get it finished, even if it's not a blistering time.......

Now need to take that as an example to myself that the cycling is OK, its the swimming and running that need desperate improvement!!! But still swimming and getting better, will see how we get on..... running.... best start that shortly!

Oh and I've now lost 3 stone, another 2 would be great, and still on the dietary improvements and behaviour!!!
Ignorance of the facts does not make them cease to exist... Aldus Huxley

Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:29 pm Gazzer1uk
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And that surprise is that I am still training for this ere event.... Yep, have managed to make progress too, especially on the swimming...... I can now do 100 metres front crawl!!! That may not sound like a huge distance and indeed it isn't but for someone who could not do 25 metres, I can do this distance towards the end of the coaching session having done lots of other things first. Amazingly my confidence is the big winner, the technique is improving and stamina too..... I need to find more time to swim.

Biking is going well too, now up to 34 miles at a pace of 15.5 average, I do a circuit around a reservoir, so I now need to ride on the open road, but hey, was only doing 10 miles in November....

So to the running, I have 3 pounds to shed before I meet the 3stone weight loss I am aiming for as an interim position....... I promised myself running would start in February..... so a good time to write the post as that is Wednesday and I will find time to start a slow jog at least this week!

So far then, on plan!

Catch you later,

Ignorance of the facts does not make them cease to exist... Aldus Huxley

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My band and I!
Drumming is good for fitness, a rather talented professor reckons that professional drummers can be fitter than Premiership Footie players. That is not the reason I drum, but it helps in all ways. My band the Above Average Weight Band (on FB as theaawb) have had some great gigs, we have fun and a bit of a following. Setting up and breaking down means carrying lots of kit, then usually about 2 and a bit hours of playing, I certainly sweat!!!
Situational update
Since the first blog nearly 3 years ago I have probably been slow and idle for 18 months and am at the second idle period!

I now possess 2 good bikes Specialized Allez road and Specialized Hard rock MTB. I have ridden the MTB more though love the agile and speedy behaviour of the Allez.

Last year with some colleagues, I got fit enough to just manage the Scottish Coast to Coast Rat Race event. 105 miles, 2 days 23 miles trekkiing 80 miles biking and the rest in a kayak. It was tough, I don't think I trained well and certainly did not lose sufficient weight, but.... I did it, mental fortitude and enough training. I wondered about doing it again, but decided against it as it I would have to do it faster!

So then I sat on my ample and growing behind and decided that once again, I have to address my fitness and weight. And so the adventure continues but this time, progress is required! PS the short fat one in the middle, that is me!
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