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Training for Regensburg 2012
May 2012
Swim19KM time 8:20 hours
Bike 520KM time 21 hours
Run 136KM time 14hours

April 2012
Swim17KM time 6:30 hours
Bike 649KM time 26 hours
Run 101KM time 11hours

March 2012
Swim25KM time 10:30hours
Bike 356KM time 15 hours
Run 85KM time 11hours

February 2012
Swim17KM time 5:45hours
Bike 645KM time 28 hours
Run 138KM time 14hours

January 2012
Swim10KM time 5hours
Bike 485KM time 21 hours
Run 70KM time 7hours

December 2012
Swim16KM time 7hours
Bike 174KM time 11 hours
Run 132KM time 14hours

November 2011
Swim 23KM time 11:15
Bike 491KM time 21:28
Run 84KM time 08:39
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Ironman Austria 2013 race report
Tue Jul 16, 2013 9:52 pm DaveMcD
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A long long year.

Ironman Austria 2013 Race Report

To Rachel, Jack and Adam you are my life I cannot thank you enough for allowing me do this.

After last year’s disappointing DNF at IM Regensburg, I wanted to go again to prove to myself that I could do it. I found that the DNF was very very hard to take. So with the backing of Rachel and the lads I was all set to sign up for a race in 2013 but which race? It turned out that I wasn’t the only one thinking of doing an IM. Oonagh, Conor, Kevin, Andy, Rory, Colm and Noelie were also going to give an IM race a go. We met up in The Martello and agreed to give IM Austria a go. Over the next few months we worked on the logistics of getting there. Ironman racing is an expensive business so I booked my flights to Munich as early as possible to keep some of the cost down. We all booked our bikes with ‘’ (Highly recommend these guys)
Training started slowly in November and December, but by the New Year Eamonn had me ready to really start working hard early in the New Year. I’ve been with Eamonn for nearly two years now and with his guidance I have made fantastic improvements. Training for IM during the winter months is messy and with the bad weather we had this year some of the bike spins ended up being long turbo sessions. I don’t think anyone really enjoys turbo sessions, but with so many of us doing these sessions together they were much more enjoyable and more often than not they were great fun. There were some memorable spins to Howth & The Block numerous times. I also changed the nutrition on the bike to High5 4:1 and tested with this on each spin with noticeable improvements.
As I was disappointed with my Swim in Regensburg last year I focused on getting stronger in the water. The Tuesday night swim session with John became a regular occurrence where we pushed each other and as the sessions progressed I felt stronger and stronger. I also put in a lot more open water swims this time around. There were also a few injuries along the way. A back injury that I picked up at Christmas reoccurred with about 8 weeks to the race day, although I could swim, bike and run. I could not bend down or stand up properly. Thanks to Noelies recommendation I got sorted out with about 3 weeks to race day.

The Race:
Normal enough brekkie, back up to the room and got changed into the wetsuit. Strolled down to the bag drop and then headed over to the swim start. What a fantastic sight of all the competitors and the hot air balloons. I had a quick chat with Noelie and then went to the far left hand side to wait for the start.

This was the biggest swim start I have ever taken part in and also the roughest. The swim was split over 2 starts. The 1st 400 went off at 6:45am and the remainder 2600 went off at 7am. I started off on the left hand side of the beach and kept left of the pontoon on the 1st leg. I managed to site well up to the first buoy. This was just about where all the swimmers from both sections merged. It got a bit bumpy here and one strand of my goggles snapped… I had brought two pairs along with a spare pair of ear plugs to the start but I opted to put the spare set in my day wear bag thinking it would be ok. I was trying to find clear water so that I wouldn’t take another bump on the head and possibly lose the goggles altogether. Got to the 3rd buoy and stayed in close for the turn along the back stretch. I got good clear water here and made good progress to the 4th turn buoy. At the turn someone swam over me and the goggles slipped a bit but I managed to get them back on. From the here it was straight back to the canal. Somehow I managed to get a bit lost, the sun was coming up and I found it difficult to sight so I veered off my line to follow the crowd. It turned out that I should have stayed where I was. The entrance to the canal is narrow and shallow and within the first 10 feet I had been kicked, punched and dunked. The goggles were now gone and the water tasted terrible too. After been kicked and punched, all unintentional, the last 800 meters were a bit mad, I decided to go hard and not get pushed around so I ploughed my way up the canal. The noise in the canal is fantastic, the spectators line both sides of the banks to cheer you on. I walked the last few feet of the swim exit. Swim time 1:18 - Thanks JC for all the hard Tuesday night sessions. Distance on the Garmin showing 4.2KM

T1 is about 300 hundred meters took my time and made sure I got everything done, sun cream etc.

I felt great to be on the bike and was looking forward to getting onto the course; I had a big smile on my face as I headed out of T1. I was moving well until the climb at Rupertsberg before I know it, I’m into the granny ring still pedalling though. The crowds are mad, funnelling inwards so there’s only just room to ride through. It certainly takes the mind off the hard work. Who said the Ironman Austria course is flat? FFS. It is supposed to be the easiest IM course, Feck that. It is fast though and if you are on a TT bike and can stay in the aero position you get well rewarded. So that was me goosed on my trusted old Trek 1.5 road bike. The 25KM back to the start for the second lap is all downhill apart from this little incline here …there…’Oh look here’s another one’. Just after Rupertsberg my legs started to cramp a bit. I was taking on my fluids etc so had no idea what was going on. At the turnaround I collected the special needs bag. I hopped off the bike and knocked back a Coke and ate my jam sambo (nom nom). The Coke and jam bread roll kicked in and the cramps went away until I hit the climbs for the second time. I needed to make a decision should I walk or ride the hills. I needed to make sure I finished the bike this time. Decision made I would only walk the Rupertsberg climb. The legs were still strong but the cramps were getting stronger and stronger. At times I was down in the granny ring on the flats due to the cramps. I changed to water and ISO at the aid stations. The water was used to cool me down and ISO to help the body. Seeing my avg speed drop 22KM/H was really frustrating and was way off what I was putting in during training. Anyway time to refocus and get to T2. 15KM to go I could feel the rear rim hitting the road. Damn it - a flat. Now changing a flat is usually no problem for me but being tired and very emotional at this point it was not want I needed. I released the skewer and flipped the bike over….Yup NUMPTY moment as the wheel falls out and gets tangled up in the chain. Right wheel off and tyre levers in hand as I struggle to get the tyre off the rim (I can hear Big Paul saying “are you sure you want to use GatorSkins?”) quick check to see if there’s anything in the tyre, new tube in and a quick blast of CO2 looking good. Thanks to the girl from Cork Tri who stopped to make sure I had everything I needed. After putting the bike back together I headed for T2. With 2KM to go I heard a metal on metal ricochet and a CO2 canister flew in front of my face. Numpty moment #2 I had forgotten to close the toolkit. I could see the dismount line and was happy to be getting of the bike, and it dawned on me have I made the bike swim cut off. ‘Yes’ said the nice marshal. Racked the bike & kissed the two mementos Jack and Adam gave me which I had taped to the bike.

Quick change just runners and walked out of T2 onto the run course.
The plan for the run was to run for 2KM and walk for 30seconds through the aid stations. Obviously that did not happen. As I walked from T2 all the way out to the run course along the canal I made several attempts to get running, but each time I got moving the legs would just cramp up. At the First Aid station I took on water, ice, sponges, followed by water, coke and orange slices. Being on the run course did lift the spirits though. The WTC support out there was fantastic, passing our hotel and seeing our names written on the course was a great boost. The music and atmosphere was electric. At about 4KM into the run Andy passed me while he was starting out on his 2nd lap we walked together for a while. Both of us willing each other on. As Andy headed off I concentrated on working out how I was going to get through this. Running the 2KM to each aid station was out the window at this point. So I broke the run down into bite size sections and to make sure I did not exceed 10mins per KM. So I would walk to the next car and run to the next lamppost etc. As the day started to cool down, I was able to jog further before the cramps came back. With darkness setting in on the 2nd lap of the run I started to get worried about making the cut off time. Trying to work out how fast I needed to go was becoming difficult and seeing the sweepers heading out to pick up the last competitor was scary. Although they did assure us that we had plenty of time to finish. I pushed on only 4KM to go (still 40mins for me) I went through the square and headed back. I now started to believe I could finish, growing in confidence I pushed on. Somewhere along the canal in the last 2KM I met Maria. She was cycling back to the finish and kept me company until we got to the park. Then the biggest lift of the day came from all the WTC lads and supporters. I could hear them before I could see them. The lads walked with me up past the hotel, and then they all headed back to the finish line to see me finish. I gave the legs one last push, Noelie gave me the tricolour just before the finish chute. I raised it above my head. As I turned the corner I was met by a wall of noise. This is it, this is what all the hours and hours of training were for, the missed playtime with my two lads Jack & Adam. Those countless hours Rachel gave up so that I could be here right now. I ran that last few meters in pure joy. 5, 4,3 meters to go. Trying to soak up as much of this feeling as I could. Up the last few steps of the ramp.


We all have our own reasons for doing Ironman. I firmly believe that if you want to do one you should go for it. Make sure you have the full support of family, have the time for the training and some cash. Life is way too short to put these things off. For the rest of my life I can say that I have done it. For me it was to improve my health and to be able to keep up with my 2 lads. Back in 2008/2009 my health wasn’t in a great place I had packed in all sports, and I was weighing in a few pounds shy of 23 stone and with Type 2 Diabetes. My 1st Tri was in Portlaoise Try a Tri. I trained for five months for that sprint. The feeling of achievement and the fun I had during that race has stayed with me ever since that day and since then I have been hooked on Triathlons. I have also managed to shift 6 stone and for now have the all clear on Type 2 Diabetes. The bonus though is that now my two lads find it hard to keep up with their Dad Surprised
My lads have seen me chase this goal for the last 2 years, and although they might not fully understand it right now - I am sure in a few years they will look back and think…. I wonder if I can do it too.
Thanks to the IM Austria crew. This was a special time for me and to have shared this experience with you made it even better. To everyone who stayed up to watch it live…. Thanks, just sorry I took so long. To everyone who sent me messages of support before and after, Thank You.

Right what’s next …………………………?


IM Regensburg Race Report
Sun Jun 24, 2012 8:41 pm DaveMcD
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Ironman Regensburg 2012 Race Report

Location: 16th June 2012 Regensburg, in Bavaria.

Transport: Direct Flights from Dublin to Munich and then a transfer to hotel with Nirvana. They provided a great service. The drivers were full of information about the race and other races.

Accommodation: SORAT Insel-Hotel Regensburg. I went with this Hotel as it’s only a 10min walk from the race finish. Also it was the hotel for some where some of the Pros were staying. . Staff are very friendly, free WiFi. Breakfast was basic , but plenty of it.

Race Atmosphere 5 out of 10 I put this down to the fact that the Start and Finish are 17KM apart from each other. No IM branding around town. If you were not in town for the IM you would have no idea it was on. Also there were only 1300 taking part this was due to the change of race start date from August to June.

Weather: Hot dam hot

Friday 15th
Up at 3am quick check on all the bags and walked from the house to the Aircoach bus stop to catch the 4am bus to the Airport. Met up with Mick and Paula, checked my bike and made our way through security. Flight went by quickly and before long we arrived in Munich. Nirvana rep was waiting and brought us and our bikes directly to our Hotel. The transfer was about an hour and half. We checked in to the hotel and headed up to the Expo to register this included a short detour as we promptly got lost. Registration was quick and efficient. The ExPo was very poor not a lot on offer, but still bought a few T-shirts and a new IM Regensburg running cap (which I left on the plane on the way home )
After the Expo and registration we headed back to the Hotel where I started on rebuilding my bike. My mate Ger arrived in the afternoon he had come over to take in the whole IM experience and to help me out. After the bike rebuild, I took a very very short test spin in one of the hotel corridors just to ease the nerves. We were all getting hungry so we strolled up to the town over the 12th century Stone Bridge. Rather that walking too far we opted to eat at an Italian restaurant. The 3 lads had a pizza each the size of wagon wheels while Paula opted for pasta. We discussed what we would do the following day, we all wanted to get a swim in and also a short 20 min spin on the bikes. After dinner we sauntered back towards the hotel, stopping to take in some of the local sights. The town was very relaxed lots of people sitting by the river having enjoying a few beers, some were cooking up on their BBQ’s. You would never know that there was an IM event on in town.

Saturday 16th
Breakfast was at 9am. This consisted of chocolate muesli which was a first for me followed by some bread rolls. I love those German bread rolls. After breakfast we went back to the Expo as we all need to pick up a few bits I need some Co2. Picked up 5 x 16oz for 8€ Happy Days. Mind you there were all taken from me on the way home. Water was the next issue that needed to be sourced. Germans have a strange liking for fizzy tepid water. Me, I like my drinking water still and cold so we wandered up the town to a small super market to purchase some water. Our walk to the shop took us over the pedestrian bridge which is decorated with Love Locks, where loved up couple publicly declare their love. Once we found the shop we all got some water. It’s amazing how heavy 6 litters of water gets when you have to carry it for a long distance back to the hotel. Back at the hotel we got ready to cycle out to the lake, which we were told was only about 10KM out of town. Ger was going to get the bus out and would also be going for a swim. He’s taking to OW swimming this year and has a 10KM race coming up soon.

We all headed off on our bikes but after about 5KM we had to turn back as the roads were not suitable for cycling. No panic though as we took our time and spun back to the ExPO and got one of the free buses out to the lake. Turns out the the lake was 17KM away. It all got a bit surreal for me as we arrived at the lake. Seeing all the bikes in transition and all the bronzed Uber biker’s types wandering around makes the whole experience very real. Wheeled the bike to check in where the breaks, helmet etc are given the once over, next was the security photo of me and my bike. That’s it we are in. My rack position was right down at the exit of T1. Took me about 5mins to rack the bike and put the cover on. The adrenaline was flowing now. The lake is only about 30 meters from T1.

The lake……..the lake WOW. It was fantastic crystal clear. At one point while submerged I could see Mick, Paula and Ger as we glided through the water. We swam out to the 1st buoy and then over to the turnaround buoy and back to the beach. After a light snack we got the bus back to town. Quick change and straight out for dinner, we found a lovely outdoor restaurant. The day just flew past. I found it very hard to get any sleep mainly due to the dead heat and pre-race nerves.

Sunday 16th RACE DAY
Another 3:30 am early start. I got down to brekie before that Michael Raelert bloke, I bumped into him again the day after the race, we had a quick chat he’s a really nice bloke. I was feeling good with the right amount of nerves and excitement. Collected all my kit and we all walked up to the buses. Met Andy and Ruth on the bus, this was a welcome distraction.

T1 was the usual mayhem I gave my bike a quick check, and then headed over to use the facilities before the Q got too long. Put the wet suite on and walked down to the beach.

Got in to the lake to flood the suite, met another fellow white capper and had a quick chat in German. The marshals herded us all back on to the beach. I made my way over to the left hand side of the beach and stood near the back. At this point I closed my eye’s soaked in the early morning sun and let the last year of training, family, friends fly by. BANG we’re off. I walked forward slowly waited a few more seconds for some clear water and jumped in. It was a bit mad as are most starts and with 1400 people starting this wasn’t going to be any different. I was aiming for a 1:15 to 1:30 swim. But after about 10mins I swam straight into someone and got my goggles knocked off. This was the 1st of 3 times they were knocked off. I got them back on and calmed down after about 2 mins. On the back straight my goggles were filling up which made sighting nearly impossible so I had to keep removing them to clear the water. At the turn around my left leg started to cramp slowly. What to do…..put it out of my mind and keep going. I swam that leg with arms only. The cramp started to go around the last 400 meters. I staggered trying to gather my feet under me, heard Ger shouting encouragement looked at the Garmin and saw 1:30 on the clock. Happy with that.
My bag was easy to find as there weren’t many left. Transition went well and hopped on to the bike and off I went. The bike course in Regensburg is basically 2 x 90kms loops with 15kms of flat/rolling then 20kms of several climbs, then 55kms of flat/rolling into the wind. My plan was to just spin the legs until over the climbs. I passed about two or three on the flats before the hills. But once we got into the hills I was taking it easy, I’m still a big lad and hill’s hurt a few light guys were passing me but I’d manage to pass them on the descents. Looking at the Garmin I hit 72.5 KMH as my max speed. The 1st lap was ok and I felt good the only thing that sent a shiver down my spine was a road sign that read “Gansbach” 5KM for anyone who has done IM Austria 70.3 will know why. At this point Bockel and Raelert went passed me I nearly got knocked over by the sonic boom as they passed. Surprised

The second set of hills the sun was out at this stage and was doing is best to cook me. Looking at the Garmin I took around 3:34ish for the first 90K not 100% on that as I had the Garmin set on bike for the Swim as well. Doh! Allowing for some fatigue I would have been on track for a 7:30 /45 bike split. I was still being passed by lads on better bikes, just couldn’t understand why it took them so long to catch me. At this point I had lost all appetite and just could not eat any of my own nutrition. I switched to ISO and water at the aid stations. At the At the 120KM I took out my reward food which was a fun sized Mars bar. This went down well and the sugar boost kicked in fairly quickly. I stopped one to pick up a dropped water bottle which I was using to cool me down by pouring it over me and then using the breeze to cool me down. This is where it all gets a bit strange. I’m upside down in a field. WTF just happened. Embarrassed and confused I got back onto the road, pulled some junk out of the rear wheel noticed my really expensive Aldi sunglasses were missing and when back to find them. Jumped back onto the bike and peddled for a bit with strange noises coming from the rear wheel. Click click grind and the rear wheel locked up. I got off and kept saying I can fix this, I can fix this. Turned the bike upside down and noticed that I had broken 2 spokes and bent a few more. And had fouled up the rear mech, I pulled at the spokes and tried to free the mech but no joy. I eventually got the wheel off but had no way to remove the broken spokes. I reset the wheel but it would not turn freely. I hoped that the support vehicle would get to me soon. Everyone who passed me offered assistance. Unfortunately the last person on the bike passed me and that was conformation that the race was over.

The realisation that this was going to be the end of my race made me cry. I sat down and cried. . I have put a lot into this; not just the expense, but my family have put a lot into it as well. The missed play time with my 2 boys. The extra strain on Rachel when you sign up to take part in an IM the whole family sign up. Without their support I would not have made the start line. This milestone was a long-time dream for me. From completing my 1st sprint Tri in back in 2009 to getting to the start line of an IM has been an amazing journey. I made many new friends, changed my lifestyle, eating habits for the better and found a sport I love to do. I have lost weight from 22 stone 139KG down to 105KG 16st’8lb. Joined a club that is the best in the world, you could never be down for long in WTC. The support and encouragement from the day I joined has been phenomenal.

The rest of the day was very mixed up back at the finish I reported to the referee where they checked my out because I had fallen. I was told to come back a 18:00 to collect my bike. I decided to have my shower and massage. I then wandered around watching others finish. This was a low time as I felt a bit of a fraud to be here seeing people finish getting their photos taken, some being escorted off to the med tent. Others breaking down with the emotion of finishing, all collecting their finisher T-Shirts and medals I eventually sat in the food hall to get out of the way and out of the heat. I a bit to eat and bumped into Ruth who was looking for Andy. Being able to speak the lingo helps a lot and after a few mins I found him and returned him to his rightfully owner. By the way Andy loves cake…..lots of cake. This managed to snap me out of my low. Ger arrived and gave me my phone so I could ring home and talk to Rachel to let her know I was ok. We then waited for Paula and Mick to finish and what a finish it was. To see them cross the line together was fantastic. Congrats Ironcouple. You are amazing.

So will I go again next year.
Hell yeah

Some photos


17 Days to IM Regensburg
Fri Jun 01, 2012 12:08 pm DaveMcD
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May was another great month. All training went as planned, even squeezed in a new 10KM PB. I cannot believe that I am now in my taper phase. Time to focus on race day prep. Check lists and testing to be done over the new few weeks.
Loads of questions;
Will it be hot or cold
Will it be wet or dry
Will it be calm or windy

TBH I don’t care I’m as ready as I can be.

So only 17 days left


April feeling good this month
Mon Apr 30, 2012 12:38 pm DaveMcD
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April has been a fantastic month. All those little milesotnes/targets are bieing achieved. This all adds to a positive trainig experience for my 1st IM. This month I started to put some of my training in practice. 1st up was the 100KM bike race.
SOS Race report:
I went to Balbriggan (North Dublin) to take part in a charity cycle race. About 150 plus turned up to take part, as it turned out I wasn’t the only one training for an IM doing it. The course turned out to be 105KM. It was my 1st real experience of a bike race. I was keeping good pace with the lead group of about 10 riders avg 31KM but knew I’d never keep it up for the whole distance. As we headed for Drogheda, I decided to drop back to the next group of about 20 riders. All the winter Monday night sessions paid off as they caught up with me and kicked on I just jumped onto the back wheel and settled in nicely. When we hit Drogheda we turned off left and headed for Slane (home of many a rock concert) this was a long drag into a very strong head wind. The group started to split up here, I hung on to the lead group of 7 riders for as long as possible but they eventually dropped me about 2 KM from Slane, I found it hard to match their pace into the wind /hills. I took the opportunity to take on some food and fluids and pushed on into Slane, When I got to Slane village I descended down to the bridge as luck would have it the group were stopped at a set of traffic lights. I made a decision there and then that I was not going to be dropped off this group again. I didn’t fancy being on my own working hard into a head wind all day. As a group we worked well all the way back down to Ashbourne. There were a few breaks off the front but they never lasted long as the group just upped the effort and pulled the rider back in. Not sure what happened when we hit Ashbourne as the group split again here and I found myself leading a group of 3 on a lovely flowing section down into Santry. Santry back to Balbriggan via Skerries was a grind with a few more breaks to cover. All in all it was a great experience. I reckon I finished in the top 30. I know it wasn’t an out and out bike race as such but I fecking loved it. I worked hard the whole way around trying to keep my pace up in the 30’s. I had a 29.5KM avg just before Skerries but the wind and tiredness set in and finished with a 28.5KM avg. I parked the bike and went for a 30min run. Pace on the run was slow but very comfortable. My left hammer did cramp slightly but a quick stretch sorted it out.

I also had a go at doing the full IM distance 180KM on lovely 70KM loop course which is very close to my house. It ended up being hard as the wind was out again. I had some company on a few sections as I bumped into other club members out on their own spins. I ended up doing 175KM and just over 1600 meters climbing.

Last but not least

Joey Hannon Olympic distance Race Report

Early start 04:30 quick breakfast on the road by 05:00. Arrived at University of Limerick around 7ish met up with Rose and John. Short wait for registration to open, signed up and then collected my T Shirt. We all headed down with the bikes to T1. Racked the bike and then a quick check to make sure I had everything. I decided to go with arm warmers, gloves and windbreaker on the bike. The winds were bad so it was going to be cold and TBH it was worth the extra time in T1 to be that bit warmer on the bike.
After watching the 1st two waves and the carnage that seems to happen in a pool swim. I headed down to the pool deck to get ready. Met up with my fellow lane 1 swimmers, most of which were very nervous, a quick chat sorted out who would lead out. I opted to go 2nd, off we went the lead swimmer was looking for sub 28mins so I held on to his feet for the 1st 2 lengths. His pace was too much for me so I just got into my own pace where I was more comfortable. Managed to pick off a few of the others in the lane too. The rest of the swim was steady little over 2mins per 100. I got out on 33 mins. Left hammer cramped a bit climbing out of the pool. The short run to T1 was welcome as it loosened up the legs a bit for the bike.
Went well got to my bike, Lid on and then the rest of my gear, felt like I was in there forever, and it was doing my head in watching a load of people run out with only their Tri suites on .
I’d say within the 1st 3KM I had made back about 10 places as they all struggled into the wind. I had planned to push the bike as hard as I could, so I did. I think I only stopped peddling at the 12KM mark, to readjust myself. Not as much protection in those skimpy tri suits.  I made up places out and back. Looking at my time 01:17 compared to the rest of the Wicklow crew who I think were all on TT bikes I was very happy, and it was a PB by 5mins.
The long run was brilliant and within 20 meters I knew my legs were fine. Racked the bike, quick change
IM race pace was hard to get down to. My splits were way too fast for me to sustain but it felt comfortable. The run was flat through the University campus and around the sports grounds. With a nice bridge section which joins the Sports grounds to the rest of the University. I decided to run on feel for the rest of the run and only looked at the watch with 3KM to go and noticed that my first sub 3hr was on. A quick change of pace with some pickups and I was done. 2:57

So only 7 weeks left


Tue Apr 10, 2012 1:58 pm DaveMcD
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Well March started off great. I was getting stronger and faster in training and enjoying every moment of it. I had also gotten the all clear from the Doc’s with an issue I was having with an irregular heartbeat. They tell me that my heart is in great shape Surprised
Then it all went pear shaped on Tuesday 13th at 6:45 am Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad when I badly tore my left hammer while doing some pickups on a long run. I got treatment on the leg that evening and a few more times through the week.
Recovery has been slow and frustrating and to top it all off I became ill last week with a Virus…Previously whenever I have been injured I have been able to start back where I left off but not this time it has taken nearly 3 weeks to get back fully. I found Aqua jogging a great help in my recovery. But the last few days have been good and I back hitting the long runs and bikes. I got a very hard 145KM bike done last weekend which included both
"Sally Gap
Sally Gap (1650 ft.) Category 1 Now this is a different story. The climb up Sally’s Western flank is 5 miles long and quite stiff particularly towards the top. It is also very open country with no shelter from the wind. Sally Gap is probably the toughest climb on the course but because it comes early in the day others climbs later on may seem more demanding. Sally Gap is definitely a Category 1 climb.

Wicklow Gap
Wicklow Gap (1600 ft) Category 1. This is another 5 mile long climb. It begins gently but the most demanding gradient comes about one third of the way up. Like Sally Gap this is a real mountain climb. There is no shelter but on the other hand the view is breath taking. Unlike Sally Gap the gradient eases towards the top. The Col de Wicklow Gap earned it’s fame when it was included in the Tour de France in 1997. You can fanaticise that you are amongst the grates as you struggle up this mountain amidst the cheers of the multitude "
Both of these two climbs are part of the Wicklow Way 200 challenge

As I only have about 7 weeks of training (not including taper) left to IM race day I have entered to events the 1st is a 100KM charity bike spin and the 2nd is an Olympic distance race in Limerick, where I hope to use these events to fine tune my race plan. So fingers crossed no more setbacks.


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