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26 weeks to go until Ironman UK
27 Weeks to go until Ironman UK
Back on the bike
Whoops missed last nights run !!
Week 8 into training
Ironman UK

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Mark Jeszke
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26 weeks to go until Ironman UK
Tue Jan 20, 2015 10:08 am Mark Jeszke
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Last week was a good week in the bag 9 hours and 22 minuets, that's 45 minuets swimming 6 hours 43 on the bike and 1 hour 54 running I just need to keep up around the 10 hours per week until the end of February. Once spring starts and the mornings start to get lighter I will be introducing longer bike rides to work and also run in the morning that way I will be able to fit a run or swim in the evening to keep the miles and training hours building and topping out at 15 hours per week by the end of March. This week was my first ride out with a good group of cyclists from Ripley and we did a 20 mile out and back in Derbyshire at the turn around point my water bottle has frozen!! That's a first! As I reviews the weeks training on Strava I was 3rd in the Ironman UK team on training time only 22 minutes behind Paul Rodger so of I set on a 4 mile loop knowing once I returned and loaded up my extra 30 minutes that would put me top for the first time. Upon loading my run onto Garmin connect there it was Mark Jeszke leader in this weeks training log and of to bed I went thinking I was a training God this week. Monday morning 6:32 as stood waiting for the kettle to boil I look at the training log on Strava only to find that I'd slipped to 3rd both Paul Rodger and Mark Spure logged the rest of there training once I'd gone to bed never mind.

This weeks going to be interesting the weather has turned COLD and snow in on the way so it looks like the Turbo and snow boots this week !!


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