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Joined: 16 Sep 2009
Location: Warwickshire
Interests: Drumming, RC flying stuff and trying to get fit

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Dr person is very clever!!
Wed Sep 23, 2009 9:27 am Gazzer1uk
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Morning, quick update......

So met with Dr Hill this morning epitome of a good GP, happy to listen explain and advise with strong direction.

Stock answer is blood pressure is still high, even allowing for white coat syndrome, today it was 161 over 105 and it should be less than 150 and 90......

But at least I finally understand some of the parameters..... Yes, losing weight and gaining fitness will help considerably, but it still may not be enough. Genetic predisposition is quite likely. Put it this way, I am small for a human being of the European white denomination, therefore I have genetic defects that have stunted growth, or rather my programming was "not as good". It is not an issue (apart from my rather obvious chip on the shoulder ) but then if genetically I am not perfect on this aspect, why should it all be fine elsewhere? Apparently most common reasoning is kidneys not as good in some performance areas. I am a non never have done, smoker and drink very much in moderation. So, its me genes, explains why they are normally too tight eh??!!!

The good news is that providing I start sensibly and progressively, there is no reason not to start the sport I will return to the doc in 3 months and if it has not lowered, either due to me getting fit and nothing happening or for me not doing anything and still not happening, then it will be drugs!!!! However, if it has dropped a sensible amount, it will be kept under review and if continues to drop, no pills!!

That's an incentive as the bad effects can be compensated for........

So, now I am shocked I am good to go, I have to start somewhere....

Training buddy, will see if me mate, in similar circumstances except taller, and no blood pressure issue but was very fit (did the London marathon) many years ago, but has a belly of my proportions, will become a training buddy.

My other mate a prof at the uni reckons he facilities are marvellous!!! So as the club is there and costs all of 3, if I can afford the monthly membership, then I might start, albeit swimming, whilst I save for a bike or raid the savings.

I have a thread about what bike to buy and the consensus is a road bike..... so looking for a small framed bargain to start with and a helmet!!!

Like a very good director at work said a long time ago when he started running, he became a geek, he read the books, the magazines, the videos, got the trianing aids, the apparel and shoes, but ultimately the only way to run, was to be out there doing it............

I sign off there today, ready for a spectacular journey of potential immense personal reward.......... or of course dramatic failure........

If I believe I can, then I believe it can be!!!


Ignorance of the facts does not make them cease to exist... Aldus Huxley

The procrastinating hypothesizer...
Tue Sep 22, 2009 2:06 pm Gazzer1uk
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And the subject took ages to write and think of.

Hi to you all.

OK, why am I in blog land with such a title? Because it will motivate me to do something more positive with my lift in terms of fitness and achievements and maybe it will help me live a better and longer life! And, if things happen I can look back on this and realise what a dark and lonely place I had begun to live in.

So a little background, 45 years old, 5' 4" on a good day, 16 stone everyday, married for over 21 years with a 17 1/2 year old son.

wife and I are sadly fat, though over the years we have yo yo'd back and forth on weight. Neither of us will admit that it depresses us publicly (DOH!!! just did) but one part of solving a problem is accepting you have one. On the contrary our son is showing us up as a keen, and good rugby player at county level, I shudder on our example....

But were human and that is to errr.

Background wise I have been very fit when young, hard not to be with a large army PTI physically kicking your butt, but I achieved a lot, and was upper body wise almost spectacular!!!

However, lost it all and got an office job. Still drive a desk but in the last 2 years started and stopped running although made a half marathon distance at the half way point, and have had some bouts of madness and gym membership between. Also had a monthly appointment with an eccentric but wonderful personal trainer who will never realise how much good she did for me....

But as I write forlornly in a self pitying mode, I am back to being quite static and I nearly hate myself....

Whilst watching the GMTV morning program, up pops a young lady, lost 4 stone in 4 months and became a triathlete...... that light bulb in my head begins glowing again....

So a week later and some research, but no start as yet.......

Writing a blog may well help me more than anyone will ever realise. It gives me a commitment, a reason, an opportunity to share and listen, be critiqued, supported, humoured, laughed at, laughed with, but mainly it will give me direction.

And if this works, and I press the buttons, here comes a new blog, and another of my blindingly good ideas, that may very well end in tears and inaction, but to which I hope will very much achieve the opposite. Goals are realistic, lets first see if I can still swim, buy and balance on bike, and I know I can run, but straight from one to the other? Last time I did that was cycling to school and being late!!!!

Chip in, scold, help, advise, ridicule, its here for you as much as me.

Episode 1 then.

Off to the doctors in the morning as have high blood pressure and has been so for some time. Pulst at rest still good around 65 but exercising takes longer to recover than last year by a lot!

Dusted off the Garmin 305 and checked the Nike trainers and running clobber........ investigating a suitable first bike, cheap and probably not made of carbon and weighing 2 grams, may even borrow one! Swimming trunks found, local Tri Club under investigation, pool times being reviewed, confidence at record low......

I always start at the back and aim forward. Winter is approaching so trainng wise could do stuff at the gym........ but then again, its is not real....

Next thrilling saga when the doc gives me the thumbs up!!!

See you soon guys,

Ignorance of the facts does not make them cease to exist... Aldus Huxley

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My band and I!
Drumming is good for fitness, a rather talented professor reckons that professional drummers can be fitter than Premiership Footie players. That is not the reason I drum, but it helps in all ways. My band the Above Average Weight Band (on FB as theaawb) have had some great gigs, we have fun and a bit of a following. Setting up and breaking down means carrying lots of kit, then usually about 2 and a bit hours of playing, I certainly sweat!!!
Situational update
Since the first blog nearly 3 years ago I have probably been slow and idle for 18 months and am at the second idle period!

I now possess 2 good bikes Specialized Allez road and Specialized Hard rock MTB. I have ridden the MTB more though love the agile and speedy behaviour of the Allez.

Last year with some colleagues, I got fit enough to just manage the Scottish Coast to Coast Rat Race event. 105 miles, 2 days 23 miles trekkiing 80 miles biking and the rest in a kayak. It was tough, I don't think I trained well and certainly did not lose sufficient weight, but.... I did it, mental fortitude and enough training. I wondered about doing it again, but decided against it as it I would have to do it faster!

So then I sat on my ample and growing behind and decided that once again, I have to address my fitness and weight. And so the adventure continues but this time, progress is required! PS the short fat one in the middle, that is me!
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