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01/01/11 72.5kg
08/01/11 71.0kg
15/01/11 72.0kg
22/01/11 72.0kg
29/01/11 71.0kg
04/02/11 70.5kg
11/02/11 70.0kg
19/02/11 71.0kg
26/02/11 71.0kg
02/03/11 71.0kg
07/03/11 71.0kg
11/03/11 70.5kg
13/03/11 68.0kg!
19/03/11 69.5kg
26/03/11 70.0kg
02/04/11 69.5kg
10/04/11 68.0kg
17/04/11 68.0kg
24/04/11 69.0kg
01/05/11 68.5kg
07/05/11 67.5kg
14/05/11 67.5kg
21/05/11 67.5kg
28/05/11 66.8kg
25/06/11 68.5kg
25/07/11 66.5kg
09/09/11 68.0kg
01/12/11 72.0kg
31/01/12 73.5kg
19/02/12 71.0kg
01/05/12 72.0kg
24/06/12 75.0kg
11/01/13 77.0kg
18/01/13 76.0kg
03/05/13 75.0kg
03/07/13 75.0kg
01/01/14 83.5kg!!!
21/01/14 79.0kg!!!
05/02/14 78.0kg
12/02/14 78.0kg
25/02/14 77.5kg
03/04/14 76.5kg
Ashby20: 2:14
Outlaw: 10:50
Vitruvian: 5:12

Ashby20: 2:11
70.3 AUT:
Vitruvian: 4:47

Sleaford HM 01:23:01
Ashby20: 2:07
Notts Sprint: 1:04
Ironman Austria: 10:00:23
Outlaw: 10:49
The Vit:4:39
Keyworth HalfM:1:22
Barrow 60:38

Tunbridge Wells HalfM:1:26:54
East Leake Sprint:1:08
Holland Nord tour:5:25
Giro Utrecht: Too Long...
The Vit:4:53
Leics Mara:3:16
Keyworth HalfM:1:22
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Marathon: 3:04
20 Miles: 2:07
1/2 Marathon 1:22

100m 0:58 - 1993
100m 1:10 - 2011
400m 5.20 - 2009

Pool Sprint 0:56
Open Water Sprint 1:04
Olympic: 2:21
Half Ironman: 4:39
Ironman: 10:00:23
Race Calendar 2010/11/12/13/14/15
Races 2012

18th Mar Ashby 20
29th Apr Swimathon 5km
20th May IMA 70.3
26th May Notts Sprint
1st Jul Outlaw
8th Sep The Vitruvian
14th Oct Leicester Marathon
16th Dec Keyworth Turkey Trot

2011 Races

20th Feb Sleaford Half Marathon
13th Mar Ashby 20
7th May Classico Boretti
14th May Notts Sprint
3rd Jul Ironman Austria
24th Jul Outlaw
7th Aug Desford Sprint
3rd Sep The Vitruvian
11th Sep Nottingham Marathon
9th Oct Leicester Marathon
23rd Oct Birmingham Half Marathon
11th Dec Keyworth Turkey Trot
26th Dec Barrow 10km Handicap

2010 Races

28th Feb Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon
21st Mar Ashby 20
28th Mar East Leake Sprint Tri
18th Apr Swimathon 5km DNS - Flights Sad
24th Apr Netherlands North Tour (Cycle 160km)
8th May Toerversie Giro Utrecht (Cycle 130km)
1st Aug Ironman UK
4th Sep The Vitruvian
10th Oct Leicester Marathon
12th Dec Keyworth Turkey Trot

2013 Races
Half Outlaw
Leicester Marathon
Turkey Trot

2014 Races
Mar Warwick Half Marathon
31st May Half Outlaw
30th Aug Vitruvuan
15th Sep Half Challenge Weymouth

2015 Races
May Half Outlaw
19th Jul Ironman UK
Sep Challenge Weymouth
The hills!
Wed Apr 23, 2014 10:24 am tririch
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Time is flying again, Days are longer and training is getting easier again. In short hill climbing is getting better again, running is fast and swimming is improving a little.

In triathlon order then... I've upped my swimming back to 3 times a week since Christmas. Longer sets are much easier. I can now get my 50m back to 31sec and 100m to around 1:10 or so. On sets my 100s are down to a comfortable 1:25 that's an improvement over a year ago where we would generally be hitting 1:35 with the odd 1:30 thrown in. I did some 400's a couple of week ago and these were around 5:30 depending on the 5 repeats we did. I'm looking forward to getting in the open water and seeing how these times show up.

Biking... well everyone who knows me, knows that I'm not the biggest fan of cycling, a couple years ago I was knocked off and this has dented my confidence. This meant that even last year my cycling got worse - saying that I still managed to do the Outlaw last year on pretty much turbo-ing in around 5:40. Which for me isn't bad.

My bike/run coach has been pushing me to get back out again. In Charnwood we are quite fortunate that we have some mini hills, look up Beacon Hill for one - around here we go from around 50m to 280m. Going around Beacon hill we have quite a few circuits, these have been making up most of my Wednesday lunch times for the back few weeks. Fridays have been a interval set and finally I get to choose my Saturday long ride.

I usually cycle out to Nottinghamshire on my long rides somewhere and have even confronted my Keyworth Demons. This is where I was knocked off. I compared some times from a few years ago and I believe I'm getting back to where I was. Plan will be then to just keep going and hopefully keep building into next year.

Run... I seem to be running much less but find pace is coming back. In March I entered the Warwick half and crossed the line just under 1:26 quite a bit slower than my 1:22 in 2010 but this course seemed a bit hilly. I also tried to feel good all the way round. I planned to hit 1:30 dead but did my usual lets just see how it goes. At 11km I had a sinking feeling it was not going well. I was running in a small group and they all seemed stronger than me. "Proper runners" I used to say. By Km 18 I was back to myself with these other guys far behind me. Apart from it turned out the leading 2 ladies. Who managed to in the end get some 30-40 seconds ahead of me.

I felt good after the run which was a good thing as I had a Church Christining to attend. Smile

I did a 5km test on Monday and managed to hit just over 19min - next goal sub 19. Also to do a sub 40min 10km again before the half Outlaw on June 1st.

In summary it's going "ok-ish" but wished I was doing better. Looking out further though I have a plan to try and do Ironman UK again in 2015, main objective for the next month is to continue to improve hill climbing.

Good luck to everyone.

Swim better!
Thu Feb 06, 2014 12:33 pm tririch
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Into Feb and things are going well I'm now down to 78kg from around 83kg at Christmas time. Scary times at the heaviest I've ever been was 88kg in 2008. Back in 2011 in my Ironman double era I was down to 66.5kg and I'm happy to say this was too thin. I couldn't help it though I was eating like a horse! I'm trying to get to 74kg by May. We are on target!

On weight loss some may know I'm a bit of a "Biggest Loser" addict. I download the episodes from the States and Aus, the series is much better over there... This week was the USA Series 13 final. The winner is evoking some controversy to say the least. She started at 118kg some 4 and half months ago she is now 48kg. That's almost 60% weight loss. While she is to be applauded on her achievement she doesn't look healthy and her BMI is now 17.5 - under weight. I took the opinion that she was in it for the money ($250K) and this temporary damage should be able to recovered from. I just hope she gets to a better weight soon. Have a look at the daily fail article Biggest Loser - lost too much!

I've also gone tee-total since Christmas day. That now is fine, and even going to the pub and having a pint of diet coke (for 2.45! ffs!) is ok. I was tee-total for 2010-2012 and then seem to slip into drinking in the weekends, to oh go on then lets have a mid-week curry and beers. All the time saying ah next year I'm back at Ironman, I'll stop then. My misses will tell you I'm a total light weight I can only really drink a maximum of 4 beers and I'll be under the table but it's not the quantity which is the issue. For me I can really see it in my performance. The hydration stripping booze really affects me.

Right back to triathlon. I can for the most part complete 3.8km in under an hour. Depending on the course I think my times range from 50-60 minutes. Last year we got a new swim coach and he is trying to deconstruct me. Since a youngster I'm have a bad right arm stroke. I just don't get the stretch. My arm then digs in far to early. He noticed my catch is late. So we are trying to adjust. Easier said than done, Hopefully in 6 months we'll see some improvements. I can feel the difference. But when tired, I go back to my bad habits.

The cycling is getting better. My new sets are really pushing me. Cycling is my most unloved of the three. Tell me to swim all day or run all night and I'll do it. Ask me to cycle for an hour and I'd rather not! Regardless since Christmas the sessions have been pushing me and I do feel better. When turbo-ing I could just sit there for hours watching films. I'm not sure how much good it did do though as I think I was just going through the motions. Now I have specific goals. I hope these will translate into faster bike times.

Running is taking the back seat. I'm not 100% comfortable with running less. As mentioned in previous updates. I just don't want to lose any speed. But I expect it may happen.

The last thing I wanted to mention was getting maps on your bike GPS. Santa got me a Garmin edge for Christmas. The base maps are totally rubbish. How Garmin think they can get away with that is beyond me. After some goggling I found that the epic DC Rainmaker has written a tutorial on how to get free maps onto the edge. It uses a great source and made the device much more use. DC Rainmaker Free Garmin Maps How-to

Happy blogging all! Surprised

KP Nut: Oh come on you know the biking makes sense! Oh dear I think I may join you if my biking doesn't improve soon...

End of Jan is here!
Wed Jan 29, 2014 11:38 am tririch
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Near the end of January and I found my running legs this morning. 15km nice and steady but the hills felt great. Since Christmas the weight has been dropping off. I've now lost half a stone and just another stone to go to be back to a good race weight in May - plenty of time.

Swim sessions are up to three a week and I'm loving the pool. Charnwood triathlon trains twice a week at a school pool and another at Welbeck College, which is a Ministry of Defence sixth form college close to Woodhouse Eves.

The pool at the school pool for some reason is very warm at one end. I find that I over heat terribly. Doing long sets really takes it out of me. At Welbeck the pool is a "proper" temperature. Nice and cool. Others complain it's too cold - but just right for me. Indeed it could be colder for me!

Bike sessions are a mainly turbo affair. As it's been rubbish weather. But things are getting easier. Heart rate is down and sessions fly by.


KPNut: It was a tough day out there. The bike and swim made it all worth it though. Everyone who competed did an amaze-balls job. I was knackered! Any halves this year?
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