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2012 Events Planned
Red Venom Double Super Sprint - 5th August ~ 1st in age group

Cleveland Sprint Relays Triathlon 23rd September ~ bit of fun

Redcar Half Marathon - 30th September ~ new PB 1:50:52

Gruesome Twosome HM - 18th November
All about Nataliejane25

Joined: 13 Dec 2011
Location: Redcar
Occupation: Web Analyst
Interests: Running Triathlon Dancing

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11 days to the Gruesome Twosome Multi terrain Half
Wed Nov 07, 2012 4:21 pm Nataliejane25
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Not long now to the Gruesome Twosome. Training has not gone as planned since the the Redcar Half. We went off on holiday for 2 weeks to Egypt which was fantastic but although I took my trainers I spent the whole time laid on the sunbed with a bit of high ropes and swimming (Note to self don't go on holiday midway through training or if you do make sure you do some running while away).
Got home at 4am on Sat 20th Oct and after a few hours sleep got up to do the Parkrun and have a gentle jog.
My training plan had me down to do an 8 mile off road run on the Sunday and we parked at Hutton Village and headed off. My legs were really tired and we did a lot of hills heading over to Roseberry Topping (1000ft) and running up the steps at the back. Got to the car and although I wasn't out of breath my legs were done in.

Monday morning was still feeling it in my quads and found I couldn't walk down the stairs at work !! I live in a bungalow so hadn't been a problem at home. All my planned runs for the week had to be shelved. Saturday Parkrun was a cold wintery affair and with only 30 people on a good day I would have been first women home but I found I was running lopsided as I had no power in my right leg. People were going past me as if I was reversing.
My Sunday run became a flattish run and first 3 miles were ran in poor 10 min miles I then tried to up my speed and finished the 7 miles in a slightly more respectable time but my leg was obviously not too good.

With an interval session on the treadmill at the gym mid week and a cross training session on Friday I planned to use my Parkrun to see if the leg was any better.

The run was better than the previous week but still over a minute slower than my PB but pain in my leg was now only in my groin area and quad pain had gone. I multi terrain run on Sunday along the coast and through Saltburn Woods to my mums got another 6.45 miles training under my belt.

I did a weights session on Monday night.

Unfortunately I have suffered another setback as picked up Gastric Flu which started early hours of Tuesday.
11 days left and I will be running the Gruesome by hook or by crook, I know I can run the distance, the multi terrain element will be a new challenge but I will have Christine to keep me going.

Hopefully I will be back to strength for the weekend

Looking forward to the 18th and the lovely bowl of soup and beanie hat as I finish the race and then look to start my winter training to get me ready for Triathlon in 2013

Tried a Tri in 2013 and loved it - Now want to do it properly

Cleveland Sprint Relays and Redcar Half Marathon Completed
Wed Nov 07, 2012 3:31 pm Nataliejane25
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Well I have to say I really enjoyed the Cleveland Relays on the 23rd September
I was in a team with Steven King ( who persuaded me to join the tri club many months ago), Tom (East Coast Cycles) and Helen. It was a fun end of season event and our team name was Fast and Last.
Had never done a pool based triathlon or one where you cycled on open roads so the experience was really good. With let Steve go off ahead once we got to the 10 mile mark of the 18 miles on the bike to allow him to have a rest before he did the first of the 3 mile run relays. He waited for us just before the finish line.
Helen back was playing her up and I was prepared to do her run for her if required so went off 2nd and having got a PB at Parkrun the previous day of 23:54 was pushing for a equally fast time and wasn't disappointed. Tom went 3rd and Helen 4th after deciding she was ok to run. We were really pleased to not be the last team to finish the run and headed to the pool to take our turn in the lane.
Having only swam in open water it was very different swimming in a lane with 3 other people and I finished 2nd just behind Steven who's a strong swimmer.

It was a great event and I can't wait to do it again next year.

The following Sunday it was the Redcar Half Marathon. This was the 1st Half Marathon I ran in 2010 and my time was 2hr 19min, I ran it last year and improved my time coming home in 2hrs 7 mins. I really wanted to get a sub 2hr finish this time.
The weather on the Saturday was not promising with both strong wind and rain and as Sunday morning dawned the noise outside confirmed that although the rain had stopped the wind was still as wild.

I was running with Christine Stobbs who I had met at the race the previous year and kept in touch with and my OH Neil who was going to pace use to get a good time.

I was ecstatic to come home in a very respectable 1hr 50min absolutely knackered but elated. All my training had paid off ...parkruns..intervals..trail runs

Tried a Tri in 2013 and loved it - Now want to do it properly

Well how has my first year trying Triathlon gone?
Wed Sep 19, 2012 8:45 pm Nataliejane25
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My my it's September already....

Well May, June , July and August have been and gone and September's nearly done. What have I learnt this year ......

1) Writing a blog involved dedication to ensure you blog regularly.. I have been sorely lacking that !!

2) Triathlon (training) really keeps you fit and toned

3) I didn't think I would enjoy the Olympics.. but it totally had me and felt so proud of all our athletes especially Jonny, Alistair, Helen, Stuart, Lucy and Vicki

4) I still need to master this bike malarky

So this year to date I have completed 2 training duathlons and 1 training triathlon. Attended some Tri a Tri sessions. Entered my 1st Triathlon Red Venom Double Super Sprint (5th Aug ). On Sunday I will be doing a Sprint Relay with 3 others from Cleveland Triathlon Club and the following Sunday I will be running the Redcar Half Marathon for the 3rd time.

I have the Gruesome Twosome Half Marathon on the 18th November and then I plan to use the winter to improve my cycling and swimming whilst keeping my running distance consistant.

I have enjoyed meeting new people and trying new things and hopefully if all goes to plan next year I will be able to call myself a triathlete

Will let you all know how I get on on Sunday... fingers crossed Surprised

Tried a Tri in 2013 and loved it - Now want to do it properly

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May Training Log
31st May - 2.2 mile interval Run on beach
30th May - 10 miles bike 19.5mph
29th May - Swim in sea
28th May - swim in sea
27th May - 9.4miles on bike 15mph
26th May - 5k Parkrun 25.20 new pb gardening
25th May - Rest day
24th May - 11.5 miles cycle
23rd May - 5.3 Mile Run 9.5 min miles
22nd May - 4 mile Run 8.50 min miles
21st May - Turbo trainer and 1 mile walk
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8th May - Run circuits 1hr
7th May - Swim 40min run 4.14mls
6th May - Swim (r) turbo 20min
5th May - 5k 26.01
4th May - Strength upper
3rd May - 2.5k strength legs
2nd May - Swim
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1st April - Swimming
2nd April - Treadmill sprints (13kmh) upper body strength training
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