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Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggles
By Colin Jones

1st impressions:
I normally swim in a pair of black lensed Speedos, have done for years and have never had a problem with them…..until I tried these out! For starters the lens/ nose bridge is all one soft plastic unit which makes them very comfortable, and didn’t leave pinch marks either side of my nose. It also makes them very flexible and pretty durable when being launched and battered around in the kit bag. Another great feature was the size of the lens, which make any standard pair without this 180 degree vision field seem like your looking through two toilet roll tubes! Adjustability was simple and quick with a small push button at the sides and I was pretty impressed considering I hadn’t even got into the pool yet!

KaimanTest run:
I was only able to run these in the pool, but doubt anyone would have any trouble in open water due to the great visibility. I was testing a blue pair (understand there are clear also) and didn’t find any distortion or darkening from the colour, in fact the lens colour is more of a very subtle tint unlike some I’ve tried. The first dive and turns let water in so I had to play around a little with the adjustments until they were tight enough. After Id fitted them properly they were fine, never leaked or fogged and the extra field of vision helped me avoid the bombing children disrupting my swim lane nicely! However when I came to take the goggles off I found they were a little reluctant to come away from my face! Im not sure if this was me over doing it on the tightening, or just that they have awesome suction power! Either way they worked brilliantly and surprisingly I wasn’t left with giant red circles round my eyes.

Overall Id agree with the PR on these goggles, and think they are great value for money, at around £12, and the wrap around lenses make for great vision and aerodynamics, and they are practical to boot.

Image Visit Aqua Sphere Site


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