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Training volume
October 2011
Swim: None
Bike: 27h22
Run: 2h56
Total: 30h18
Planned races for 2012
Reading half marathon
London marathon
Bala middle distance
IM 70.3 Wiesbarden
Big/little Woody
New Forest middle
The plan within a plan (part 1 - swimming)
Thu Nov 10, 2011 9:16 pm Tonkington
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My last entry was just about my plan for the season. This entry is my "plan within a plan". As I was writing, it started getting it a bit long so I stopped after swimming (and transition).

I spent a lot of time focussing on my swim last year. My girlfriend was injured and couldn't run or cycle for a while. So we swam. A lot. Maybe 4 or 5 hours a week typically. Which probably represented about half of my training time.

I swam with a swimming club rather than a tri club meaning I can count on one hand the number of times we swam more than 100m without stopping. But it was *all* hard. Nothing but flat out. But I got pretty good as a result.

By the time it came to races this year I was taking a good couple of minutes off last years sprint/oly times and feeling much fresher coming out of the water.

Since the end of this season I've given up swimming. I've swum once since the start of September, and that was 20 minutes splashing around in a lake. I'm currently blessed with having easy access to quality cycling until March so want to make the most of that.

I may lose 5 minutes on what I could have for an my IM swim compared to what I could have done if I'd carried on swimming as I was, but my cycling has come such a long way in the month I've been focussing on it (see total cycling volume for October) that I think I could gain 10s of minutes in bike speed. Plus hopefully a knock on into run speed.

I plan on picking up swimming again in the new year. Two swims a week, initially technique and distance focussed but when I return to my swim club will do the hard stuff with them again (and rebuild my butterfly muscles). I'm also going to make swimming an addition to cycling and running, which means two early starts a week. I can handle that.

The fourth discipline, apparently.

In a nutshell, I'm rubbish. I struggle to get my wetsuit off, I lose my balance, drop stuff. It's a disaster. T2 isn't much better.

I know it's not as important for long course racing as it is for sprints but it's free time and something I really should sort out. I think I just need an hour or so of practising but I'll wait for the warmer weather to arrive.

Replies from last time
fruit theif - London will certainly get me out running, I've always sort of winged it when it comes to running even though it's what I think I'm naturally best built for. Given I may only get one chance to do London I would like to perform well.

Sue - yes, it's going to be an expensive year! But I love racing and am happy to put my money to something I love. I hope I get to do some, I don't have a car so struggled last year to find any that I could get to.

sjh - I'm still not sure about the post IM races either, but I just don't want my season to end in July. I'd like to have races to look forward to right through the year. Not sure about tips, but I've got a few ideas.

Opening blog entry - goals for 2012
Tue Nov 08, 2011 8:04 pm Tonkington
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So this is it. I'm writing a blog.

The main purpose of this blog is that 2012 will be my third season in triathlon and my first season "going long" as they say. I've entered the Outlaw in Nottingham and want to give it a good effort. So hopefully writing down my progress at least monthly will keep me motivated.

I'll be doing a few other races along the way which I'd also like to perform well in, but my focus is Outlaw. In triathlete parlance, it's my A race. I've even made a (sort of) training plan. I may even taper.

Without having given it too much thought I'm setting a provisional goal of under 12 hours. It's a flat and fast course so I'd describe this as challenging but achievable.

My formula for 12 hours is:

1 hour swim + 4 hour run + 6 hour bike = 11 hours

Plus one hour for transition and the fact that all the above splits are optimistic.

London marathon
I guess you'd call it my B race. Jammy git that I am, I also got a place. On my second attempt no less.

I've done a couple of half marathons but never any further. My run training has generally consisted of "going for a run" a couple of times a week. Although I did have some success with track sessions getting my 10k time down at the end of this season.

So I'm targetting under 3:45 as I reckon this would allow me to come in around 4 hours for the marathon at the end of Outlaw.

Other races
Reading half marathon and Bala middle distance are cheap and cheerful and pretty well positioned as a warm ups for London marathon and Outlaw respectively.

I'd like to have a crack at the Woody as I tweaked my back about 8 hours before the start this year and couldn't get my wetsuit on in the morning resulting in my first ever DNF. That was the little, depending on how Outlaw goes I may do the big. I don't think either sell out so it would be last minute thing.

To give me some motivation to keep going after Outlaw I'll be entering IM 70.3 Wiesbarden. My good lady's brother lives close so free accomodation and visiting family offsets the high price.

New Forest middle distance is meant to be a great race and is would be a nice way to round off the season.

I was considering the Tour of Wessex but I don't think my cycling is up to three back to back 100+ milers.

Will likely do some sprints, standards and 10km runs along the way as well. Would like to get into time trialling a bit this year as well.

Christ! That's a lot when I write it all down.

I think my next blog is going to include how I plan on achieving these goals.


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