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All about Gazzer1uk

Joined: 16 Sep 2009
Location: Warwickshire
Interests: Drumming, RC flying stuff and trying to get fit

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Sunday Bloody Sunday......
Sun Sep 27, 2009 12:06 pm Gazzer1uk
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Yawn....... Confused

Well forgot to tell you all that I play drums in a band ( Recently the drummer from Blondie and some science type blokes from a University research put a thesis on fitness about drummers and shock horror, some of them are fitter than premier division footballers, but not so much prima donnas and very unlikely to take drug tests........

Me, well its a hobby but we gigged last night and finished late. I felt really tired this morning but then thought, well we did play for nigh on 2 hours last night and it is physical, maybe it will be a help who knows.

The very pleasant Anna has arranged for me to meet up later tonight with herself and Mark from the uni triathlon club. Unfortunately for me at a family gathering yesterday, my wife told everyone what I was going to do..... I love her...... lots actually but the cat is out of the bag now.....

I have the offer of a bike but its more of a hybrid with nobbly tyres and weighs at least a metric ton, and some others to go and have a look at. I remembered I bought some roof bars for the car, and the cycle carriers are around 35, less on Ebay.. so ...... a journey, a long and testing one, is coming round the corner............

I'll update after my meeting and see if I have bottled it!!!

Ignorance of the facts does not make them cease to exist... Aldus Huxley

Eat Well, sleep well, bloody hell
Thu Sep 24, 2009 1:29 pm Gazzer1uk
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OK, so it's all in my mind still.

It's now about starting. Some good thoughts about "any bike will do" (did Jason Donovan sing that????), at least to start......

So, time to email me mates and see if as their kids grew up, something dusty and lonely lies int eh garage. Yes, of course if I started racing I would be disadvantaged, but I aint gonna do that for a while yet!!!

I have replied with more questions to the very pleasant and helpful Anna Wordsworth of Warwick Uni Tri club and also Mark Pharoah. Both exceedingly helpful and offering support. I am working out my weekend diary and with luck, I can free myself to get over on Sunday to have a look see and the like, this could be the real start!!!

I have also started a food diary, had a hepetitus B vaccine and eaten quite sensibly. I play drums in a band which can be quite a work out and we have a practice tonight.......

So far today I have only had one cup of tea but several glasses of water..... I feel like I need a coffee but will be working on denial!!!

And if only I would stop waking early with so many issues in my head, stress clearly a factor in my life too, which of course the exercise will only help with.

I guess at 45 you don't get to start things on a whim any more!!!

Later y'all,

Ignorance of the facts does not make them cease to exist... Aldus Huxley

Dr person is very clever!!
Wed Sep 23, 2009 9:27 am Gazzer1uk
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Morning, quick update......

So met with Dr Hill this morning epitome of a good GP, happy to listen explain and advise with strong direction.

Stock answer is blood pressure is still high, even allowing for white coat syndrome, today it was 161 over 105 and it should be less than 150 and 90......

But at least I finally understand some of the parameters..... Yes, losing weight and gaining fitness will help considerably, but it still may not be enough. Genetic predisposition is quite likely. Put it this way, I am small for a human being of the European white denomination, therefore I have genetic defects that have stunted growth, or rather my programming was "not as good". It is not an issue (apart from my rather obvious chip on the shoulder ) but then if genetically I am not perfect on this aspect, why should it all be fine elsewhere? Apparently most common reasoning is kidneys not as good in some performance areas. I am a non never have done, smoker and drink very much in moderation. So, its me genes, explains why they are normally too tight eh??!!!

The good news is that providing I start sensibly and progressively, there is no reason not to start the sport I will return to the doc in 3 months and if it has not lowered, either due to me getting fit and nothing happening or for me not doing anything and still not happening, then it will be drugs!!!! However, if it has dropped a sensible amount, it will be kept under review and if continues to drop, no pills!!

That's an incentive as the bad effects can be compensated for........

So, now I am shocked I am good to go, I have to start somewhere....

Training buddy, will see if me mate, in similar circumstances except taller, and no blood pressure issue but was very fit (did the London marathon) many years ago, but has a belly of my proportions, will become a training buddy.

My other mate a prof at the uni reckons he facilities are marvellous!!! So as the club is there and costs all of 3, if I can afford the monthly membership, then I might start, albeit swimming, whilst I save for a bike or raid the savings.

I have a thread about what bike to buy and the consensus is a road bike..... so looking for a small framed bargain to start with and a helmet!!!

Like a very good director at work said a long time ago when he started running, he became a geek, he read the books, the magazines, the videos, got the trianing aids, the apparel and shoes, but ultimately the only way to run, was to be out there doing it............

I sign off there today, ready for a spectacular journey of potential immense personal reward.......... or of course dramatic failure........

If I believe I can, then I believe it can be!!!


Ignorance of the facts does not make them cease to exist... Aldus Huxley

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My band and I!
Drumming is good for fitness, a rather talented professor reckons that professional drummers can be fitter than Premiership Footie players. That is not the reason I drum, but it helps in all ways. My band the Above Average Weight Band (on FB as theaawb) have had some great gigs, we have fun and a bit of a following. Setting up and breaking down means carrying lots of kit, then usually about 2 and a bit hours of playing, I certainly sweat!!!
Situational update
Since the first blog nearly 3 years ago I have probably been slow and idle for 18 months and am at the second idle period!

I now possess 2 good bikes Specialized Allez road and Specialized Hard rock MTB. I have ridden the MTB more though love the agile and speedy behaviour of the Allez.

Last year with some colleagues, I got fit enough to just manage the Scottish Coast to Coast Rat Race event. 105 miles, 2 days 23 miles trekkiing 80 miles biking and the rest in a kayak. It was tough, I don't think I trained well and certainly did not lose sufficient weight, but.... I did it, mental fortitude and enough training. I wondered about doing it again, but decided against it as it I would have to do it faster!

So then I sat on my ample and growing behind and decided that once again, I have to address my fitness and weight. And so the adventure continues but this time, progress is required! PS the short fat one in the middle, that is me!
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