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Michelle Vesterby's new Slice
Source: Slowtwitch - 08:00 19/07/2014
At the 2014 Challenge Roth we noticed the brand new Cannondale Slice of Danish athlete Michelle Vesterby, and well, it is a difficult bike to overlook.
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What Size? Part 2
Source: Slowtwitch - 07:15 16/03/2015
If Trek, Felt, Cervelo, BMC say you can ride multiple sizes of their superbikes, which of these sizes is the right one for you?
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Felt for 2015
Source: Slowtwitch - 08:00 24/07/2014
If every bike company was an animal, Felt would be the Wolverine. It's not the largest company, but it's tough and it always punches above its weight. That's not changing for 2015.
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Ironman Wales: 2015 Kona Qualifiers
Source: - 10:30 23/09/2014
Ironman Wales 2014 was one of the first opportunities for Age Group athletes to qualify for the 2015 Ironman World Championships, and thus provides more than a year to plan and train for their Kona races. There were 50 Age Group qualifying places for Kona at Ironman Wales 2014, and here is the full list of those athletes that accepted their places for the Ironman World Championships in October 2015. Congratulations to all of you. Kona 2015 Qualifiers, Ironman Wales: 14th September 2014 BIB First Name Last Name Category/Division Division Rank ...
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What Size Bike?
Source: Slowtwitch - 07:15 15/03/2015
You've decided on the bike you want. Now you need to know what size to buy? Are you a 51cm, a 54cm, or a 56cm? Let's go through the process.
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Scattolin dies from crash injuries
Source: Slowtwitch - 07:15 14/03/2015
Linda Scattolin succumbed to injuries sustained when she and fellow Italian triathlete Edith Niederfriniger were struck by a bus while cycling last Saturday in South Africa.
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Dumb Trainers
Source: Slowtwitch - 08:00 07/01/2015
We call them dumb not to disparage but to differentiate them from smart trainers. To any offended trainers, we apologize. And we also explain how to smarten them up.
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Phil Graves: The long and short of it
Source: TriRadar - 12:38 08/12/2014
Phil Graves goes from Ironman back to ITU racing and finds it a shock to the system. My legs hurt! I raced my first ITU race in over four years last month in Madrid. It was something of a baptism of fire for this Ironman-beaten body! It was all very different to the serene Ironman […]
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A Kona top 25 comparison
Source: Slowtwitch - 08:00 02/08/2014
In this feature we look closer at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii and how the top 25 male and female Pros did in the event over the last 5 years.
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Run Stronger Without Running
Source: TriRadar - 09:49 28/12/2014
  Use a break from running to run stronger with these five smart strategies. Whether youre injured at the moment or just trying to stay indoors as much as you can, theres plenty you can do to improve your running without pounding the pavements every day. Running itself is of course the best way to […]
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