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Another week gone
Mon Sep 08, 2014 1:08 am Kevprior
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An odd week for training this week, with it being my week back from being away on holiday for two weeks and as I did nothing but eat and drink and laze about when I was away I was not expecting much.

Running saw me doing a bit of a track session with my 10 year old son, the 800mtr warm up felt great, then into some 1000mtr time trials which we both did in around 3:55, I was glad it came to end, even more so as the boy was starting to pull away. A few more slower laps to recover then I gave the Garmin to him to say he was "better of packing himself" in reality I could not keep up, he did the 1000mtrs in 3:44 that time, no way I could have kept up. So I did a few more laps and we were done, not too bad a session for my first run back.

The next day I did a quick 45min on the bike and it felt great, just a shame I did not have the time to spend a bit longer on it.

The day after I went and had my sizing done for my Ironman tattoo, I know the tattoo thing is not to everyones taste but I always said if I did an ironman I would get it done. It is also going to be a little bit different (obviously it has the MDot in it) so its going to take around 5 hours he thinks. I am going for having it done in one session which may end up me being in more pain than the Ironman was....we will see.

Saturday was the club swim session, I must admit it felt like I have not swam for years, I was blowing out of my ar$e after 200 mtrs, then I wound up using my pull buoy to give me a bit of a break....I used the mental arguement that I was concentrating on my technique so all is good. I suppose its the first pool swim since ironman so I should not be too hard on myself about it.

I had good intentions of going out for a run on Sunday morning but seeing as I was out on the Saturday night for a meal, a few pints and a bottle of wine soon put that thought out of my head when I woke up. Also coupled with the fact I am on nights and Sunday night is hard enough without taking the little energy I have for getting me through the night away with a run.

Anyway, this week should see me do some more running, some more swimming and maybe a turob session or two.

I am just ticking over until the lanzarote training starts....or thats how I convince myself anyway.



First ever post.....first ever blog
Thu Sep 04, 2014 12:08 pm Kevprior
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As the subject says i have never wrote a blog before, I have read many peoples and always fancied a shot of it, everyone says how much it motivates them being able to put down what they do and how they feel; even if nobody else reads them. I know nothing about how to make them look fancy with pictures and all the other stuff, hopefully I will pick this up on the way.

A little bit about me; I am 35 years old and have been doing triathlons on and off for a about five years. My first ever race was Keswick long which was quite an eye opener, then a change of job and working in Japan for a bit but the blocks on for a few years.

Last year I did Helvellyn and the great north run and that spurred me on to do Ironman UK this year which is finished in 13:46, i was over the moon with the time as i was aiming for 15 hours. Swim went as expected, bike was great, wheels come off in the run.

I also have a 10 year old son who does Triathlons among many other things, as it happens he is faster than me at most things and does well in all the races he competes in.....he does not let me forget it either Smile

2015 will see me doing Ironman Lanzarote, hopefully Kielder Iron distance (if its goes ahead this year) and a few other ones dotted about.

Following Bolton I have done very little and I am looking for something to give me the kick start I am looking for.....and probably bore people along the way.




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