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Jekyll & Hyde
Tue Nov 01, 2011 9:36 pm dhcm
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I was unexpectedly offered a last minute entry to the Serpentine club's Jekyll & Hyde Park Duathlon (they needed a MVET to complete their team in the London triathlon league - the previous guy had dropped out).

Never done a duathlon before, but since swimming is by far my worst discipline in tri I should do better in duathlon (though somehow I can't help feeling that duathlon is likely to attract many in the same boat).

I took the first run leg (4.2K) at slow pace. This had been the plan following useful advice from TT forum, but was enforced on the day by the fact that I was late to the event Sleepy , had to queue for ages for toilet Rolling Eyes , rushed to get bike in transition just as event was about to start, found that I had lost my stickers Mad, but was saved by the transition official who let me rack the bike and offered to put replacement stickers on for me while I was out on the run Handshake . Great guy!

Start went just as I ambled up to the back of the pack so slowly away and basically not race prepared, so took the first couple of K nice and easy to counterbalance the natural (but almost certainly disasterous) tendancy to charge off to catch up with the faster runners Sprint
Held the sub-max pace all the way and got to T1 feeling very comfortable, if somewhat hungover. Couch

Onto bike which felt OK aside from too many dead turns (course was basically 8 out-and-back laps) which slow me down loads because I am hopeless at bike handling. Got into a good tussle with a couple of other guys generally falling behind at the turns but catching up/over-taking between. Didn't feel like I was really going for it, but time was 34mins for 20.8K which is just shy of 37km/h average speed which is about my best on the bike, so dont know what happened there Cool

Second run was tougher, now tired and didnt really push for the max. Route was two laps of serpentine lake and I took the first at easy pace, basically just tracking the guy who had been with me round the bike course (he was out of T2 a few second quicker). On second lap slightly ramped up the pace, caught up with the group ahead, and was able to push on over the final kilometer to finish 24th overall (out of c.160) and 5th age group. Was also scoring MVET for the club which is nice. Smile

I think duathlon agrees with me and will try a couple more over the winter. Another day I would expect to pick up a minute or two on the run legs. At the Jekyll my bike placing was 15th, but my runs were more like 30-50th depending on which leg, which is well down. Since running is my strong point this is a big disparity.

Happy blogging all.

Can't compete with 11 year olds
Wed Oct 12, 2011 5:21 pm dhcm
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The melancholy that comes with October has just been made worse by a recent email from my daughter's swim club which sets out minimum standards for competing in a local swimming gala for developing swimmers (i.e. they don't allow the faster kids to participate).

The minimum standards for front crawl for 11 year old girls are:

100m = 1.32
400m = 6.48
800m = 14.12

I am slower than each of these times. Rolling Eyes

Oh well, new challenge for the winter: get my swimming good enough that I am as fast as a moderate club standard 11 year old girl. Aim high right!

2010/11 totals
Mon Oct 10, 2011 11:32 pm dhcm
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Grand total: Training hours from Sept 2010-Sept 2011 was 345, including 72 hours swimming, 212 hours cycling (including "recovery" bike rides - ie commuting Rolling Eyes ) and 60 hours running Evil or Very Mad .

Average is about 6:30 a week.

The 60 hours of running is the most obvious problem, all down to a series of injuries through the year (shin splints, wierd thing on inside of knee, planatarish pain...), so basically ended up doing virtually no running at all for long stretches. If I can stay uninjured, I can replace a bunch of those commuting rides with 10K runs, which would be alot better. So here's hoping on that.

72 hours swimming is about the maximum i can get away with. Basically around 2-3 pool visits a week, but often pretty short ones (20 mins in water not unusual). Can't see the time commitment going up there (its the travel and getting changed etc that creates the problems), so just gonna have to make the best of what I can with it.

The cycling hours are better, and while they were inflated by including junk commuting rides, I pretty consistently was managing one decent longish ride per weekend, plus one decent turbo session per week. Might be able to get that up, but more turbo may drive me insane (and I havn't even been on it since the spring...)

So next year not likely to get more hours in. Just have to hope that I am still in the improving phase where more of the same will still get me better... worked this year so here's hoping!

No progress
Fri Sep 30, 2011 5:05 pm dhcm
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Ran the Serpentine's Last Friday 5K run in Hyde Park today.

I was expecting good things. Previous PB was 18.33 but that was in May 2010 and I thought that this season I should be a good amount quicker (indeed ran 17.56 at the tri-relay last Saturday, though i think the course was probably a little short so doesn't count in PB stakes). Quietly confident that I would get close to sub-18.

Well, not today. Did get PB of 18.31, but only by 2 seconds.

As usual I have a list of extenuating circumstances (was late so started a few second after the front runners and had to run clutching my race number, stomach problems last few days, was over slightly different course with more rises and according to the Garmin was 40m long). But that's only worth a few seconds, and on the plus side it was a lovely day and nothing is ever ideal.

Well, its still a good time and hopefully the running injuries will stay away long enough to do some concentrated speed sessions in - havn't really got round to those over the summer.

Sub-18 is now my main target for this autumn. Roll on the last Friday in October...

With a little help from my friends...
Tue Sep 27, 2011 6:06 pm dhcm
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Hit the Fix-UK tri-challenge relay on Saturday. This is a fun-event. Basic format is a 400m/15K/5K sequential relay (ie person A swims 400m, hand timing chip to person B who swims 400m and so on). Teams of 3. Excellent for an end of season thrash.

We rocked up with three teams made up of a motly collection of newbies and the slightly more experienced (e.g. me).

We did put the people with the quickest expected times in a sort of A team, attempting to challenge at the sharp end of the "mixed" category: myself, a friend who is always 40 secs ahead of me in north london 10K races and who is a pretty strong triathlete (2.17 or so at London tri this year), and a lady who who was doing tri for the first time with no cycling background and riding a borrowed bike she had not trained on. However, she can swim a bit (better than me, but that's not saying much) and puts out 37mins for 10K so all was far from lost! Wink (Reckon that if she gets her cycling going, she would be a very serious age-grouper in the female 40-44 category!)

I knew it was going to be a good day when I managed to get my contact lenses in in 5 mins (PB by about 25 mins) and all the north londoners were ready to be picked up at the pre-agreed times at the pre-agreed places.

And it was.

Swim was nothing to write home about, and the first leg of the bike suffered from technical problems (the lady using the borrowed bike had omitted to find out how the gears worked), but from the second bike leg to the end we rolled through the field. 24.40 and 25.36 for the two bike legs were off the pace of the fastest, but good enough to haul our way well up the field. Run splits of 18.06, 17.56 and 17.16 picked up a additional few places, finishing 42 seconds clear of the number 2 mixed team to win the "mixed" category Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy and 7th overall. In doing so, we managed to prevent a ful-on-tri clean sweep of top placings in each of the male, female and mixed categories. (They were using it as their club champtionships. Admittedly we were behind the top female team, but we had gearing problems and are all over 40 so we'll take it!). Even got a trophy (never had one before).

It was surprisingly hard. I think I push myself harder if I am in a team maybe.

Anyway, excellent fun and a perfect end to what has turned out to be a good season.

Now off for a winter of slow runs, turbo training and FINALLY getting that swim stroke into an acceptable state. Rolling Eyes

Mon Sep 12, 2011 8:48 pm dhcm
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I have an entry for the London Marathon in April.

I have a plan for a major continental sportive in June.

September... It's just sitting there. Empty. Conquering Mount Ventoux will be a distant memory. Staggering along the Embankment a mere haze. Just drizzle and melancholy.


What about Ironman Wales? TTers advise it is very tough for a first go with slow times guaranteed. Challenge Henley then. Near to London, half the price, and flatter course. But will they run it next year?

To tell the truth I am far from decided about this (me 'n Lance Armstrong both Wink ) I would not do the full Ironman training thing and I don't reckon I can average more than about 7 hours a week + a bit of cycle commuting, which is well short of everything I read on what is required.

But coming off London marathon + major sportive I should have decent base going into the final 3 months. So should be able to get round, even if not in fast time. And if not now, when? (There's obviously got to be a "when"!) I'll never have the 12-16 hours and dont reckon my joints would hack it even if I did.

So I am thinking of entering, but treating it as I did the Vit this year, but going for completion rather than "a time".

Dont think Challenge Henley sells out, so 12 months or so to think it through. That's the kind of decisive thinking that gets you through these things! Rolling Eyes

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2015 events
Anglican sprint duathlon, etu qualifier, 2secs outside automatic qualification Mad , but qualified eventually on rolldown Very Happy

blenheim. cramp on run - had to stop. finished several minutes off 2014 Sad

etape du tour alps. fell apart halfway. very tough to finish. but did finish Smile

City race 5k 18.03

crouch end 10k 40.xx Rolling Eyes

1500m 4.47
2014 events
Stratford marathon 3.22 - recovering from injury
Abingdon marathon 3.08 - finally FFA following decent training in run up Very Happy
cityrace 5k 17.55 Very Happy
crouch end 10k 38.xx
blenheim 1.15.xx
2013 events
etape du tour (alps) 5.47. placed 16%. best bike ride
Rutland marathon 3.41. freezing heavy rain throughout. survival only aim
city race 5k 18.30
crouch end 10k (add)
Hyde park
add others
2012 Events
April - London Marathon - 3:40 Mad
May - Crouch End 10K - 38.25 Smile
June - Blenheim (Sprint) (13:45/35:49/22:13). 1:17:00, 4th out of 261 in M40-44 (Saturday only) Very Happy
June - Dambuster (Oly)
July - Etape du Tour (Act 1 - alps)
2011 Events
Quattro Sportive (82miles). 4:43 (incl.10 min breaks)

F3Events Evening Sprint Triathlon (750(????)/20/5), May = 1:13:28 (17:20/1:38/33:34/0:45/20:09)

Crouch End 10.1K. 38:15 Surprised Very Happy

Blenheim Sprint (June) (750/19.8/5.4), 1:19:37 (14.29/4.29/35.59/1.49/22.53) Smile

F3Events Evening Sprint Triathlon (750(?)/20/5), June = 1:10:51 (16.13/1:05/32:47/0:44/19:59) Smile

Maldon triathlon (July) (c.1100/45/9) = 2:19:00 (21.25/1.21/1.18.37/0.36/36.49). 1st in age group! Surprised Very Happy

220/Humanrace Evening Sprint (26 August) (750/20/5), 1:10:45 (14.49/1.54/33.31/1.05/19.26) Smile

Vitruvian HIM (Sept) (1900/85/21.1), 4:51:05 (39.36/2.47/2.30.35/1.41/1.36.26) Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

The Fix-UK Tri-Challenge Relay (Sept) (400(?)/15/5 x 3), team time=2.39, personal splits 8.23/24.40/17.56. 7th overall but WINNERS MIXED CATEGORY Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Jekyll & Hyde duathlon (Oct) (4.2/20.8/7.6), 15.45/0.35/34.01/0.34/29.54), scoring MVET for club in London triathlon league Smile
2010 Triathlon Results
Triathlete's World Evening Sprint (750/20/5),May=1.20.05 (17.55/2.42/37.58/0.56/20.33)

Blenheim Sprint (750/19.6/5.4)=1.21.26 (15.03/3.54/37.10/1.48/23.33)

Triathlete's World Evening Sprint (750/20/5),July=1.12.43 (15.47/1.07/35.53/0.36/19.16)

Dextro Hyde Park Tri Olympic (1500/36/10)=2.23.06 (30.02/4.18/1.04.25/2.58/41.24)

Tri-challenge relay (400/15/5): swim=7.48, bike=unknown, run leg 1=21.17, leg 2=22.52, leg 3=20.12 (accident to team member, so ran all run legs)
2009 Triathlon Results
Blenheim Super-sprint (400/13.6/3.2)=59.40 (9.06/5.18/29.52/2.13/13.13)

Tri-Challenge relay (400/15/5)= swim=8.45,bike=29.12,run=19.27

NB. Recovering from shoulder break in Apr 2009
Personal Bests

HM (2013)1.28 Rolling Eyes
marathon (2014)=3.08

Swim (pool)
100m=1.40 Mad
400m=7.50 Sad
750m=13.41 (miscounted laps?) Confused
1500m = 28.36 Smile
Second statement of intent...
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