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Enduroman Individual single iron diatance - 2nd June 2013
Wed Jun 05, 2013 6:12 pm BrilloPad
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For my blog up until midnightman last year see Training went well until End October 2012 when I went on holiday and could not stop eating - this carried on through November. December was seasonal affected disorder. January I fell off my bike. February I got flu. By end of March I was regaining fitness but was still way too heavy. So I lost 2 stone in 4 weeks - unfortunately it was partly muscle too. I then had 4 weeks to properly train for this event - ouch! I managed 2 4km swims, 1 180km cycle but had not ran more than 10km since midnightman!

I had real trouble getting crew - people kept messing me around. Fortunately my wife remembered Eddie GoldenTooth - in his younger days had a very checkered history but now a moral crusader. I met him via fathers 4 justice - he was the original batman. He is ultra reliable. The Friday before Eddie came down to stay and lost all the water in his car - we spent a long while fixing it. I was worried we were not going to make it. In the end we made the journey okay if slowly. Checked into the Burley Tea rooms and had lunch. And took this photo of us - . I then slept for 3 hours while Eddie got drunk at the cider house next to our accomadation. 5 pints of home brew cider and he was flying! I had to drive to AT. Got a horse rider waving at us despite doing half the speed limit and giving them all the room we could - found out later than horse riders hate EVERYONE - even walkers. After registering we spectated - Eddie was having the time of his life as I read out the names from the race list and he screamed encouragement at the cyclists. I was a bit encouraging - except for TC who I scramed at! Eddie was the guy in the hat at the entrance to the car park. All the riders seemed to love it - though I did tell him to stop swearing a couple of times. After dinner we had a huge adventure trying to find insect repellant. In bed at 9pm while Eddie went to the pub and screamed more encouragement at the cyclists. A few dirty looks from the locals - but several competitors approached Eddie after the race to say how grateful they were.

So pleased there were only 19 entrants in the individual single and only 14 turned up! And only 3 in the 50+ age group! I might get a decent place!

It was warmer in the lake than outside. Thanks to all the double guys for pulling the buoys into the middle of the lake! I got a PB! 1:27:54. 11th - wow. And 2nd in my age group. Lost my crew thought and could not find him for a few hours.

After 5.5 laps my wife and kids turned up in Burley! Total surprise! I was so happy. They had even made a banner. I have come to loathe Burley - there is loads of parking at the top of the town and everyone insists on driving badly. I have never been able to pee while cycling - but I was determined to get the habit and just about managed it! My crew turned up and hardly says a word to me! Obviously I was to severe about the swearing thing. But he does the necessary. Total time 07:30:10! Wow! 8th overall and 1st in my age group.

First lap I found the kids had hung the banner up - . I stop to get a picture with TC - See if you can tell which one is which! Okay - I am the fat, unfit one. I think I go backwards near timing lap. Then I get told I have done 1 more lap than I have. I argue with Eddie for about 7 laps then it gets sorted. No point in doing it unless its going to be the full distance. One lap a lady is dropping her kit for a pee in the lake! I shriek a warning then run past as quick as I can. TC is there at the finish but no crew! So enduroman marshall takes a picture of me with TC. I hope it online soon. TC was just superb - spectating all day, giving encouragement and posing for pictures! Total time 06:08:53 - but since I had done so little training no surprise.

Total time 15:06:57. 6th overall. 1st in the 50+ age group. I am sooo elated!

I met the Rev - a great honour - super chap. Got home at 1am after a few water worries and could only sleep for 4 hours. Too much caffeine and adrenalin.

Midnightman in 8 weeks then the brutal 8 weeks after that if I can afford it. I would like it to be a double. The more I look like TC the more chance I have - I am working on it.

Well done Steve, Eddie and team. Great event. Can't wait for next year!

Wed Jun 05, 2013 6:36 pm Toyota_Crown
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6th place, Whoohoo!! brillo-tastic indeed Party

given your prep, you were flying m8ey and so cool you wanted to do the correct 'extra' missing last lap and not be a chump. Thumbs Up

Be great to see you at the Brutal, one hardcore to another. Its even harder tbh, Single is way silly enough!!
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