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FIT-FOR Coaching Service
Welcome to FIT-FOR – The coaching service run by top athletes. As former Professional cyclists and Elite triathletes, we are in a unique position as coaches. We've been there, we've done it and we know what it takes to reach goals - and now we want to help you achieve yours. We offer personalised weekly training for cyclists, triathletes and fitness enthusiasts from as little as £10 per week.
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What is FIT-FOR?
FIT-FOR is primarily a coaching company, but it's a coaching company with a twist. We are not only sitting at a desk each day drawing up weekly training programmes, but actively coaching running and cycling sessions every week. We will also be out supporting our clients at events. We want to be there when our athletes are successful - it's a win for us as well as them.

There are plenty of excellent coaches out there. Why should you choose us? It's a good question. Let us explain....

Firstly we have been there as athletes. Between us we have raced with Lance Armstrong and the like, been World Champions, been on the front cover of magazines and more importantly spent our whole lives in sport - much of it competing abroad. We know what it's like to stand nervously on a start line or have to go training when it's wet and cold. We draw on these experiences to help our clients with their training and big events.

We are all qualified and insured coaches, so we have the coaching knowledge as well as the practical experience. Plus we have been fortunate enough in our careers to have been trained and instructed by internationally recognised coaches and physiologists.

We don't pretend to know everything - but we might know someone who does! At FIT-FOR we are well aware that there are absolute experts in each area of sport, whether it be bike mechanics, dieticians or sports massage. We make use of these leading services by offering them to our clients at discounted prices. By doing this, FIT-FOR clients never have to settle for second best.

Our coaching is 100% personalised. You will never see templated training used at FIT-FOR. Each one of our clients is an individual with individual aims, commitments and strengths. Our coaching programmes reflect this. And we never send out monthly coaching plans either - do you know where you'll be in 4 weeks time? No... And neither do we! Each week we evaluate with the client the weeks training, before we draw up the next.

We should never forget that sport is meant to be fun. Sure, we all want to be successful, but to be successful we need to enjoy what we do. At FIT-FOR this is one of our main priorities - which is why at the end of a Sunday bike ride we'll often stop off together for a cup of tea and a chat.

So there you have it. That's us in a nutshell. If you're interested in FIT-FOR coaching then you can find all the information on the FIT-FOR web site by following the links on this page.

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