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 It's all about your weight dummy! 
Ouch that was hard
Mon Oct 22, 2012 9:35 am newMan
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My first race for a long time. The THH Surrey League the first 4 mins were ok then it was pain and people passing me from then in!

At least William had a good run in 4th place and first U15 in the boys race. His plan was to keep up with the boys that had been beating him last winter. In the end he was well ahead of them. However, the run of the day for me was our super U13 Laurie Pope. He thrashed quite a few of the U17 boys to finished 6th!
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Quiet Weekend
Tue Oct 02, 2012 12:55 pm newMan
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I didn't end up getting home until 12:40am on Satursday morning. Which is really late for me. I had an excellent evening watching Magnus Walker's short film about his obbession with collecting Porsches. He has a pretty amazing story. He went on holiday to the US when 19. Caught a coach to LA and only a bag / few dollars. Now he owns 10, to 20, old Porsches, Serious Clothing Plc and quite a lot of downtown Art District LA. He is the exactly oppposite of a normal business man in his appears but clearly has an energy to create! Given that there were only 30 people in the cinema I sat next to Magnus, and his wife Karen, lovely couple too.

After that I had to cycle home and then drive to pick William up from a dance he had been too. Then on Saturday we got the 9:45am train to Daventry. Unfortunately it was all to much for him and he has been ill since Sat and has to miss a race for his school today. He wanted to go and run it anyway because I think that even a William at 80% would of made the top 10 but his coach/I told him to get better. After all, the important races are in the New Year!

Sunday was only an easy run with Belle. To be honest I felt pretty tired too. Monday was a bike to/from work. I wanted to run after work but got busy.

Tonight is a hill session in CP Park again.
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Starting to feel stronger!
Fri Sep 28, 2012 5:03 pm newMan
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I didn't get a proper run in on Saturday. My idea had been to run while William was racing in Lloyd Park. However, we got to where the race should of been to see the park run finishing. We then asked somebody if they could guess where a schools race might be and they suggested the other side of the park near Trinity School. Which made sense seeing that Trinity where one of the schools competing so off we jogged only to get to the other side of the park so find another Dad/son looking for the race. Now with about 15mins to go we decided to go back to where we were before and go outside Lloyd Park across the main road to a playing field to see 50 boys lined up ready to start. A couple of loud shouts of stop the race, a quick change into his spikes/vest and he was ready to go. Well no strides or stretching. There were three races happening at once with the Juniors/ Inters & Senior following different courses. William is an intern so I told him to sit in for the first of three laps then accelerate and she what happen. Each lap was < 1k and up hill than flat and down hill. William kick on the 2nd time up the hill got a 20 secs lead very quickly and suddenly the race was over. As expected really because last year he had been coming in the top 3 in all these races and they only people that beat him had all moved up to the seniors. The chap he was battling with last year won the seniors race too despite being in the bottom year.

Sunday we return to Llyod Park to run the county xc course. It wasn't just raining but a full on storm. As we entered the park a dog walker asked us why. Because it's fun I said Smile After 30mins I gave William the option to go for the car or get the full 40mins he opted for the later.

I was luckly enough to get a dry run in during the morning too.

Monday I was a bit tired and only managed 30/40 mins easy around CP Park

Tues I biked to/from work and joined in my first winter hill session. I held back because I didn't want to kill myself and felt better for it. William did a reduced set with Robbie (who is mid 20s and has run 1:59 a couple of times this season). As they did the longer reps, as the end of the season, I could see William pulling away from Robbie. He looked very strong. It appears that he has been doing some secret core training every day and feels stronger for it. I just send an email to his coach at school telling him that I think we are going to see some special races from William this winter!


Run in Madrid easy pace but somewhat hilly.




bike to/from work
Treadmill session 18mins warm up including strides
20mins effort

3 x

2.5 mins 14kph
2.5 mins 14.5 kph
1.5 mins 15 kph (the middle one was 2mins in length

5 mins easy

Off to watch this tonight
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Nice session
Fri Sep 21, 2012 8:59 am newMan
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First session back. 40mins on the spin machine at work. Some 120+ spins, some 1 legs efforts and some 1 mins efforts.


Maybe sometimes less is more? No training on the track today so Mick gave me a session to do

4 x 60 secs
3 x 1k at 3:30/35 pace with 1m off
4 x 30 secs

which I did on the treadmill rather than going home and running in CP park. I was worried that I wouldn't go for a run once I got home.

15 mins warm up

4 x 60 secs starting @ 18.5/7
3 mins easy
4 x 3:30 @ 16.7 with 1 mins walk
7 mins cools down

Then bike home!

Sue : All better on that front (back) now!
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Good training of training but ..
Mon Sep 17, 2012 10:17 pm newMan
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I think that I got a little carried away this weekend.


15 mins warm up and stretch
10 mins at 7:15
10 mins at 7:00
10 mins at 6:30 (with the last 2 mins at 6:20)
10 mins easy home

I was in pieces at the end but Belle was still eager to run. The first 15 mins felt really easy. The last 10 mins weren't easy but they didn't feel that fast either. Since most of my training has been more < 5mpm but shorter.

William ran 17:32 for his first 5k for quite a while and that includes him dropping his inhaler and going back to get it. We guessimate he needs to be in about 75 secs quicker to be in with a shout of winning the xc county camp so if you count in 10 secs for a dropped inhaler and another 20 secs for a taper then we have about 3 months to find 45 seconds. Clearly all of the other boys have this time too but it's not impossible.


30 mins easy to Braunstone Mairne with Belle
35 mins easy towards Norton with William & Belle

Then I drove back to London and eat some crappy sandwich which sent my bowels into liquid overdrive.
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Me showing Sven Nys how to dismount!

Atlanta 2002

sub 70kg before the end of Jan 2011. Weight bet at work

sub 18 mins Braunstone Park 5k before the end of Feb 2012 (best is 18:12)
Failed in Nov/Dec. I got 18:33ish in Dec.

sub 19min on CP Park run in Jan/Feb 2012 (I think this course is a good 60 seconds slower than Braunstone)
18:31 5 March 2011! Bit late but I got there.

Selsdon Half Marathon March 2012
Sub 2nd 84:15 (about 2 to 4mins slower than I hoped)
Week Ending 11 Mar


Bike to/from work. Probably the windish commute ever.
treadmill session warm up 10 mins
20mins with 2 mins at 14kph, 15.5kph
5 mins walk
Super tired after that.

Week Ending 11 Dec

Total 10h15 weight 72.5kg
run : 4h55
bike : 5h20


30/40 mins run in CP Park with some strides. William was with me.


50mins run with some knee raises and setups
I feel pretty good thoughout

bike home
Run from London Bridge to work 30mins. Cold and wet. Like I like it!


bike to work 40mins
Run to London Bridge 30mins


Easy run Regents Park 25mins
bike to/from work 80mins


Hill session in CP Park with Rob
15mins of a relay 5 mins break 10mins of relay 6 x 70m strides. Pretty much all out sprinting for the entireI felt pretty good. 60mins in total
bike to/from work 80mins


bike to/from work 80mins
Run around Regents Park and Primrose Hill 50mins

Total : 9h:55

run : 1h55
bike : 8h00

30 mins walk


30 mins walk
2 hrs on mtb


bike to/from work 80mins


bike to/from work 80mins
spin bike session 42mins with 5 x 2:30 quite hard. HR wasn't working and bike doesn't have watts so I don't know how hard.


bike to/from work
treadmill session
8 mins easy 9 kph
5 mins of 20 / 40 rest seconds effort starting at 12.5 and ending at 16.5
20 mins of 80 seconds at 14kph / 12kph so any average of 13kph.
4 mins easy


Bike home. Didn't even bother to go to running in CP Park.


run home 75 mins (left heel really hurt. I had trouble walking)
bike to work 40 mins

Week Ending 4 Dec

Total 8h45m

Run 2h15m
Bike 6h30m


35 mins easy run with William


2.5 hrs DP ride


Bike to/from work (busy day)


Bike to from work 80mins
Run 30 mins with 3 x 6mins with 2mins recovery

1st in 6:25 pace
2nd in 6:50 pace
3rd in 6:55 pace

Ouch it didn't feel that slow!




10mins warm up
4 x 2 mins in 5:49 and 3 mins easy
10 mins cool down


bike to/from work
run around Regents Park.

Week Ending 6 Nov


Bike to/from work 80 mins
run 30mins around regents park
Session with Brian Wilder. Lots of pain as he worked on my plantar.
Really tried. I was in bed by 9pm and asleep before 10pm


Bike to/from work 90 mins


Bike to work 45 mins
Run home 50mins


Run to Kings College 35mins
bike home


Bike to/from work




Run in CP Park

hops up the steps
lungs up the hill
2 x 25secs sprints up the steep hill
2 x [3 x 85/90 secs with 20 secs rest] 10 mins inbetween sets
4 x 25 seconds strides down hill

Week Ending 30 Oct


Run on the grand union canal and country part with 4 x 3 mins intervals with 4 mins rest. William ran too and Holly joined us on their bike.

Week Ending 15 May

Total 13h10 11.65

Bike 28h15 (10.4)

4h45 bike towards box hill on the NDS (3)
4h0 on the road bike. Bonked at the end (2.5)
5h30 on the mtb towards Box Hill (3.2)
4h0 on the road bike to Clapham Junc and then from Julian's Goater to home (2.7)
10hrs on the Grand Union

Run 0h25 (.1)

0h25 .1

Week Ending 10 Apr

Total 4h15 2.85

Bike 2h45 (1.55)

2h20 (1.4) (Easy bike to kids and back), 0h25 (.15) bike to GB Cycles to drop bike off for work on the rear wheel

Run 1h30 (1)

0h40 (.4) 2.5m effort around cp at 6:45mpm
h50 (.6) run back from GBCycles. My calfs were very sore

Week Ending 3 Apr

Total 22h40 13.7

Bike 15h35 (7.9)

3h30 mtb (2.25), 1h10 (.4), 1h10 (.5), 0h45 (.5), 2h30 (1.7), 3h30 (2.25), 3h00 (2)

Run 7h05 (4.35)

0h30 (.2), 0h20 (.2), 0h45 (.5), 0h45 (.5), 0h15 (.05), 1h (.6), 0h40 (.4), 0h40 (.4), 2h10 (1.5)

Week Ending 20 Mar

Total 14h5

Bike 8h

8 x h35 (.25), 1h20, 2h

Run 6h5

40, 60 (.7), 40, 50 (.7), 45, 50 (18:30 CP Run), 35, 45

Week Ending 13 Mar

Total 12h25 7.15 (comp hrs 14h15)

Bike 6h50 2.9

10 x h35 (.25), 1h (.4)

Run 5h35 3.2 * 4/3 = 4.25

35 (.35), 60 (.7), 40 (.4), 40 (.5), 30 (.25), 50 (.4), 70 (.6)

Pretty tired after the week before so I took it easy Thur/Fri/Sat.

Week Ending 6 Mar

Total 14h50 10

Bike 5h40 2.5

8 x h35 (.25), 1h (.5)

Run 9h10 5.65 * 4/3 = 7.5

1h30 (1.0), 1h10 (.6), 1h10 (.7), 35 (.35), h50 (.6) 1h10 (.65), 1h (.6), h35 (.25), 1h10 (.Cool

Biggest run week ever? Lots of quality in there. I think that a TSS of 10 is my highest yet.

Week Ending 27 Feb

Total 15h10 7.85

Bike 10h00 3.25

35 (.25), 35 (.25), 35 (.25), 35 (.25), 35 (.25), 35 (.25), 2h00 (.75), 35 (.25), 35 (.25), 35 (.25), 35 (.25), 2h10 (1.5)

Run 5h10 3.45 * 4/3 = 4.6

0h55 (.75), 60 (.75), 35 (.4), 50 (.6), 40 (.35), 1h10 (.6)

The lower TSS score of 7.85 reflects that this week was easier. However, there where some good sessions in there.

Week Enging 20 Feb

Total 11h35 8.5

Bike 5h35 4.1

35 (.25), 35 (.25), 35 (.25), 35 (.25), 35 (.25), 35 (.25), 35 (.25), 35 (.25), 2h40 (2.), 15 (.1)

Run 6h00 3.3 * 4/3 =

1h10 (.Cool, 60 (.7), 50 (.55), 75 (.7) 45 (.55), 60 (.7)

Good session with Julian. 12 x 300m on the grass

Week Ending 13 Feb

Total 16h45 10.05

Bike 0h00 0

Run 6h45 3.75 * 4/3 = 5.

1h40 (1.25), 1h15 (.85), 1h15 (.Cool, 30 (.25), 25 (.25), 40 (.35)

Rested on Sunday. Really, really tired on Friday but had some active rest on Saturday and felt much better.

Week Enging 6 FEb

Total 14h00 7.25

Bike 10h00 4.8

35 (.25) x 9, 50 (.4), 25 (.15), 210 (2.)

Run 4h00 2.45 * 4/3 = 3.25

35 (.25), 60 (.75), 41 (.4), 60 (.75), 45 (.3)

Week Enging 30 Jan

Total 12h45 9.1

Bike 7h20 3.6

35 (.25), 35 (.25), 45 (.6), 35 (.25), 35 (.25), 35 (.25), 45 (.5), 35 .25, 35 .25, 35 .25, 35 .25, 35 .25

Run 5h25 4.1 * 4/3 = 5.5

30 (.25), 60 (.75), 35 (.3), 75 (.9), 35 (.3), 1h50 (1.6)

Not my biggest week of running but 3 quality session. My achilles is sore. However, I was happy to get in my longest run in many weeks but it wasn't pretty. My legs were still tired from Thursday so hard work the entire way.

Week Enging 23 Jan

Total 12h05 TSS 8.0 (Using a ratio of 4/3 for running to biking)

Bike 8h05 TSS 3.95

35 (.25) + 35 (.25) + 35 (.25) + 45 (.6) + 35 (.25) + 35 (.25) + .35 (.4) + 20 (.2) + 35 (.25) + 35 (.25) + 35 (.25) + 40 (.5) + 35 (.25) + 30 (.25)

Not at lot done on the w/e.

Run 4h00 TSS 3.05

30 (.25) + 60 (.8 ) + 30 (.3) + 60 (.Cool + 30 (.3) + 30 (.3) + 30 (.3)

Week Enging 16 Jan

Total 11h01
Bike 6h21 : 35 + 35 + 45 + 35 + 35 + 25 + 46 + 35 + 30 + 60
Run 4h30 : 60 + 60 + 50 + 40 + 25 + 35

I took the weekend easy my body needed a rest

Week Ending 9 Jan

12:30hr ish. I'm not sure of the exactly split.

Week Ending 12 Dec

Total 12:15hr
Bike 4:30hrs
Run 7:45hrs

The weather is holding me back from going for a longer bike

Week Ending 12 Dec

Total 12.5hr
Bike 8.5hr = 60+60+60+60+60+150
Run 4.05hrs = 50+60+30+30+30+40+5

Longer bike ride but no long run this week

Week Ending 5 Dec

Total 11.66
Bike 2.66hr = 40+40+40+40
Run 8.5hrs 70+70+20+70+70+70+85+30
Core 0.5hr

Biggest running week for quite a while

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