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Another Tuesday
Tue Mar 14, 2017 8:49 am Roscoemck
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Swim last night, split it between doing half the time freestyle practice and half breaststroke.

Really really need to work on endurance for freestyle, that's whats now holding me back, I can manage a length then rest and so on.

This morning, up at the usual 0400, dogs sorted then out for a 4 mile run. Was supposed to MAF, however, pace was slightly high so HR was also up. Will work on that.

Gym tonight for some strength and core.

Oh, it's Monday, where did you come from!
Mon Mar 13, 2017 8:36 am Roscoemck
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Another weekend that seems to have gone all too quickly!

Saturday, just a run of 4.72m, done at MAF pace no issues. The lovely wife and I then headed out for the day up to Kenmore on Loch Tay. It's one of, if not our favourite place. Even a day there recharges the batteries.

Sunday, turbo session then strength and core. Must have hit the spot because the DOMS have set in this morning! The rest of the day was spent doing the normal Sunday stuff, dog walking, visiting mum, chilling.

So here's Monday! Game face on, get stuck into work and make it productive. I always strive to be positive on Mondays, unlike my colleagues. It's just another day.

Swimming tonight, can't wait.

Thursday Ramble
Thu Mar 09, 2017 8:40 am Roscoemck
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Went to the pool last night, confession time, didn't do any freestyle practice. I felt like I just wanted to swim and relax without having to concentrate on what I was doing. May sound daft, I just needed a break.

Current thoughts are that I'll have to breaststroke if I get into this sprint in May as my freestyle will be nowhere near good enough. Anyway.......... did 1000m breaststroke, 2.52/100 and 37 SWOLF. Not very impressive figures I know, however, it's my first time under 3 minutes per 100m and my first SWOLF under 40.

Went out for a run at 0430 this morning, 4 miles steady pace. Felt good, nice and relaxed. Right hamstring/calf a bit tight, have been that way since cramping on Monday.

Will hot the gym for some weights and core after work.

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