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Half Term report
Fri Feb 10, 2012 4:08 pm esox.flucius
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Sounds like everyone is hard at it (so to speak), thought I'd check in with developments...

The Good news;

Overall I feel as if my training is going well. Swimming is.. well swimmimg really... I'm in the slow lane at masters, but if I was any faster I'd be disowned on here. The slow lane is therefore a badge of honour. In fairness, with the broken coller bones I'v had the last couple of years, it is a massive improvement to 4 months ago.
Running is happening, which with ITBS trouble for 3 years is a miracle. The solid base I started to build in the autumn is making me a lot more confident, and I managed an 11 mile run up and down the local fell on wednesday without any ill after effects.
Cycling, my strongest and fave discipline, is feeling good. The turbo sessions over the winter are paying dividend now. Changing from DVDs on the turbo, to focused HR intervals etc has seen a step up in performance, I'm even going well amongst the local roadie lads. Trying to get longer rides in now, and have managed 65-75 mile rides the last 3 weeks. Back out for 4 hours tomorrow morning.

Retul bikefit done, and the TT bike feels much better.

Got a new car (Peugeot 5008) which will easily hoist all my kit/bikes/wife/kids and excess 'stuff' to Torridon.

Managed a promotion and a bit of extra pay so treated myself to a new set of wheels (thanks to Ladyboyharv for the advice, for putting up with my incessant questions and for generally stalking him via the pm route). The HEDs (Jet 9 rear, Jet 6 front) arrived yesterday and I'm well pleased.

Overall I'm pleased with my attitude, getting up v.early for masters swims etc, and keeping my diet realatively clean (stopped caffeine also at new year). One unknown is whether I am on track? I have never gone full distance before, the longest Tri I've done is Helvellyn and the longest/hardest sportive is The Fred Whitton, however I am a lot fitter already than previously and have 4 and a half months to lengthen out the training appropriately.

Just need to sort out a disc cover (which is in the pipeline), source the backpack and waterproof I want, and some new trail shoes (think I'll get the Roclite 315's), one of the lad's in our Cycling Club makes a living out of selling Inov-8 etc and is a running coach, so I'll be paying him a visit soon.

The Bad News

Didn't get in the Fred Whitton, however there are usually slots going a month before and I hope to get in then.

My support on the run dropped out last night... by text Rolling Eyes Mad Mad

However, my wife has stepped in!! Surprised She isn't very sporty, but is one of those naturally fit people that I hated as a kid. The way I see it, by the time I get to that point, and hopefully en route to qualify for a blue t-shirt, its just a matter of completing the rest, I ain't racing to win it after all, and I won't be sprinting ahead of her. If my wife and best friend can't get me through the dark moments of that marathon then nobody can. My mum and her partner will do the support on the bike, so all good. I just need to drag my wife up a few fells.... I've done it before, on a recce for Helvellyn so why not?

So the Half-Term report is a B- (minus for the support disaster)

Hope things are going well for everyone else.
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Sat Feb 11, 2012 8:16 pm Sue
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well good newsa often balanced with not so good Sad
but some of your not so good has changed Wink


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