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 Here we go again.... 
Wednesday 27th February
Thu Mar 28, 2013 9:00 pm didds
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So much for those 100m times!

Got to a 25m pool today - the majority of my sessions are in a 20m pool.

This was an endurance (force) session as per Workouts in a Binder...

4 x 50m building

1 x 200m @ TP+6 [6:20]
2 x 100m @ TP+2 [3:06]
1 x 200m @ TP+5 [6:18]
2 x 100m @ TP [3:04]


Total : 1100m

So TP seems to be more like 2:45 rather than the 3:04 I timed in the 20m pool. The one extra turn per 100m can;t make the difference of 19 seconds!


Saturday 24th March
Sun Mar 24, 2013 12:08 am didds
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I've been on call all week and its not that easy to swim when the pager may go off any time... today I just had to swim so left the pager with the front desk staff (its a friendly leisure centre) and got stuck in. Today was a timed test swim to set my 100m time....

swim time test

2 x 100m

3 x 300m + 30 sec.


Aim = all three sets to be withing 15 seconds of each other.

Times: 3:02, 3:03, 3:06

100m time interval average : 3:04

I swam pretty hard - I couldn't have swum and faster and sustained it I am sure. Pretty pleased with the effort - all 300s virtually the same pace. My 100m pace is of course paltry! I've never been quick but i've slowed over the past couple of years since not having to do anything fast (just long!). But its great to be back in the pool with a focus.

Sunday 17th March
Sun Mar 24, 2013 12:01 am didds
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L=20m length at blacklands

3 x 3L

1 x 8L+20RI
1 x 4l MOD + 25RI
1 x 12L+20RI
1 x 4l MOD + 25RI
1 x 16L+20RI
1 x 4l MOD + 25RI

1140m total

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Tue Swim - 1280m WIAB P.19 main set A

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