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Midnightman 2013
Sun Jul 28, 2013 6:43 pm BrilloPad
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Midnightman Individual single iron distance - 27th/28th July 2013

For my blog up until enduroman June 2013 see

I got sacked the week before endoroman so I had 6 weeks off to train. I had a swimming lesson with total immersion swimming - very very useful. I did lots of cycling. Alas at the end of my first week I went running and got carried away. 6 miles, 13 miles, 6 miles in 3 days. Day after that my left knee started to hurt. And nothing I could do to stop it hurting. 2 days before midnightman I went to see a physio - where the tendons meet the knee is incredibly sore - they have given strengthening exercises but I need to see a surgeon. Very upsetting as my right knee was operated on twice and was hurting alot until I started cycling which seems to protect the knees.

I slept Saturday afternoon but could not sleep - and had an urge to shave my legs. Gosh women do suffer! After 15 minutes I had to get Mrs BP involved and it still took her another 15 minutes. She suggested waxing.

Alot of empty bike spaces - apparently M25 traffic issues. But met a few of the regulars - and great to meet hammerer and funkster for the first time.

Everything seemed very well organized - top effort by John and the crew.

Awaiting times but around 1:30 - I was delighted. 15 minutes better than last year. I did not have a great first 3 laps but then put my foot down. Someone was swimming all the way round the edge of the lake which helped me to keep up with them.

Forget my gloves so go over transition twice. Very wet as I leave T1. Then there is lightening! Alas not towards the bridge but to the West - still really cool. On both lap 1 and lap 2. Then the rain really starts to pour down. Incredible number of punctures - but I have hard shells. Heavy - but as I can't fix a puncture its essential and paid off here.

I put waterproof cycle jacket on but way too warm. I have to stop to take off - still not sure if I missed the lap counter.

Turns are quite tough until the field thins out. I end up with 6 hours 10 minutes - 10 minutes better than last year. I took 13 high5+ gels on the bike - on top of 4 before the swim. And I had 4 litres of high5 drink. Just I well I have worked out how to pee while cycling - a tough skill but worth acquiring.

First 4 laps go very well. Everything feels fine. End of lap 5(out of Cool I know muscles are getting tired and need to eat. I am at 3hours 20 minutes so still on for a good time. I stop for 30 seconds for water and chocolate. My knee then totally stiffens up. I keep to the grass and walk in running motion where I can (seems to feel better than walking). 1.5 laps to go and I am in complete agony - but somehow I keep going. Last 3 laps take 2 hours 50 minutes - but I made it! So 6hours 10 minutes (from 5 hours 25 minutes last year).

I get trophy for 50+! 2nd place! Totally surprised - I am delighted. Makes the knee agony worthwhile. Total time of 13:55. 20 minutes down on last year.

I had to use bike as a crutch for left knee!

Took Dallas(who got 2nd place female) to the DLR station. Many congratulation to Dallas for getting 2nd placed female - very well deserved. Though when we dropped her at Lewisham her final words were "you are minging too" - to be fair after I called her minging (a reference to last year when she refused to give me a hug as she was "minging" - though she smelt 100 times better than me.

Before wife can take kids to Wales I have to get them to put all my stuff away. Then bath and sleep - 5 hours and I feel fine apart from left knee. Its better - but I still can't put full weight on it. Going to be a fun next few days.

Double Brutal in 8 weeks. I intend to do the swim, cycle and go up/down swowden. Then see how the knee feels. Then see a surgeon. At the moment it looks like after that I will need surgery - and in that case I will give up running(its bad for my back too) and probably stick to cycling. This coincides with our move to North Wales where I won't have health insurance.

Well done John, Mark and all the marshalls. Loved the event. I still hope to be there next year.

Sun Jul 28, 2013 6:54 pm Toyota_Crown
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bad luck on the knee packing in, hope its nowt. you were going brilliantly till that point. well done m8ey

WTF are hard shells, some kind of tyre?
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Mon Jul 29, 2013 7:53 pm theprawn
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Why did you get sacked?
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