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intro - lets build a great 2015 triathlon year
Tue Feb 17, 2015 9:44 am bladest1
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So I thought, as my first ever blogging post that I would round up 2014 and evaluate my first year in triathlon! Before I start its therefore important for me to introduce my self, to coin a phrase "my journey" and where it has lead me to this point. To start with i'm no Ali Brownlee or Javier Gomez, as i have said last year at 31years old it was my first year of triathlon and first of many other things come to mention it, first as a parent, first at doing any exercise what so ever and probably the most important to my future my first under 100kgs! Well in my adult life at least.

Its true that triathlon has done many things for me but the most important is that its given me the chance to put things right! So where it take me in 2014? A total of 7 sprint distance triathlons completed up and down the country as far South as the cornish coast which for me as far inland as Nuneaton is quite a journey. I started the year on a vintage 1999 Peugeot Racer on a budget which I managed to rattle pretty much every nut and bolt loose in my first race to finish the year on a carbon rocket ship Time Trial bike (worth every penny)

Ive astonished my self with cascading swim,bike and run times which fall like stones every time I go out, its fair to say I have the bug!! My training has changed, my home life has changed my nutrition has changed, I now spend pretty much every waking moment thinking about how to go quicker or how to race more efficiently. Its not just me either I was approached by one of my in-laws friends at one of the many Triathlons I had dragged everyone along to "you've infected everyone with this" he said! He was right, it was only that point did I start to become say to the fact it was all anyone talked about!

I think what I would like to stand for in the blogs I write is "its achievable" don't get me wrong I feel that there is carrying amounts of effort that different people need to put in and the outcomes may not always be the same but its achievable to train, live, love and compete!

So where I am I now..... well its 2015 and my season is off and running.... well jogging..... well something like jogging! its fair to say I have kept up with a winter training schedule I set for my self and I've been getting in the miles on the road and the meters in the pool. In fact my swim is at its best its been for a long time! But its also fair to say i'm about 5kgs to heavy again and I have indeed enjoyed xmas. But i'm back on it now and the nutrition has been tightened up (post to follow) and the training is back in force all be it with a recovering IT band issue.

In fact I couldn't have started my year of any better than with a run with a 2 time Commonwealth Champion! During my winter training camp (holiday over new year)(my wife hates me calling it that)
I was fortunate to bump into non other than Jodie Stimpson, also enjoying some down time with her family. Friendly, approachable its not everyday you meet your sporting heroes and even less often they offer to train with you!

There I am looking slightly podgy but beaming from ear to ear! You can imagine the day after new years eve going off at 4:17 per/km was a bit keen.. well it was to me! Jodie glided along as I was left at the 5km point in her wake! I returned back not disheartened but full of motivation for the year.
Swim,Bike,Run ,Smile


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