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ETU Half Champs 2015: GB Age Group medals
Source: - 20:00 25/05/2015
Sunday's Challenge Rimini event in Italy also hosted the 2015 ETU European Half Distance Triathlon Championships. As well as Bronze for Vanessa Raw in the Elite race, the British Age Group team was also present in its usual extensive numbers, and below we provide a roundup of British Age Group medals at the 2015 ETU European Middle Distance Champs. Looking at those who also medalled at the 2014 Championships at Challenge Paguera last October, we note the following multi-medallists: Jamie Davies retained Gold in M18-19 Richard Munday ...
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Looking after your heart health
Source: Triathlete's World - 17:00 24/05/2015
Learn the warning signs of a potential cardiac event.
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Is there an ideal run form?
Source: Triathlete Europe - 12:30 20/05/2015
By leaning slightly forward at the hips (arrows A and B), runners use their upper hamstrings (C and D) to absorb force that would normally be absorbed by the knee. Some great research proves that the worlds best runners make initial ground contact with their upper bodies tilted slightly forward, while less efficient runners contact the ground with their spines almost vertical.Making a few small changes in the way you run can make you faster, more efficient and possibly less injury-prone. But how do ...
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Plank variations for a stronger core
Source: Triathlete Europe - 13:30 20/05/2015
Click on image to enlargeYour core muscles, which include your abs, glutes, hips and lower back, work together to hold your torso solid when you run. They also keep
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Degasperi, Riesler win Lanzarote
Source: Slowtwitch - 08:00 24/05/2015
Alessandro Degasperi of Italy edged Christian Kramer of Germany by 2:41 and Diana Riesler of Germany beat Michi Herlbauer of Austria by 17:46 to win Ironman Lanzarote.
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How to balance triathlon & family - Triathlete Europe
Source: Google News - 13:45 22/05/2015
thlete EuropeHow to balance triathlon & familyTriathlete EuropeMany triathletes with families spend a lot of their time trying to figure out how they are going to fit their workouts into their busy lives as they do actually executing their workouts. Keeping the harmony at home isn't easy, but you aren't the first ...and more »
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Q&A: Why do I have to wear a top during an Ironman?
Source: Triathlete Europe - 13:30 21/05/2015
Question: Why do I have to wear a top during Ironman events when I can race topless in non-Ironman events? Answer: The short answer is that
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Split-Nose Saddle Case Study
Source: Slowtwitch - 08:00 21/05/2015
It's a graphic example of the difference a saddle placement can make. Matt Hansen and Lionel Sanders ride very different positions, the fruit of where their split-nose saddles are mounted.
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Weird Science: Is fast food as effective as sports supplements for post-workout recovery?
Source: Triathlete's World - 12:37 20/05/2015
Dr Brent Ruby's unorthodox experiments are challenging everything we think we know about sports nutrition. Runner's World steps into his lab?
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New event alert The Legend iron distance triathlon
Source: Beyond Going Long - 17:18 22/05/2015
Always Aim High Events have launched a brand new iron distance triathlon, which is appropriately named The LEGEND. The race will take place on Sunday 10th July 2016 in the heart of Snowdonia and is our newest and, without doubt, a tough triathlon challenge. What makes this event stand out is not just the stunning
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