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Joined: 29 Sep 2009
Location: South Lakes

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So what's happened!
Fri Jan 20, 2012 1:58 pm owenb
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It's been 6 months since my last confession and to be honest until December I don't think I've done much.
But 2012 has given me a new year to chase those seemingly elusive targets for me which mainly deal with my health and fitness.

I started back in the gym in December aiming primarily to ease up my swim fitness and to do a bit of running on the treadmills and I've been getting out with my stepson William on the bike 3 times a week for about an hour at a time.
I'm actually feeling relatively fit, the treadmill running seems to have enabled me to run with a little more cushioning and I'm up to trotting through a slow 5k at a time and as of today I've managed my first ever continous 1500m swim in the grand old time of 33:15 I have no idea whether that's reasonable or not but I'm sat at my desk with tight shoulders and feeling knackered so I don't really care.

Also I've joined a running club, the kids are part of their junior section and are doing brilliantly and a few of the other parents have been trying to encourage me to join in on their sessions.
Well last night after seeing they had soem starter sessions for the next 6 weeks I decided the time was right and went down, I felt like a bit of a tool stood in a room full of sinewy little runners when I'm built like a barge but they were all really helpful and friendly and I'm already looking forwards to next weeks session and perhaps joining in on some of their social runs in time.

Cycling really takes care of itself for me but as of next week I've decided to commute by bike at least 2 days a week so that should increase my road mileage.

So for this year I've got two tri's on the radar, both are the ones I couldn't do last year due to injuries so I've got a couple of scores to settle and I intend to do just that!


Fri Jul 15, 2011 8:49 am owenb
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Well as itís a couple of weeks again since my last blog addition I thought Iíd add something today as Iím feeling pretty good.

Since I last wrote I have begun swimming again which is good (not the swimming) and I really enjoyed finding out just how much swim fitness Iíd lost Sad . But itís a starting point and Iím really glad that Iím able to get there and work again.

But today was the actual proper breakthrough, after months of rest and rehab I finally went out for a run this morning, it wasnít fast and it wasnít for long but it was good fun. I really enjoyed myself, it was a lovely morning and I ended up jogging a couple of minutes and walking a couple in recovery, I could have gone longer but I decided that it was better to take it steady after 6 months off running and bearing in mind Iím still nearly 20 stone itís in my interests to move slowly.

So it was 2.3 miles this morning in 26 minutes which isnít going to win me any prizes but I donít care, I did it!

Had a bit of a discussion with my good buddy Hoppy this morning and he reckons that after a period of injury itís in my interest to build my run fitness very very slowly so thatís what I intend to do while I keep dropping the weight. At the same time I'm trying to improve my running form and keep on the forefoot rather than the heel striking run I'd managed to develop.

So triathlon is out of the question this year, I intend to build a good base of fitness and hit the ground running next year and Iím really looking forward to it.

On another side note, life at home has gotten more interesting as Robin (the baby) who is now 7 months old has sprouted his first tooth and begun to crawl. Heís coming on more and more and I cannot be prouder of that little man let alone the rest of my kids and step kids who all got great reports.

We had another velodrome session in Manchester since the last blog update and Will is getting more confident on there, his club have also been asked if theyíd like to get there and try out the new BMX centre and heís been approached to take part in some grass track racing throughout the lakes in Summer so heís excited about that.
The kids are still enjoying their running club and Iris managed to win a 1 mile handicap race that they held so sheís absolutely made up with it all.

Targets for the next blog are to get back to a point where I can find time to swim, bike and run at least twice each!

Sue: I toyed with off road running but have decided it's easier for me to just have a gentle trot on the roads round where I live. I don't need people to tell me I need to lose weight though I'm a chubber and I know it! Smile

Latest update.
Mon Jun 27, 2011 10:18 am owenb
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So as my heel problems have been put down to loose ankles and ligaments I decided to go get some physio and remedial massage as the podiatrist recommended it to ease some issues sheíd found when she assessed me.

I got myself booked in for last Friday and after a bit of a chat about my injuries he looked me over and found a few issues. He explained the issues to me and baffled me with the latin names for a lot of muscles that were working against each other that he reckons are in turn causing me problems with my ankles.

So to start with it seems I have problems with both Peroneus brevis and longus on both left and right legs which are apparently causing the looseness in my ankles. A couple of years back I had an issue where I had a tightness up the side of my right calf which I rotated my ankle inwards to try and stretch it after a few seconds it went twang and I couldnít move my foot afterwards it was agony. Turns out Iíd torn my calcaneofibular ligament which apparently attaches in some way to the peroneus brevis and the looseness here was causing my heel bone (calcaneous) to turn inwards and as you can imagine these problems accentuated the issues with my loose joints and in turn gave me Achilles tendonitis.

After working on the knots in my peroneus brevis muscles he also worked on my Gastrocnemius muscle which is apparently the biggest of the muscles in the calf area and he reckoned it was over tight and that this was adding to the problems also so he gave me some more stretches to do and in doing these I realize Iíve just not been stretching my calves deeply enough, hopefully these will ease the pressure somewhat.

So Iím getting there he reckons that with a few sessions treatment and if I continue to carry out my stretches Iíll be a lot nearer to running again. Heís told me though that I need to lose weight before I can run safely on road but Iíd already decided I was going to go off road for my runs to give my legs a little respite.

Managed to force myself out of bed early yesterday to get a ride in before the weather got too warm and did a couple of laps of my local ten mile loop I thoroughly enjoyed it and I have to say my legs felt a lot easier on the hills so I am presuming thatís something to do with my leg treatments or it could just be in my mind who knows!

Things are looking up I reckon!

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