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Hip problems

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 1:42 pm    Post subject: Hip problems Reply with quote

My right hip is causing me some trouble these days. It feels quite deep and is a fairly constant nagging, just ever so slight pain when walking and even sometimes when just sitting.

But when I go do some daft running it seems to go away for a period of time. After the Bearman in September which had a mixed terrain marathon in the Pyrenees (1.3km vert, nothing majorly daft) it disappeared for a whole month. And now after my eXtreme run reccie on Saturday (37k with ~1.8k vert) the pain has gone again.

Before making the connection I thought it was genetic (might still be). My dad and sister both have confirmed oval hip cups but round thigh end bone. Both have had operations.

But this seems linked to something that can be shaken loose and thus potentially even fixed? Any ideas of keywords to throw at the GP/physio when I some day finally go down that route?

Last time I mentioned it to the GP I got a version of the "you're not getting any younger" (bullocks to that, I'm a young and spritely 45 year old!) so I'll try get a bit better armed next time around.

I feel like an old race horse that needs exercise every day not to be in pain.


PS: Apologies for lack of medical terms. Not my area of expertise.
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 3:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I am a sports chiropractor (yes, i know, one of those horrible bad people who reputedly eat babies for breakfast) and I treat similar issues all the time. A couple of the very popular causes for intermittent hip niggles are Lumbar spine issues and pelvic problems. I find that getting the spine and pelvis functioning better it will allow for better functioning in the core and hip stabiliser muscles, which will allow for greater movement efficieny and hence reduction / eradication of pain. If you want some more info or want to describe the problem more, by all means PM me and I will see what I think is likely. Also I could potentially recommend a sports chiro local to you if you wish.
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