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All about Gazzer1uk

Joined: 16 Sep 2009
Location: Warwickshire
Interests: Drumming, RC flying stuff and trying to get fit

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Last Visit: Sat Oct 07, 2017 6:03 pm
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Now to train my training.....
Sun Oct 09, 2016 7:16 pm Gazzer1uk
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Well second week then and all still motivated and going! Must say knees are sore, but well you just have to live with some things, and no running yet!

However, I hit the 2 stone loss mark today which was very pleasing, its taken about 18 months but in fairness, only focused on the last 4 months, so down from 17 to 15, still 3 stone over but its a positive continuation.

I managed a different bike ride today, only 5k longer, but hey, its more time on the bike, tomorrow night will be the usual route.

What I need to do now of course is construct a training plan, it's good to get out there and "do" but I need to have some basic goals, else I won't be improving and building.......

Met a few of the Rugby Tri club folk and now have some new friends on FB which is really great stuff......

So progress is continuing, need to look at what events are around for the new year.......
Ignorance of the facts does not make them cease to exist... Aldus Huxley

What to aim for....
Mon Oct 03, 2016 9:45 pm Gazzer1uk
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So 4 bike rides in, I improved by 24 seconds tonight....... so clearly just getting to the point of beginning to start training...... still an improvement. This is on a MTB speed average of 12.7mph on a 20k circuit, its got a few hills, some steep (well in my opinion at least lol)!!!

Tomorrow is swimming night, second session, looking forward to it in truth.

Now though I am going to start to have to work out what I need to aim for if I am going to finish sensibly. In truth, I don't care what time I do so long as I finish, but that doesn't give me an aiming point.

So at the tender young age of 52, aiming for an Olympic of 750m swim, 20k bike and 5k run, what should I aim for.....

I know last few years back I could make the 20k on the bike in 55 minutes, but I think that could come down a bit.....

I have no idea of the swim time at all.....

And the run, I managed a 10k about 5 years ago in an hour and 6 minutes......

Obviously all the above were separate (except the swimming which i never did lol).

If I aim to make certain times, then I know I will be working hard to achieve those times, if when the events are knitted together it doesn't work out, at least I had an aiming point.....

Open to listen to suggestions!!!

Ignorance of the facts does not make them cease to exist... Aldus Huxley

Sun Oct 02, 2016 9:17 pm Gazzer1uk
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so today was my 3rd bike ride...... so my mindset seems its getting more motivated and the intentions are turning into actions.... today I knocked 4 minutes off the bike ride, so 9 minutes off since I restarted!! I even got the road bike out and pumped the tyres up!!

So another ride tomorrow, swimming Tuesday, band practice Wednesday, possibly, just possibly might go to the training run on Thursday then a ride on either Saturday or Sunday.......

Hmmmmm beginning to feel focus coming out!

Ignorance of the facts does not make them cease to exist... Aldus Huxley

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My band and I!
Drumming is good for fitness, a rather talented professor reckons that professional drummers can be fitter than Premiership Footie players. That is not the reason I drum, but it helps in all ways. My band the Above Average Weight Band (on FB as theaawb) have had some great gigs, we have fun and a bit of a following. Setting up and breaking down means carrying lots of kit, then usually about 2 and a bit hours of playing, I certainly sweat!!!
Situational update
Since the first blog nearly 3 years ago I have probably been slow and idle for 18 months and am at the second idle period!

I now possess 2 good bikes Specialized Allez road and Specialized Hard rock MTB. I have ridden the MTB more though love the agile and speedy behaviour of the Allez.

Last year with some colleagues, I got fit enough to just manage the Scottish Coast to Coast Rat Race event. 105 miles, 2 days 23 miles trekkiing 80 miles biking and the rest in a kayak. It was tough, I don't think I trained well and certainly did not lose sufficient weight, but.... I did it, mental fortitude and enough training. I wondered about doing it again, but decided against it as it I would have to do it faster!

So then I sat on my ample and growing behind and decided that once again, I have to address my fitness and weight. And so the adventure continues but this time, progress is required! PS the short fat one in the middle, that is me!
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