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this week - circuits and a session with running club
Fri Oct 31, 2014 2:03 pm mrsmac
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dragged off to circuits on monday. well actually I thought it was Zumba but got the times wrong!! actually enjoyed it. only ladies there, not deliberate - 2 fit fire ladies, me, adam's mum and clara's mum - a motley crew. it was weights based which was good. lots of lunges planks sit ups kettle bells medicine balls etc etc. consequently haven't been able to walk properly till thursday, when i met the running club. tbh i have found the group a difficult nut to crack, all run in their usual pairs, husbands and wives etc and i usually end up on my own, and i do feel that as only go to that session fortnightly and no others as they clash with other stuff i probably am not. still i didn't join to be a social butterfly, and its a good hour run with lots of intervals and hills so although i came away feeling why am i doing this, it is good that i go. i will probably start tracking the runs to make me appreciate what I am doing there.
need to focus - on what, and who with!
Mon Oct 27, 2014 1:39 pm mrsmac
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still reading swim bike mom, and I got a little annoyed with the slightly hollywood feel to this read when how lucky it is that the guy that takes her spinning class is a triathlon coach! and so she employs him. I'm being a little harsh I know, but a) to have a spinning class at 6am that is in the same building as her work and b) that the guy turns out to be a triathlon coach and suggests it to her.
clearly the excuses are starting already, too much use by me of the word can't - but maybe I do need to focus on what I want out of this and also how am I going to get there. why shouldn't I get a coach, although the ones I have found on the internet maybe aren't looking to get this mum doing an olympic/long distance triathlon. maybe I do need to join a club, even if it is a bit of a trek. maybe it is going to be tough managing this on my own.

swimming - purchased my own kick board and pull buoy will make my own swim session more effective, rather than just swimming.

targeting a spin class on tuesday

running - interval training for speed.

ps xmas list is set up - multisports gps with HRM on the list as well as cadence thingy too. well i feel i need the tek to take this forward.!

still a little bit lost in translation but getting there.

winter - planning and reading!
Fri Oct 24, 2014 12:22 pm mrsmac
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yes started reading swim bike mom. started off a little rolling of the eyes, sometimes I find these books a little patronising and also annoying - i.e. look how easy it is I am so amazing I did it so can you blah blah blah but actually I am starting to feel some empathy with the writer, although admit I have never been supersize and do admire anyone a size 20 to go to a spin class.

actually the writing is very encouraging, and there is an underlying feeling of key positive words that seem purposely used to try and enter your subconscious! There is a huge element in me about changing my mentality and the thought process to the can do to i can't because!

really I am torn between extending my distances and/or concentrating on the sprint events. Actually I am heading towards sticking with sprints and aiming for speed targets, basically due to my time restrictions.

I was very luck to be in my adult masters swimming lessons when the lady who came second in my local tri came for lessons too! turns out she has just finished 7th in the world age group champs in canada - week later there was an article in the paper and it was inspiring to think that someone with children and a full time job has achieved what she has done in actually only 2 years in triathlon. admittedly she has a running background and I don't expect Ill reach those dizzy heights but it does give me food for the future.

got ideas for next year, there is a new duathlon in my next village in April - looks quite tough for me but training programme comes out in January.

battle on!

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