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Joined: 14 Dec 2010
Location: Leighton Buzzard
Occupation: Engineering Manager

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2012 weeks 9 and 10
Fri Mar 09, 2012 2:51 pm JonD
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Hi everyone!

Week 9 (w/b Sun 26/2/12)
Sun - Morning run 6.9mi in 59mins. Tried to run at a consistently faster pace instead of plodding along. After a bit of getting used to, it seemed ok.
Mon - no training
Tues - no training - day off work as my son was unwell.
Weds - am gym - 45mins core
lunch run - 31mins around local park
Thurs - Tri club. Run - 1hr of 1k interval sessions.
Swim - 50mins of drills. Minor excitement at the end as, apparently, the pool pump had stopped and chlorine gas had started to form over the pool. Am sure it wasn't chlorine, as that is poisonous, but it did make us all feel unwell!
Fri - no training
Sat - rest day. Spent the day working in the garden and then felt very unwell with cold-like symptoms in the evening. Not a good sign as I have a race on Sunday...

In summary, when I trained I trained well but I had 3 days when I should have done something. I do have work pressures as an excuse and my son needed me to stay home on Tues but nonetheless I am disapointed that I didn't manage to work around it.

Week 10 (w/b Sun 4/3/12)
Sun - Milton Keynes Half Marathon.
My first race of the year and I felt terrible - full of cold. Poor nights sleep. To cap it all, the weather was dreadful too! Torrential rain!
Am pleased to say that I dosed myself up with lemsip and then did the run. In the end I quite enjoyed it and ran 1h55 ~3mins faster than last time (2010).
Mon - am gym. 30mins core & stretching. Recovery from the half.
lunch - 3.75mi recovery run. I was pleased to be able to get out and run. Didn't feel too bad.
Tues - am run. Was planning a 9mi run but didn't have it in my legs. Pleasingly, I thought about it and instead of my routine response - I slow plod for about 3mi - I ran to the park, did two hard mile reps with 3mins rec between and then ran back. 4miles in total but much higher quality than plodding. Smile
Weds - no training. Decided to let my body have a day off, plus had an all-day meeting to chair at work.
Thurs - Long day in the office as I had agreed to collect my sister-in-law from the airport (I work a stones throw from Luton airport - handy for parking Smile and lifts Sad ) - decided to run after work for a change. 9.7mi in 1h30 down a new route to Wheathampstead and Harpenden. Bad news was that it got dark... 2 miles on unlit footpath back. D'oh.
Fri - no training
Sat - (will be a) rest day

In summary, I enjoyed the race and was very pleased with how I felt afterwards. Totalled 30miles which was great!

DaveMcD and Sue - thanks for the support. I agree that this isn't always number 1 priority, but I do have the ability to juggle things around a bit. 5.30 starts are fine - if I can get to bed early enough without disturbance!!

++++ PB's ++++
Old PB's (pre family)
5k - 16'55" Stevenage winter series c2001
10k - 35'11"
10m - 62'56" Harlow 10m 2000
half mara - 1h24'40" Watford 2001
mara - 2h59'46" Nottingham 2001

Oly tri - 2h32 MK 2004

New PB's (since 2010)
10k - 50'40"
half mara - 1h57 MK Mar-10

Oly tri - 2h53 Bedford 2011
++ 2012 Race List ++
4/3/12 MK Half Marathon
1170odd of 2700odd

29/4/12 MK Marathon (entered)
24/6/12 Northampton Olympic Tri
8/7/12 Cowman
Sep-12 National Forest 10k
(unfinished business!)
Sep-12 Roade Sprint tri
Nov-12 Luton Marathon
++ 2011 Race List ++
27/2/11 Winslow 10k (50'30" 126/238)
2/5/11 Enduro6
3/7/11 Bedford Classic (Oly) 2h50ish
18/9/11 National Forest 10k 55'40" ish. Terrible.
25/9/11 Roade (Sprint) 1h13
++ 2010 Race List ++
MK Nike+ HM 7/3/10
Enduro6 ATB Race 1/5/10
National Forest 10k 19/9/10
Roade Tri 26/9/10

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