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where have all the bloggers gone?
Sat Mar 12, 2016 6:04 pm dhcm
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looked down list and no one posting anything for ages (apart from Paul). well I am one of the culprits so quick update on progress.

I have basically given up triathlon because despite endless efforts i just cannot make progress on swim and have decided that makes it too frustrating. also i have been doing more road cycling and running, so don't want to waste precious spare time in pool.

the good news is that orthotics seem to have dealt with endless running injuries (which were the reason I took up triathlon in first place) so continuing to make progress. times still inching better - just ahead of aging curve - highlights being sub18 for 5k, sub 38for 10k, and best of all, finally getting GFA 3.08 qualifying for automatic entry to london marathon.

but I have not given up on "Athlon" completely. just dropped the annoying swimming bit and spent more time on duathlon. Actually I find this tougher than triathlon - get more tired in the first 5k run then a typical swim because I am one paced at swimming but have plenty of gears on the run. Target was to qualify GB age group, and managed to squeak into the 45-49 category for this years ETU sprint event.

So this spring is etu sprint duathlon in Kalkar in April, followed a week later by london marathon, and then switching to bike training for this years etape in July.

Blenheim. Better!
Sat Jun 09, 2012 10:01 pm dhcm
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Blenheim sprint today. Decided to get a quick blog in because today I managed 4th Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy in the Male 40-44s, a number that will no doubt drop once tomorrow's results come in. But tomorrow wont be a fair benchmark, so I'm claiming it!

1:17:00 overall, which is about 2 mins 30 secs improvement on last year and totally unexpected, so feeling GREAT! Swim came in at 13:45 which I know is slow by the standards of many but it is my PB in a sprint tri by some way even though I have done virtually no pool time since March, bike about level pegging with last year despite the fact that virtually all my training this year has been on the bike (think my saddle was too low), and run came in 45 secs up, 22nd fastest for the day overall Very Happy , again surprising in light of running woes over past 6 months. Just came right better than previous years, showing again that this is a nutty and unpredictable sport. Exclamation

More injuries, marathon disaster, Blenheim tomorrow
Fri Jun 08, 2012 10:02 pm dhcm
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Well, spring has been a near write off as far as running is concerned. Shortly after recovering from Xmas flu (see last post 6 months ago) I started to get very bad pains in the inner thigh when running. One MRI scan later and its diagnosed as hip adductor tendonitis for which the prescribed treatment is.....

Yep, you guessed it: stop running for two months, loads of physio, build up slowly once it has cleared. Mad So marathon training was junked. Did a fair bit of cycling in an effort to compensate, but awful weather this year didnt help that much either.

So emerged at the end of March just starting light jogging for a mile at a time. Two weeks out from VLM I inadvisedly decided to run a 20 miler at easy effort, just to see how I was after the lay off. Went surprisingly well, 2:20 dead which is just short of 3 hour pace. Boosted hopes of a decent time, but on the day I went out at exactly same pace, but legs filled with concrete after only 10 miles, the next 16 turned from easy running at 7min miles to painful shuffling along at 10min miles, BUT I DIDNT WALK Rolling Eyes so that's one small plus compared to my previous marathon disaster (Edinburgh 2008). I discount the 3:40 as a "time", marathon is unfinished business until I post something close to capability. Maybe one in October...

Crouch End 10.1K followed a month later, came in at 38.25 which is more like it. 10secs down on last year. I was running on my own (there was about a minute gap in the finishing time of the guy ahead and the one behind) so didnt push quite as hard maybe. But still happy to be able to put out a 38min 10K after a spring layoff (CE10K is long and tough, so reckon its worth about 30secs quicker for flat equivalent).

Still having to take the running very easy, hip thing seems OK but has been replaced by Planatar Fasclitis, so I dont run until that pain has largely gone, which essentially means once or occasionally twice a week.

These injuries are too much, so I'm going to see a proper foot person. I overpronate on the right but not the left, so maybe some inserts or something.

Blenheim sprint triathlon tomorrow. Looking very windy so not expecting a great time, but still have a hope of bettering last year, where I lost a minute because someone had kicked one of my bike shoes away from my stuff. Grasping at straws maybe, but gotta have goals...

Will report back a little more promptly and this post.

Regards all and happy blogging

Sun Jan 01, 2012 8:28 pm dhcm
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Had high hopes for the Xmas break. 3 days leave plus the BHs made it a full week+ off. Was expecting to hit the ground running (NPI) on marathon training plus get a couple of good cycles in too.

Well, Xmas morning at 4am the flu hit. Knocked out all Xmas. Managed one hour long run yesterday, but reckon even that was inadvisable since cold is back with a vengence today.

Arrrrgh! so frustrating.

Still, excellent Xmas apart from that, so other positives.

Happy New Year to all.

Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:51 pm dhcm
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Well, its bin awile, but since November I have been focussing on c.45min-1 hour runs at marathon race pace and 1.5hour-2hours runs at MRP+30sec/miles. "Marathon race pace" is still around 7.15 min/miles (ie sub-3.15), but aim to move to 6.52's in the New Year as I aim to target the big 2:59:59.

Was going OK and while I have been getting contiual calf tightening/hints of shin splint type aches I have bene careful after each run to leave off until I was waking up in the morning feeling fine before going out again.

BUT cycling not so good. Went out with a group of other North London mid-lifers on Sunday for a 3 hour ride. Was a fair intensity but nothing unusual and not harder than when I go on my own. 2 hours in my legs turned to concrete and small of my back started to ache badly. Slowed up and suffered ignomony of having to be waited for at a petrol station at the top of the climb. Rolling Eyes first time I have every "bonked" on the bike. Still, I understand it is traditional for triathletes to be dropped on the hills by "proper" cyclists...

Subsequently have had quite bad sharp pains in lower back so am worrying that might have mild slipped disc. Is this going to be this year's winter training disaster? It was all going so well.... Mad

Have good Xmas all. Looking forward to better news in NY!

Next year taking shape
Fri Nov 11, 2011 10:39 pm dhcm
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I am signing up for the 2012 Etape du Tour (Alps stage) with a group of friends.

So now next year looks like:

Jan-April = marathon training, culminating in VLM. Target: sub-3hours if make it through winter without injuries, sub-3.15 (to get GFA entry next year) if don't!

April-June = triathlon training with heavy bike focus, culminating with Blenheim (Target 1.17) & Dambuster (target 2.20).

June-July = Etape final preparation and Etape itself (target: make it round).

August-Sept = prep for Challenge Henley (target: make it round)

Not a classic training schedule perhaps,only the marathon prep will follow a plan, but my theory on training schedules for age-groupers is "who knows what works?". My theory is that training for a marathon and then a serious sportive must be good for ironman right? Just need to remember to hit the pool from time-to-time and hopefully pick up, finally, a decent stroke along the way.

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2015 events
Anglican sprint duathlon, etu qualifier, 2secs outside automatic qualification Mad , but qualified eventually on rolldown Very Happy

blenheim. cramp on run - had to stop. finished several minutes off 2014 Sad

etape du tour alps. fell apart halfway. very tough to finish. but did finish Smile

City race 5k 18.03

crouch end 10k 40.xx Rolling Eyes

1500m 4.47
2014 events
Stratford marathon 3.22 - recovering from injury
Abingdon marathon 3.08 - finally FFA following decent training in run up Very Happy
cityrace 5k 17.55 Very Happy
crouch end 10k 38.xx
blenheim 1.15.xx
2013 events
etape du tour (alps) 5.47. placed 16%. best bike ride
Rutland marathon 3.41. freezing heavy rain throughout. survival only aim
city race 5k 18.30
crouch end 10k (add)
Hyde park
add others
2012 Events
April - London Marathon - 3:40 Mad
May - Crouch End 10K - 38.25 Smile
June - Blenheim (Sprint) (13:45/35:49/22:13). 1:17:00, 4th out of 261 in M40-44 (Saturday only) Very Happy
June - Dambuster (Oly)
July - Etape du Tour (Act 1 - alps)
2011 Events
Quattro Sportive (82miles). 4:43 (incl.10 min breaks)

F3Events Evening Sprint Triathlon (750(????)/20/5), May = 1:13:28 (17:20/1:38/33:34/0:45/20:09)

Crouch End 10.1K. 38:15 Surprised Very Happy

Blenheim Sprint (June) (750/19.8/5.4), 1:19:37 (14.29/4.29/35.59/1.49/22.53) Smile

F3Events Evening Sprint Triathlon (750(?)/20/5), June = 1:10:51 (16.13/1:05/32:47/0:44/19:59) Smile

Maldon triathlon (July) (c.1100/45/9) = 2:19:00 (21.25/1.21/1.18.37/0.36/36.49). 1st in age group! Surprised Very Happy

220/Humanrace Evening Sprint (26 August) (750/20/5), 1:10:45 (14.49/1.54/33.31/1.05/19.26) Smile

Vitruvian HIM (Sept) (1900/85/21.1), 4:51:05 (39.36/2.47/2.30.35/1.41/1.36.26) Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

The Fix-UK Tri-Challenge Relay (Sept) (400(?)/15/5 x 3), team time=2.39, personal splits 8.23/24.40/17.56. 7th overall but WINNERS MIXED CATEGORY Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Jekyll & Hyde duathlon (Oct) (4.2/20.8/7.6), 15.45/0.35/34.01/0.34/29.54), scoring MVET for club in London triathlon league Smile
2010 Triathlon Results
Triathlete's World Evening Sprint (750/20/5),May=1.20.05 (17.55/2.42/37.58/0.56/20.33)

Blenheim Sprint (750/19.6/5.4)=1.21.26 (15.03/3.54/37.10/1.48/23.33)

Triathlete's World Evening Sprint (750/20/5),July=1.12.43 (15.47/1.07/35.53/0.36/19.16)

Dextro Hyde Park Tri Olympic (1500/36/10)=2.23.06 (30.02/4.18/1.04.25/2.58/41.24)

Tri-challenge relay (400/15/5): swim=7.48, bike=unknown, run leg 1=21.17, leg 2=22.52, leg 3=20.12 (accident to team member, so ran all run legs)
2009 Triathlon Results
Blenheim Super-sprint (400/13.6/3.2)=59.40 (9.06/5.18/29.52/2.13/13.13)

Tri-Challenge relay (400/15/5)= swim=8.45,bike=29.12,run=19.27

NB. Recovering from shoulder break in Apr 2009
Personal Bests

HM (2013)1.28 Rolling Eyes
marathon (2014)=3.08

Swim (pool)
100m=1.40 Mad
400m=7.50 Sad
750m=13.41 (miscounted laps?) Confused
1500m = 28.36 Smile
Second statement of intent...
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