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Sun Apr 01, 2012 9:09 am C.Bryan.Jung
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I spent the last year and half working in the bicycle industry. Stopped coaching for a moment, and even became a qualified bicycle mechanic. It was a great experience, it was a great education.
It was all about learning about the bicycle industry and making conections. Next step
I am now returning to coaching. I have cleaned up my views on coaching in playing a supporting role with my clients. I also care deeply about helping individuals develop a Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle. Eventual goal is to provide an all around service (high quality service and product) for triathletes and outdoor enthusiasts.
If any body needs some personal advice in triathlon, bicycle equipment, and/or strength and conditionnig please feel free to contact me. I live in the HA1 area.
C. Bryan Jung, MS, CSCS, L3 Triathlon Coach
Cytech2 (bicycle mechanic)

Finding my Direction
Tue Jun 07, 2011 5:43 pm C.Bryan.Jung
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I am finding my direction. Getting closer to my goals, found the right website name, and have developed a Mission Statement that really shows the direction of my business. The name of my website is and the mission statement is as follows:

"Our Mission is to develop lifelong clients by providing high quality Service & Product to allow individuals to Start, Improve, and Continue to enjoy their Outdoors."

The activities will include Outdoor Swimming, Cycling (Off and On Road), On Foot (running/Hiking), Kayaking, + Relevant Conditioning.
Over time you will see more and more services and products being provided.
For now I will be providing services such as Triathlon Coaching and Strength&Conditioning.
and, I will try to partner with Guides/Coaches in the other acitivities.
Shortly I will try to provide Outdoor swimming and triathlon kit.
As the business develops you will find more and more products and services develop. It will take time, but it is going to be strong.

The reason that you may have noticed that I might not have communicated as much on the forum is because I was studying the bicycle industry since last fall, doing market research and working full-time in the bicycle industry. Even finishing up a bike mechanics qualification.

I have been here, but have been staying in the shadows. I have completed my L3 certificate in coaching triathlon and have been working again with the Jetstream Triathlon Club in North West London.

My business is all about clients, its about being part of the community. The community is very important. I will see you around.

Change of plans (humbled)
Wed Aug 25, 2010 4:34 pm C.Bryan.Jung
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I decided to take a step back, get some more experience in the bicycle industry, and develop a proper plan. It really is difficult to get a business going. I have moved away from personal training to focus a lot more on the triathlon/Bicycle/outdoor industry (I still do Triathlon Coaching). I am now working part time at a bicycle shop to redevelop my experience in retail. I am still coaching, but want to get a bit more experience to provide an allaround service of coaching, retail, and bicycle maintenance.
I am also getting more interested in providing fitness coaching and education to individuals so they know how to use their surrounding environment (where people live and work) and in between (commuting) to become more fit; dont forget their weekend trips. So this means participating in activity outdoors and a bit indoors (at home; strength and conditioning). I am looking to work with individuals to develop a lifestyle of changes with them and not just a quick fix.
I find that triathlon, outdoor sports, and/or Hiking/walking (explore your area) can work well with this. I still enjoy doing a couple of things at Fitness Centres/Leisure Centres: I enjoy coaching Swim to Spin Sessions (1hr30min; 50-60min swim coaching, 5 min transition time, 25-30 studio led cycling session) and doing Strength and Conditioning with individuals (including endurance athletes). If you know of a facility in London or Northwest London that may like a Swim to Spin session as a weekly group session, please let me know.

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