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All about Gazzer1uk

Joined: 16 Sep 2009
Location: Warwickshire
Interests: Drumming, RC flying stuff and trying to get fit

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Belay the last
Fri Oct 02, 2009 3:31 pm Gazzer1uk
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for those having the heart and kindness to read this blog, I have managed now that I read the instructions to simply rename this blog, thus it continues!!!!

Do you know how hard it is to find a small second hand racing road bike?? Well of course a new one would be quite easy but as i start this up, there is little budget. Ebay is little help, Joxster mentioned he might have a bike to sell but when I googled it, I reckon its wheels are more than my entire budget, and someone else is keen for it!!! the thinking is that a small frame 48 cm would suit my short frame, inside leg is only 27" if I measure it, done properly it is probably slightly less.

A 45 CM frame good known make is on ebay currently but I guess will be in very high demand.........

Triathletes all seem quite tall it appears by the lack of sales of small bikes!!! Am I doing the right sport......

I live near enough to Stratford to avoid the place, its too busy and touristy for me, but well, given the Triathlons it runs looks like May 2010 could be a good event to build up for. That's a tad over 6 months (actually more like 7) and is a 400m swim, 21k ride and 5 k run, should be well within a good target. I had a quick look at the timings and the slower folk were around a 2 hour mark, the quick ones around the hour..... I can run 5k in half hour....... so have 45 minutes to swim 400 metres and bike the 21k........ it seems it will be fast and furious, but something to go for........

I have just started to snigger at what I would look like in a tri suit or wetsuit, bit like a walrus really...... so the other good thing about the Warwickshire Tri is its pool based so wont need a wetsuit!!!

It's funny how you start to realise the other things that might be needed or could be the downfall of being male in needing gadgets and stuff.....

goggles for swimming, swimming cap, running shoes, biking shoes, lights for the bike, fluid canisters blah blah.... must be a whole industry around these!!!

I am having a night off tonight, I shall be stood up for most of the day tomorrow watching my son play rugby, and we may be fruit picking for much of Sunday. The intention is a swim on Monday if I don't make Sunday........

I am hoping that approx an hour per training session will be suitable to start with and 3 to 4 times a week to get going, and increasing the impetus on a monthly basis, but let's not get ahead of myself for now!!

Ignorance of the facts does not make them cease to exist... Aldus Huxley

This stops right now!!!!!
Fri Oct 02, 2009 3:15 pm Gazzer1uk
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Goodness I ache.......

Anna told me I would and I realised from previous behaviours that it certainly would be hurting..... Can hardly raise my arms though, very uncomfortable but strangely beneficial feeling, almost martyrdom!! Shocked

However, I clearly must have got motivated because I actually went on a run last night, charged the old Ipod Nano and Garmin and the results were pretty good seeing it was over a month since my last run.

But today, I am super stiff from the core sessions, my triceps in particular which is pretty unusual as they are around my best bit.

Howver, i am going to stop this Blog and start a new one as the title etc, are the defaults as I cocked up when I set this up Exclamation

So if anyone is following look out for "One small step"......... the title of the new blog!!!


Ignorance of the facts does not make them cease to exist... Aldus Huxley

Right here is where you gotta start paying
Thu Oct 01, 2009 2:05 pm Gazzer1uk
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For those that doubted last night I did go to the tri club and did some core strengthening work and met up with a few of the members.

Being short and fat makes me stand out, or down. Some of the girls (2 of them) were my height ish, but the men mainly above 5 10" and lean...... So I began to wonder if triathlons were suited to my build and I was on the right course of action.......

We did the exercises and I struggled, of course I knew I would it was a matter of doing my best, I was unable to hold some things for the minute, but had a quick rest and reset myself, when I couldn't, I know what to do next time and hopefully will make it through.

As we did things and I surreptisiously looked round the room, every now and then someone else was struggling.....hmmmmmm not so bad effort for me now, as the others all had one thing in common, they had completed a Tri.... some several and the conversations regarding Iron Man were quite frightenting, as i would be lucky to make a plastic boy grade currently.

But then I remembered why I was here and the success stories of others I have seen and heard about........ Yep looking at the mirrors is depressing but then I can do something about that, and in fact I was doing something about it. I did my best, yes room, lots of room for improvement, but the 1000 mile journey starts with the first step.

What I need to do now is keep stepping. Tonight I am off for a gentle 1/2 run, with a 10 minute warm up, more of a jog to be truthful, I know I can do it and it might help offset some of the stiffness of today, or make it even worse tomorrow........ Mindset, and my mind is set......

Swimming either on Sunday or Monday which should be amusing having not swam now for several years, I know I can swim so, it will be a testing time!!!! Probably be even harder fitting in my speedos....... although fortunately they are the long shorts type!!!

Oh and managed to rip my shorts doing squats yesterday, was that moment as I bent down in the squat to that familiar sound........

Now to start looking at a bike.........

So many choices if you have money, so few options if you have not!!!

Ignorance of the facts does not make them cease to exist... Aldus Huxley

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My band and I!
Drumming is good for fitness, a rather talented professor reckons that professional drummers can be fitter than Premiership Footie players. That is not the reason I drum, but it helps in all ways. My band the Above Average Weight Band (on FB as theaawb) have had some great gigs, we have fun and a bit of a following. Setting up and breaking down means carrying lots of kit, then usually about 2 and a bit hours of playing, I certainly sweat!!!
Situational update
Since the first blog nearly 3 years ago I have probably been slow and idle for 18 months and am at the second idle period!

I now possess 2 good bikes Specialized Allez road and Specialized Hard rock MTB. I have ridden the MTB more though love the agile and speedy behaviour of the Allez.

Last year with some colleagues, I got fit enough to just manage the Scottish Coast to Coast Rat Race event. 105 miles, 2 days 23 miles trekkiing 80 miles biking and the rest in a kayak. It was tough, I don't think I trained well and certainly did not lose sufficient weight, but.... I did it, mental fortitude and enough training. I wondered about doing it again, but decided against it as it I would have to do it faster!

So then I sat on my ample and growing behind and decided that once again, I have to address my fitness and weight. And so the adventure continues but this time, progress is required! PS the short fat one in the middle, that is me!
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