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New Year, New Start.
Thu Jan 19, 2012 1:05 am cocksey
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Looking at sporttracks data from last year, i hit 32/33/39 hours jan/feb/march. That wasn't so bad considering i didn't think i had the best of winters. This year my number 1 aim is consistency. For example i trained more in my first week in jan than in the entire of december, i was resting the mind/body etc after the seasons over but i came out of this state alot later than i did last year, and it's showing. Over winter my weight shot back up to 86kg! I'm already back down at 83.2kg but it's something that i want to pinpoint this year, i want to be down to about 77kg, i've never felt this light in my adultlife, so when i hit it, i'll reassess where i am, and decide to stay at 77 or i could loose an extra k or two.

I've finally taken my bike off the turbo and gotten rides outside, only short 18-20 milers, but it's a step in the right direction. The weight issue will help loads with the bike living here in the peak district, nice and hilly! Very Happy Endurance wise i felt alright, it was weird being at a fast pace longer than 4-8minute intervals which I've become accustomed to over the winter months. I really need the bike miles in my legs, and as i also need the longer run miles in my legs too, this present my first problem. Due to the nature of where i run, running in the dark, especially on your own is a little bit eerie(read scary Razz) and i'm really just asking for an injury doing so, I've got local roads i can run on, but the long option is just mind numbing compared to running the fells which are literally on my doorstep. So, Sunday is my long(really long!) run day, usually hitting 13+ miles as standard, i also go with friends so the bike stays inside then. My long bike day is my other day off so that no problem, but the bit i'm struggling with is the medium, tempo distances, say 25miles hard on the bike and 8 miles tempo running. I'll just have to manage.

Without any major bike volume which usually takes up over 50% of my training time, i'm hitting 9-10 hours for the last few weeks in jan(this week is looking that way too Smile) I don't want to go out and set myself a stupid target i'll never reach saying i'll do 20 hours a week! So i figured 12 is a good number, the odd hour or so extra would bring me to 50hours/month, if i can keep this consistently then i'll be ecstatic. So on improving volume/consistency this year i'm aiming for 40hours for jan then 50 onwards until events and taper/recovery start getting in the way.

I didn't take advantage of the amount of local sportives there are round here, 20 quid for 80 miles, it's really good and you obviously get the support from seeing other riders doing it aswell. I got into fell racing late last year, so we've got a full season of that, the short midweek races start in march, that coupled with the occasional parkrun will be all i need for topend hurtbox stuff(runwise!)

But the truly upsetting fact from last year is that I bought a TT bike primarily for triathlon racing, but never actually did any TT's... they're like the fell races i do, cheap and cheerful and there is massive gains to be made by doing them.
Hopefully this year will be as productive(hopefully even more so!) than last year.

Until next time! Cool

Sun Dec 04, 2011 12:47 pm cocksey
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Firstly, i've signed up for outlaw again for 2012, it's a great race so glad to be on the starting list. Smile I've been hit by a series of mishaps/injuries so my daily running plans have been decimated if i'm honest. I'm just trying to keep my running and swimming volume up over winter. I'm going to start getting one to one lessons for swimming, hopefully a few months of that and i could be in 6:00/400m territory Very Happy I've been going to my local tri club swim sessions so he coaches that and see me swim every week outside of lesson time, so thats just invaluable also.

Big news.... Finally got back on the bike! Yeah after my last sprint around september(!) i'd just not felt the need to go on it, last year was different as winter 2010 was about me hitting it hard, consequently it's now my strongest dicipline - by some margin also. I figured 2 turbo's a week, replacing them with hour outdoor sessions when the weather suits will keep my good form, if not improve it for 2012, where i'll proceed to build my base throughout jan-mar and then give it some hammer from then until outlaw. Outlaw bike split could of been so much more, albeit i was learning was IM racing was all about, and it'll take another few IMs to get myself sorted really. I didn't do any long intensity work leading up to the race and as a result didn't come out with the split i know i'm capable of.

Just need to be consistent now with my training, i know i'm saying i'm doing this and i'm doing that, but if i'm hitting 4hrs/pw one week and then 8hrs/pw the next it's not a good way to lead myself into for IM work which will start in jan.

The things we do, my friends think i'm crazy. "You're upset that you've only run 15 miles this week?! What's wrong with you?!" Twisted Evil

End of season
Tue Oct 04, 2011 11:43 pm cocksey
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It's hard to believe that it's the end of the season already. Seemed surreal after completing Buxton sprint, that it would be the last triathlon i'd be doing for 6 months. Even more daunting is that one of my first races back could be IM lanza, with the serious lack of OW practise which has done me so well over this season, and secondarily lacking in the long distance bikes. I'll probably have to just MTFU and go out when it's really cold/wet. This is all depending on if i actually get into lanza, as i'm just on the waiting list at the moment.

This season has been quite a breakthrough for me, for sprints/olys i'm hitting top 3 AG consistently. Clearly i'd like to be winning them in 2012 but my aim is to improve my LD performances, i'm still quite high up in AG in LD racing but overall i'm MOP, rather than at the front with the shorter stuff. My long bikes haven't been great this year, this has shown by my friend who've I've beaten in the bike split for every race this year for the short stuff, but he put 45 mins on me on the bike alone in Nottingham at outlaw. In hindsight I did hold back quite alot, but it was my first IM so it's just part of that learning curve(and i'd rather taken it too slow than too fast!)

Overall i'm happy with this season, taken alot of positives and from the notso positives I've got great things to work on over winter. I'm still putting in the hours, keeping things ticking over which put me in a select group at this time of year, i'm just glad to still being able to enjoy it, as at the end of the day is why i do all these silly races Wink
All i can say now is bring on January, CTS Anglesey Ultra(33M) Twisted Evil

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-------2012 Events-------
21st Janurary - CTS EnduranceLife Anglesey Marathon(Trail)

26th Feb - Blackpool Half Mara

25th March- Wilmslow Half Mara

29th April - Manchester Marathon(Road)

13th May - Wilmslow Sprint

26th May - Beaver Half Ironman

1st July - Outlaw Iron Distance

21st July - North Wales Half Ironman(not confirmed)

29th July - Blithfield Olympic

2nd September - Hellvelyn

7th October - Oulton Park Duathlon
----- Personal Bests ------
100m - 1:35
200m - 3:11
400m - 6:34
3800m - 1:13.31

24 mile - 1:08.12

HM - 1:36.30

Sprint - 1:18
Olympic - 2:35
70.3 - 5:24
Iron - 12:56

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