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This is me...
I started running in January 09 because, well, I don't know why, maybe because I was getting a bit lardy, and decided to do a 10k.
Now, after a further 150 odd events I'm still loving it...... whether it be a 5k or an Ironman - if there's a number to pin on then I'm there !
Epworth Triathlon 04.05.14
Mon May 05, 2014 3:21 pm blueandy
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It's only a week out from Ironman Mallorca 70.3 for me, but some last minute sprint action was on the cards today as some sort of reward for all the long distance stuff I've been putting myself through. I really like sprint Tri's but don't really get to do enough of them in my opinion.

Today was a nice May day with a morning temperature of 10 degrees and a 10mph SW wind. My swim start was a mega early 8.24 so I had to leave Lincoln at about 6.30 just to get there in time to register and rack my stuff - this is how the race went :

Swim 8.47

This was a 20m pool and as such I had to swim 20 lengths instead of the standard 16. The pool was nice enough if a little on the warm side and the traffic for a sprint swim was quiet. I was happy with the time which included getting out of the pool and getting 30m to transition.

T1 0.43
This was my fastest T1 ever I think - no messing about, no gloves, no tops, shoes held on the bike with an elastic band - job done !

Bike 33.51
Settled down quickly, got into the shoes, and then went into time trial mode. The course is basically a square with four 3 mile stretches, the 4th being a bit undulating. I had trouble with my gears slipping and also I found out late in the bike that my elastic band was still attached to both the shoe and the frame - not that I think the latter had much bearing on proceedings ! I rolled back into T2 with a time of 33.51 where I had hoped for a 32 minute effort.

T2 0.28
Basically dumped the bike and went for a jog ! My quickest T2 to date as well !

Run 20.23
Not as bad feeling as last weeks 2nd run, but not the most comfortable either. I was on my own for much of this run which was eerily quiet! The run took me out of transition onto the main road and then down through a housing estate and out into the country. I had forgotten my race shoes so had to do the run in my old running shoes that I now use as casual trainers. This didn't seem to matter as I registered a 6.46 opening first mile. The course then went out into the fields and on single paths. It was nice to do a bit of cross country albeit the time slowed with a 7.10 2nd mile. The 3rd mile was fields until we came up a short sharp rise back into Epworth - I couldn't tell you what the third mile was as it never came up ! I would estimate the course at c.4.8k so a 20.23 run split was an OK finale to a very enjoyable event.

A time of 1.04.12 for my first crack at this course and only 4 minutes off the age group winner ! Next up...... that 70.3 ! Smile Very Happy Very Happy
IM -Austria'11/UK'12/Lanza'13/Outlaw'13/Wales'14
2015 - No swimming - its all about Duathlon innit.

Stockton Duathlon
Mon May 05, 2014 3:18 pm blueandy
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Today was a return to attempting to qualify for GB, but this time for next years European Champs - so a nice early season trip up to Stockton in the North East was in order.

This was the second year that Stockton had hosted a Duathlon and the entire of the waterfront was closed for the event as the local council had done a great job of throwing their weight behind the event.

We stayed in a 'Lenny' overnight, and with an 11.00am start time and free parking in Stockton we were able to get to the venue nice and early and there were no warnings for late racking for me today.

It was windy (13mph) and a bit chilly with a threat of rain in the air, so when I did rack my bike I did so with shoes on the floor but under an upturned tri box to keep them dry. I know that I should have them on the bike but I just didn't trust the blinkin' weather ! Following that, there was a bit of warming up before a race briefing and then it was straight out onto the main road for the start !

I tried to judge where I should start and think I got it just about right as I didn't hold anybody up as we were set under way. I remember thinking that I was going very slowly but looked down at my watch to see 6.20 at one point late on in the first mile, so not so slow- no wonder that it felt like such hard work! we were soon at and over the bridge and making our way back across the other side of the River Tees. It felt like back wind here and I really had to dig in to keep consistent. The third mile was really difficult as we had a further bridge to negotiate and I felt done in when I got to transition with a time of 22.05.

I messed around in T1 (0.57) and should have been 20 seconds quicker but was pleased to be out on the bike course for some bike action. This was my part of the race and I loved the feeling of just smashing the bike ! The course was a long one - 25km - however did not suit me as there were so many roundabouts and dead turns to negotiate ! The three laps came and went, and I was only overtaken the once which was pleasing. There was plenty of headwind on the bike today and with that, my time must have suffered and I came back into T2 with a time of 38.26. T2 was quicker (0.44) and then it was time for the second run.....

OMFG ! Where were my legs - having a real go on the bike had meant that I had destroyed them and I was glad that it was only 2.3km for the second run. It was all I could do to put one foot in front of the other over the two bridges and I was so, so glad to negotiate the second and put in a strong finish in the last 200m or so.

That was it, the whole event over in 1.13.06 and I wait now to see if that has got me any closer to qualifying. It felt like an improvement over Clumber but until I see the results I will not know. Very Happy Very Happy

Update 12th in age group - nowhere FN near qualification Sad Sad
IM -Austria'11/UK'12/Lanza'13/Outlaw'13/Wales'14
2015 - No swimming - its all about Duathlon innit.

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