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2XU Cycling Gloves
By Caroline Slaughter
2XUWhen I first opened the gloves my initial reaction was that they looked identical to the PlanetX gloves. The spotty material is identical. My 2nd thoughts were how bulkly they looked, perhaps they were MTB rather than cycling gloves.

However, as soon as you put the gloves on you just realise how soft and flexible they are. These truely are winter gloves and as luck would have it, it was icy the first time I used them!!!! They are warm without being too bulky so you can sit on the hoods and still be able to go on the tri bars without slipping.

The sizing is very strange. I normally take XS gloves, these were a medium and although marginally looser than I normally wear gloves they weren't too big. The cut of the glove itself is good.

My only critism would be the seam on the inside of the glove between the thumb and the first finger cut my hands. I ride quite a bit on the hoods but I have never have a pair of gloves rub my skin raw before. I rubbed some soap into the gloves and they were perfect from then on.

I also wore the gloves when the weather was a bit better. My hands were sweating so much the gloves became damp and my hands got cold.

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