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10 reasons to run when it's dark and cold
Source: Triathlete's World - 17:00 23/11/2015
If you struggle to train in the winter months, here's some motivation to get you going.
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Official Store - Black Friday Sale
Source: - 04:00 24/11/2015
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Train Slower, Race Faster
Source: Triathlete Europe - 14:00 24/11/2015
Most runners train too hard, too often. A couple years ago I went for a run with Adam and Kara Goucher around the Nike campus in Beaverton,
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Coachs Note By Lance Watson: You Can Qualify For Kona!
Source: Triathlete Europe - 12:00 24/11/2015
Athletes compete at the 2015 Ironman World Championship. Photo: Paul Phillips/Competitive ImageĀ  For a triathlete, completing an Ironman is the challenge to top all challenges. Your first Ironman is a feat in uncharted territory:
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Make Peace With Your Bike Trainer
Source: Triathlete Europe - 10:00 24/11/2015
Photo: John David Becker Secrets to making trainer time fly. (No mind-numbing needed.) Stop thinking of your indoor trainer as a buzzkill and start thinking of it
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Ask Coach Sara: Best Drill To Promote A Strong Pull Phase
Source: Triathlete Europe - 11:00 24/11/2015
Photo: Your questions about swimming as a triathlete, answered by coach and professional triathlete Sara McLarty. Q: Whats the best drill to
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What should I eat to avoid feeling sluggish?
Source: Triathlete's World - 16:37 23/11/2015
Bring back your energy by tweaking your diet.
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Become A Better Swimmer With Limited Training
Source: Triathlete Europe - 12:00 23/11/2015
Photo: John David Becker Sara McLarty explains why you dont necessarily have to spend hours and hours in the pool to become a better freestyle swimmer. You know
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3 Foam Rolling Exercises for the Injury-Prone Runner
Source: Triathlete Europe - 15:00 23/11/2015
Most runners who deal with IT band syndrome and tight leg muscles typically also have hip weakness, specifically in their glutes,
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Isles of Scilly Swimrun 2016
Source: Triathlete Europe - 15:00 27/11/2015
In the ILLorganisations quest to create unique races in unique places we are very happy to inform that we have finally found our
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