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First post , a brief history of Boar
Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:58 pm Boar
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I started weight lifting 10 years ago:

I went onto compete at the British Powerlifting champs

I then started strongman and competed for 3 years , winning various regional titles and competing at Englands strongest man and Britians strongest man.

For a while I was a keen concept 2 rower competing at the English , British and European Championships , my best 2000m time was 6:39.8.

for the last 3 years I have been doing triathlons (highlights)

Slateman was awesome

British championships at Liverpool was a PB (2:27)

IronmanUK 2013 (13:43)

I have done a couple of Marathons and 1 ultra marathon (the wall) also I did the chillswim length of Coniston (5.25 miles) swim and I was possibly the grimmest thing I have ever done ..... I wasn't prepared for the sea sickness

today was my first days training and I did half an hour on the turbo

It was very hot and sweaty.

Time is tight as I have 2 young kids and work 48 hrs a week, but I am ready to work hard !

290/205/272.5 Powerlifting total
6:39 2000m on a concept 2
2:27 olympic distance triathlon
13:43 IMUK 2013
6:03 5.25mile Coniston chillswim (grim)
18:48 'The wall' 69 mile ultra

Fri Jul 25, 2014 5:00 pm wiganer
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hi there mate, look forward to following your story to Bolton 2015 .... and yes, it was bloody hot n sticky today !!!
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