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Run Stronger Without Running
Source: TriRadar - 09:49 28/12/2014
  Use a break from running to run stronger with these five smart strategies. Whether youre injured at the moment or just trying to stay indoors as much as you can, theres plenty you can do to improve your running without pounding the pavements every day. Running itself is of course the best way to […]
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Build your strength with single-leg squats
Source: TriRadar - 17:22 21/01/2015
Troubleshoot injury hotspots and build lower body power with this quick move… Start tall Ideally youll do this exercise in front of a full-length mirror, so you can keep an eye on technique and look for potential weaknesses that you can work on. Begin by standing tall, barefoot, with your shoulders rolled back and down, […]
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Run faster in three ways
Source: TriRadar - 11:05 17/01/2015
Take your running up a level by adding these classic interval sessions to your weekly programme. Although it might not be considered the most technical of the tri disciplines, running takes time to get used to. When youre new to it you can expect to go through a few months of building up slowly from […]
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Dumb Trainers
Source: Slowtwitch - 08:00 07/01/2015
We call them dumb not to disparage but to differentiate them from smart trainers. To any offended trainers, we apologize. And we also explain how to smarten them up.
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Emma-Kate Lidbury: Annual Balance
Source: TriRadar - 11:43 30/12/2014
Emma-Kate Lidbury takes stock of her 2014 and finds it’s been more profitable than she first thought. As the end of the year approaches, it is natural to look back on the past 12 months and evaluate what has unfolded. Regardless of which walk of life we come from athletes, executives, parents, students […]
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Swim Strong In Six Weeks Triathlon Training Plan
Source: TriRadar - 15:05 29/12/2014
Swim strong by combining swimming with resistance training to knock seconds off your 400m freestyle PB. This training plan is aimed at making you a stronger and faster swimmer, while maintaining your cycling and running fitness. It involves three swims per week, two strength sessions, two cycles and two runs. The benefits of this strength […]
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10 best triathlons for beginners
Source: TriRadar - 16:24 15/01/2015
We look at the best triathlons for beginners, here and abroad, so you can make the tri leap with confidence… The Blenheim Triathlon 13-14 June Blenheim boasts a relatively easy course, a stunning location and bags of room for friends and family members to cheer you on. The Newent Triathlon 20 September Situated in the […]
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Javier Gomez' S-Works Tarmac
Source: Slowtwitch - 08:00 20/01/2015
World Champion Javier Gomez is currently on Fuerteventura to get ready for the 2015 race season. We looked closer at the Specialized Tarmac he has with him.
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Climbing sessions with Will Clarke
Source: Slowtwitch - 08:00 11/01/2015
During the training camp of the Uplace-BMC Triathlon Team in Lanzarote we followed British athlete Will Clarke during his 20 minute Tabayesco hill sessions.
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Master the Superman
Source: TriRadar - 12:15 02/01/2015
Build your core strength and stabilise your body during swim/bike/running.   1. Get in line Start the Supermanon all fours. The object of it is to perform the movement without shifting your weight to one side or the other so once youre on all fours, make sure youre lined up nicely with your knees hip-width […]
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